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Chapter Thirteen

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Ray's party...xD

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Humor,Parody - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2010-12-30 - Updated: 2010-12-30 - 1097 words

heeeelooo xD thank you soooo much for the reviews- me= happeeyyy :D anyways, here's chapter's kinda left on a bit of a cliffhanger lol
i hope you guys are stiil liking this- i've read back over the chapters and they seem pretty bad not to mention there a quite a few mistakes! sorry :/
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Chapter Thirteen

Gerard’s point of view:

“GEE! Frank’s here- lets go!!” Mikey yells up the stairs.
“Be down in a sec!” I call, grabbing my jacket off the carpet, glancing at my reflection in my bedroom mirror and groaning; despite my best efforts, my favourite Misfits hoodie, stripy t-shirt and ripped black skinnies, black eyeliner and a shower, I still look a mess.
Wait, since when do I even care? And since when do I spend hours worrying about what I’m going to wear to some stupid party?
“Hurry UP Gee!”
“Okay, okay.” I grumble, making my way downstairs and into the kitchen where Mikey and Frank are waiting.
“Finally!” Mikey rolls his eyes.
“Hi Gerard.” Frank says.
Without thinking, I look up into those big, dark, intensely chestnut eyes. Frank is smiling a little nervously at me, chewing his silver lip ring.
“Hey Frank you look great.” I hear myself say.
Where the hell did that come from?!
But hey, I guess Frank does look good in his scruffy black skinnies, skeleton hoodie and studded belt, his dark eyes rimmed with black like my own.
“Uhhh…thanks.” Frank grins at me, his cheeks flushing a delicate pink as Mikey winks at me from behind him.
Sometimes I really want to kill all little brothers.

Frank’s point of view:

Gerard and Mikey bicker with each other all the way to the party, and by the time I press the doorbell of the cream, semi detached house, Gerard looks all set to murder his little brother.
“Hi Frank.” Ray grins, opening the door, can of beer in one hand.
“Hi.” I smile.
“Wanna-“ he stops as Gerard forces Mikey into the garden hedge.
“What’s up with them?” he asks me in a stage whisper.
“Dunno!” I laugh. “Hey Gerard! Mikey! Stop fighting and come in!”
Ray chuckles as reluctantly, Gerard stops forcing Mikey into the hedge and follows us inside, a slightly dishevelled Mikey close behind him. We all troop into Ray’s living room where Iron maiden is blasting from the stereo.
I can see two girls sitting on the sofa, sipping cans of beer and giggling, a guy with strawberry blonde stubble dressed all in black chatting to a girl with bright red hair and an “I heart zombies” t-shirt and a girl with short dark hair and a pink t-shirt flirting with a tall guy with black hair and an “I hate midgets” badge.
Ooops… better stay out of his way in that case…
“Hey Bob!” Ray calls over the song. “Come and meet Mikey!”
The guy with strawberry blonde stubble ambles over to us, leaving the “I heart zombies” girl to join the gigglers on the sofa.
“Hey.” The guy called Bob grins.
“This is Mikey, his brother Gerard and their friend, Frank.” Ray points us out. “Guys, this is Bob.”
“Hi Bob.” Me and Mikey chorus.
Gerard says nothing, but he lets a shy smile tug at the corners of his lips which is unbelievably cute.
“That’s Ellie, Katie and Charlotte on the sofa.” Ray points out the redhead wearing the “I heart zombies” t- shirt (Ellie), a girl with cropped spiky hair and a scarily low cut top (Katie) and a girl with wavy dark blonde hair and starry converse (Charlotte). “And that’s Vick and Richard over there-“ he gestures to the guy with the “I hate midgets” badge and the girl with short dark hair.
“You guys want a beer?” Bob asks, holding up his can.
“Yeah please.” Gerard says eagerly and Mikey frowns.
“You two?” Bob asks me and Mikey.
“Umm… yeah please.” I say.
“No thanks.” Mikey says pointedly.


Still Frank’s point of view:

A couple of beers (or four in Gerard’s case) and an iron maiden CD later, we’re all sitting in a circle on the carpet, playing spin the bottle.
I’m beginning to feel pretty relaxed and happy; Mikey and Gerard have stopped fighting, Gerard’s sitting next to me and he seems more his usual self, happily joking and messing about with me. The best thing is, after four beers, he doesn’t really notice when I gaze into his entrancing greeny- hazel eyes for too long or stare at hs perfect pink lips, imagining them on mine…
“I wanna be the spinner!” Ray whines, slurping from his third can and grabbing the bottle of vodka we’ve been using as the spinner.
So far the kisses have been Mikey and Katie, Richard and Vick, Charlotte and Bob, Ellie and Katie (with much cheering form the guys) and (Very, very reluctantly with much laughing) Mikey and Richard.
Ray spins the bottle once…Charlotte….twice….Mikey.
“Oooh!” Ray slurs, clapping his hands, “Go on then!”
Mikey gulps, crawls towards Charlotte and pecks her lips lightly.
“That wasn’t a kiss!” Bob exclaims.
“Was too.” Mikey says stubbornly, sitting down again.
Ray spins the bottle again.
It slows to a halt, pointing at me. Shit.
Ray spins it again…Gerard.
My heart jumps and I choke on a mouthful of beer.
Gerard stops giggling drunkenly.
“Go on !” Bob calls.
“Yeah, me and Richard did!” Mikey winks jokingly at Richard who blows him a kiss.
“F-fine.” Gerard slurs.
My stomach is a twisty mess of nerves and excitement, my palms are clammy, mouth is dry, my heart thumping.
Oh. My fucking. God.
The moment I’ve been dreaming about since I set eyes on Gerard is about to happen...
Gerard crawls unsteadily towards me, getting closer…closer…I’ve forgotten everyone else in the room…closer…I’ve forgotten Iron Maiden is playing…closer…I can see a slightly pink tint to his normally chalk- white cheeks…closer…his soft pink lips are moist from the beer…closer…his cute button nose…closer…his long dark lashes…closer…the tiny freckle by his left eye…closer…closer….he’s millimetres away…closer… his startling greeny- hazel eyes locked with mine, wild, uncertain, excieted…closer……

like? i might post the next chapter later as it's really short but i dunno yet. sorry if this story is getting kinda shit- let me know if you think it is. please R&R
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