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Chapter Fourteen

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Gerard freaks out...

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Chapter Fourteen

Gerard’s point of view:

I am drunk. But right now, I really don’t care- I’m feeling very happy and un- confused for the first time in days. It’s a good feeling.
Ray’s spinning the vodka bottle…spinning…spinning….it’s making me dizzy and I start giggling as the room starts swirling around me.
The bottle finally stops, pointing at me and I stop my high pitched giggling as I try and remember who it landed on before me…wait a minute- wasn’t it…Frank?
“Go on!” Bob calls.
“F-fine.” I slur- it’s hard enough getting one word out un-slurred, let alone a whole sentence, so I don’t bother protesting.
I crawl unsteadily towards Frank, getting closer and closer to him, his dark eyes a nervous, hopeful, deep chestnut…closer…his usually ivory cheeks flushed pink…closer…the tiny freckles on his nose more noticeable…closer…his lips thin, pink and inviting…closer...
I’m just millimetres away, my heart pounding in my ribcage, my palms sweaty with anticipation when something dawns on me that makes my heart stop.
I WANT to kiss him.

I gasp, stumble up and stagger from the room, down the hall and slamming the front door on the way out.
I’m half running, half stumbling along the darkened street, all choked up and angry with myself, when the quiet of the night is broken by a shout.
I really can’t face anyone now, not even Mikey, so I stumble faster along the road.
Mikey comes running up behind me.
“Gee, what’s up? Are you okay?” Mikey pants, his hazel eyes full of concern.
“Fuck oooff Mikey!” I slur, blinking away the moisture in my eyes.
“I said fuck OFF!” I snarl.
“Gee, It’s okay if you like F-”
“FUCK OFF! LEAVE ME ALONE!” I’m screaming now, out of control, running down the street, away from Mikey, away from Frank…away from myself.

Still Gerard’s point of view:

“Wake up Gerard sweetie.”
“Gerard, it’s Rosanna on the phone for you.”
I open my bloodshot eyes to see Mom standing over my bed, holding a mug of steaming coffee and the portable phone.
I sit up gingerly, head throbbing, take the coffee and phone and give Mom a weak smile as she leaves me room, closing the door behind her.
“H-hello?” I whisper into the phone, my throat dry and painful.
“Oh, hi Rosanna.”
“What’s going on?!”
“W-what do you mean?” I yawn, taking a sip of coffee.
“Mikey said you flipped out!”
“What? When did he say that? And when did I flip out? What?!” I ask, confused.
“Mikey told me about it this morning, online!”
“Huh? What time is it now?”
“Half two in the afternoon.”
“OH. Sorry- I kinda overslept- party last night…I think!” I laugh dryly, trying to recall the events of last night. Only one this I am one hundred percent sure of; I was drunk.
“Yeah, Mikey told me. What happened? Mikey said something about Frank and spin the bottle?”
I spill the mug of coffee all over my duvet as the events of last night come flooding back.
“Gerard? You okay??”
“Ummm..yeah.” I mumble, a wave of depression washing over me.
“I don’t wanna talk about it, Rosanna.”
I cut her off, pressing the end call button and crawl under my duvet to die.

Frank’s point of view:

Raindrops batter against my bedroom window as I sit, slumped, miserable and confused as I listen to AMEN, wondering what the fuck happened at the party last night.
Does Gerard find me so repulsive he can’t even kiss me in a game of spin the bottle? Did he realise I like him and freak out?
Confusing thoughts have been whirling round my brain all day and if I don’t do something about it, I’m going to go fucking insane. Or more than I already was anyway…
I grab my phone and punch in Gerard’s number, fingers trembling, stomach twisting with nerves.
“Hello?” it’s Mikey.
“Oh, hey Mikey, umm.. it’s Frank.”
“hey Frank, you okay?”
“Yeah thanks, what’s up?”
“Uhhh… is Gerard there?”
“Sure, hold on a sec.”
’kay.” I wait a couple of moments, heart pounding in anxious anticipation.
“Ummm.. Frank?” It’s Mikey again.
“Uhh… he says he’s out.”
“Oh.” My heart sinks like a stone.
“Gotta go, sorry Mikey- bye.”
I click the end call button and immediately punch in Gerard’s mobile number.
“Hi, it’s Gerard- I’m busy at the moment but leave me a message and I’ll call you back.” The recorded message answers.
I sigh dejectedly and slump back onto my bed, grabbing my laptop and logging into my chatroom.
My heart leaps:

CoffeeAddict13 is online

Fingers shaking and bats flapping in my stomach, I type a message.

FreakyFrankie6: hey G, you okay?

CoffeAddict13 has signed out.

Fury and frustration wells up inside me, prickling me chest as I throw my laptop across the room and punch the wall furiously, gaining nothing but a dull, throbbing pain in my knuckles.

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