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Chapter Fifteen

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Gerard being an idiot...

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hey guys :) thanks for the reviews :D here's the next chapter- sorry it's kinda short but there are only two to go after this, so please as many reviews as possible and i'll post the last two chapters as soon as i can.

Chapter Fifteen

Gerard’s point of view:

“Gee! Wake up- we’re gunna be late for school!”
I groan and burrow further into the warmth of my duvet, not opening my eyes.
“Not going, Mikes.” I mumble.
“I’m ill.” I lie, still not opening my eyes.

Gerard!! Wake up man, we’re going to school.”
I open my eyes blearily. “I’m not.”
“Bye Mikey.”

“You going to school today?” Mikey sighs, shaking me from a deep sleep.
“Nope.” I yawn, pulling my duvet closer around me.
“You’re an idiot Gerard.”

“Gerard!! Wake the fuck up!”
“I’m not going to school today Mikey.” I scowl, burrowing back under the covers.
“Ignoring this won’t make it better, Gerard!”
“Fuck off.”
“I know this is about you and Frank!”
“Leave me the fuck ALONE Mikey!!”

By the time I finally get up for the first time in nearly four days, it’s half eleven. Mom’s at work and Mikey’s at school, so I’ve got the house to myself and I won’t have to face Mikey’s accusing stares.
Yawning, I slope downstairs into the kitchen to make a mug of much needed coffee and open a bag of cookies. As I wait for the kettle to boil, I grab the laptop which is still sitting on the kitchen table and log in, munching a choco-chip cookie.

Rosanna666: you are a total IDIOT.

CoffeeAddict13: thanks a lot!

Rosanna666: I’ve been talking to Mikey- he says you’ve been skiving school?!

I sigh. Thanks a bunch Mikey- now I’ve got Rosanna on my case.

CoffeeAddict13: I just can’t face it right now.

Rosanna666: why?

CoffeeAddict13: dunno

Rosanna666: yes you fucking do!

CoffeeAddict13: what?

Rosanna666: stop being so pathetic and face up to your problems! Have you thought about how confused and upset Frank is that you aren’t talking to him?! Stop being so self absorbed, TALK to him and grow the fuck up!!

CoffeeAddict13: it’s better if I don’t talk to him.

Rosanna666: why? Because you’re scared of your feelings for him?!

CoffeeAddict13: I don’t fucking have feelings for Frank!!

Rosanna666 has signed out.


Frank’s point of view:

It’s now Thursday afternoon, and by now I’m one hundred percent certain Gerard is pissed off with me, but for what reason, I have no fucking idea. I haven’t seen or spoken to him since the party- he’s off school and ignoring my calls.
I feel so defeated, so depressed. What the hell went wrong? I miss him so fucking much it hurts…I can’t stop thinking about his girly giggle, his fascination with death, his bewitching eyes, his love for music, his adorable button nose and the way he ducks his head when he’s embarrassed.
Every time I close my eyes I can see him; tangled, shoulder length raven black hair, ghostly pallor, wild, greeny- hazel eyes…every time I close my eyes my heart breaks into tiny little shards.
My depressing thoughts are interrupted by a soft knock on my bedroom door, where I’ve been sitting at my window, staring out at the overcast, rainy sky.
“Frank?” it’s Mom.
“Yeah?” I sigh.
I hear her push the door open, but I don’t tear my eyes away from the Grey drizzle.
“Are you okay sweetie? You’ve been acting weird all week.”
“I’m fine.” I mumble.
I nod.
“Well, if you wanna talk, I’m here.”
“Thanks Mom.”
“Do you think you could do me a favour?”
“mmm?” I sigh, finally averting my gaze from the steady drizzle.
“I’ve got a meeting ‘til nine tonight- I’m leaving now, but I forgot to get anything in for dinner- do you think you could pop down to the shops and get something?”
“But I-“
“Please, Frank.”
“Fine.” I sigh, turning off my CD player which has softly been playing Misfits, and reluctantly following her downstairs.
“I’ll see you later then, sweetie.” Mom gives me a quick hug, pulls on her jacket and goes out the front door.
I hear her car reversing down the drive as I yank on my doc martens, grab my jacket and set off down the road, locking the door behind me.
I dawdle on the way to the shop, my mind overwhelmed with the smell of passion fruit shampoo, smoke, charcoal…
“Well, well, well, look who it is.”
The cold, venomous vice makes me jump, pulling me from my thoughts.
Liam, Lewis and Callum are standing in front of me, arms folded.

sorry this ones kinda depressing- it sort of had to be like this, but i hope the next two will make up for it! pretty please R&R and i'll post the last two chapters soon :D
lucy x
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