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Chapter Sixteen

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Fights, Power cuts and realisation...

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heeeloo :P thanks for all the lovely jubbly reviews :D only one chapter to go after this one :( as many reviews as you can please? i can see there are lots of you reading this, and i wanna know what you think of it seeing as there's only one more chapter after this and i'll post the last chapter sooner. hope you enjoy! R&R xD

Chapter Sixteen

Frank’s point of view:

“Where’s your freaky boyfriend then, Iero?” Liam sneers.
“Don’t call him freaky!” I snarl, once again surprised at how defensive I am towards Gerard- usually I’m way to scared to say stuff like this to Liam.
“Awwww- lovers tiff?” Callum smirks.
“Fuck off!” I growl.
“Or did you get rejected? Poor ickle fwankiekins.” Lewis jeers.
“yeah, who’d want a freak like Iero, anyway?!” Callum snorts.
“Well, who’d want a fucked up, ugly faggot like Way?” Liam cackles, his icy blue eyes full of venom.
“I fucking HATE YOU!!” I hear myself scream as I launch myself at Liam, punching his sneering, smirking, smug face.
Of course, I very soon realise this is a seriously bad idea; Lewis and Callum pummel me to the ground, then Liam stamps hard on my stomach and the all walk off, laughing.
I lie winded on the damp pavement, rain soaking through my hoodie, for seconds, minutes, hours. I don’t really know or care anymore.
“Frank?!” I open my eyes I didn’t realise I’d closed to see Mikey standing over me, his hazel eyes full of concern.
“Uhhh…” I groan, pushing myself up into sitting position. My stomach is less painful now, but I can feel several sore bruises forming on my face and chest.
“What the hell happened?! Are you okay?!” Mikey gasps, kneeling down next to me.
“Liam…said…mean…Gerard…never mind- I’m fine.”
“You don’t look it!”
“Aww thanks Mikey!”
“Seriously Frank, you need to get cleaned up- it’s freezing out here and you’re soaking! Come on.” Mikey drags me to my feet. “We’ll go back to mine and get you sorted- well, Gerard will- I’ve gotta go and meet Ray and I’m already late.”
“No.” I say firmly. “No way- I’m fine.”
“What do you mean, no?” Mikey asks suspiciously. “You’re obviously NOT fine.”
“Gerard doesn’t want to see me.” I mumble, staring at the pavement.
Mikey rolls his eyes. “Yes he does, believe me- he’s just being a moron right now.”
“Fine.” I sigh, too tired and defeated to argue as I let Mikey drag me along Canongate road, all the way to number 37, my stomach hurting, but more with nerves than the fact I’ve just had it stamped on.

Gerard’s point of view:

By eight in the evening it’s pouring with rain and once again, I’m home alone- Mom’s at a meeting and Mikey’s just left to meet Ray.
I’m still slumped at the kitchen table, only now on my sixth cup of coffee and listening to Murderdolls on my ipod.
And for some infuriating reason, I can’t get Frank out of my fucking mind!!!
My thoughts are filled with his floppy, chocolate brown hair and cute side3 fringe, his hyper energy, his obsession with Black Flag, his cheekbones, the way he nibbles and plays with his lip ring when he’s nervous, his enthusiasm for playing guitar, his big, dark intensely chestnut eyes….the way he smells of smoke, guitar strings, spearmint and black nail polish when I hug him….the way my stomach jumps whenever he grins his cheeky, lopsided grin….
But I’m not gay…I can’t be…..
…Can I???

Still Gerard’s point of view:

Just as I’m seriously considering my sexuality for the first time, the back door swings open and Mikey comes in, dragging I slightly bedraggled looking Frank behind him
My stomach somersaults.
“Uhhh…” I mumble, jumping up. “I’ll just go upstai-“
“No you fucking won’t Gee!” Mikey snaps, shutting the kitchen door and blocking my way.
“Just shut up for a moment and let me explain!” Mikey growls. “Frank got hurt by Liam and his gang- I found him on the pavement! Can you please make sure he’s okay- I’ve got to go and meet Ray now- bye!”
And with that, Mikey pats Frank on the shoulder and dashes off down the garden path.
As the back door slams shut behind him, an awkward silence falls over the kitchen, butterflies taking over my stomach.
I stop gazing at the tiled floor for a moment and glance up at Frank; he looks so small and vulnerable, chewing his lip anxiously and twisting his clammy hands nervously. He has a large purple bruise forming on his right cheek and looks really shaken, not to mention he’s totally soaked from the rain, his usually floppy chocolate hair plastered to his cheeks, raindrops dripping of the tip of his nose and clinging to his eyelashes.
I feel totally and utterly awful- I’ve been so selfish.
I can think my confused thoughts later, but right now, Frank needs a friend.
“Y-you okay?” I stutter.
Frank looks up at me, dark eyes locked with mine.
“Y-yeah.” He mumbles.
“Do you wanna borrow a change of clothes or something? you’re soaked.”
“No I’ll be fine thanks Gerard- actually, I’ll just be off home now-“
“No you wont! I need to make sure you’re okay- not to mention Mikey will kill me if I let you leave! Sorry I’ve been such an idiot lately- I’ve had a lot on my mind. I’m really sorry, Frank.” I try for a shaky smile.
Frank grins a little nervously at me. “okay, fine, I’ll stay.”
I breathe a sigh of relief. “Awesome. Wanna watch a movie than?”

Frank’s point of view:

I can’t stop grinning all over my bruised face as I follow Gerard upstairs to his room- he doesn’t hate me!
“What do you wanna watch then?” he asks as I flop down onto the black duvet on his bed.
“Don’t mind- whatever.” I say, so Gerard slots in a DVD, turns off the lights and sits down beside me.
It’s total déjà vu- once again, in the dark, all I can concentrate on is Gerard, centimetres away from me… I can hear his soft breathing, smell the reassuring combination of passion fruit shampoo, charcoal and coffee…imagining kissing those soft, pink lips, running my hands through his perfectly dishevelled ebony locks…
Suddenly the TV goes dead and the whole room is plunged into darkness.
“Shit!” I feel Gerard jump next to me.
Thunder is growling overhead and a flash of lightening lights up the room spookily.
“Are you scared of thunderstorms?” Gerard whispers, his coffee scented breath tickling my ear.
“Ummm..not really.” I mumble feeling intoxicated by the proximity.
There’s a pause.
“Ummm…kinda..” Gerard admits. “And maybe the dark too…”
Despite myself, I let out a snort.
“what?” Gerard sounds adorably confused.
“It’s just-“ I giggle. “-you’re like, the last guy I’d think would be scared of the dark!”
Gerard giggles a little too then, his smoky breath tickling my lips and making my heart rate increase rapidly.
“Frank? There’s a torch on the desk next to you- do you think you could reach it?” Gerard asks.
“Sure.” I say, getting unsteadily to my feet- it’s pitch black and I can’t see a thing.
I gingerly take a step forward and promptly trip over a stack of magazines, falling headlong into the TV.
“Owww!” I cry. “Fuck!”
“Frankie??” Gerard says tentatively, sounding anxious. “Are you okay.”
“Arggg…. Yeah.” I reply, standing up and rubbing my chest where the TV smacked me.
Then I realise. “Frankie?”
“Uhhh…” Gerard hesitates.
I attempt to make my way back over to Gerard and fall over the magazines again.
“Fuck!” I cry, colliding with the bed.
“Forget the torch- I don’t want you breaking your neck.” Gerard says.
“Okay.” I chuckle, sitting back on the bed opposite Gerard.
Then I realise.
I’m sitting millimetres away from Gerard Way.
In a power cut.
On his bed.
This can’t end well…

oh but it can xD lol hope you guys enjoyed it and pweeeeease R&R :D love you!
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