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Chapter Seventeen

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Final chapter...

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hey guys! thank you so much for all the fanbubblytastic reviews and thank you sooooo much for reading my story- it means a lot :D anyways, here's the final chapter- hope you like it! i cna see there have been lots of you reading this, so pweeeeeeease R&R this chapter and the whole story so i know what you think :) thank you! x

Chapter Seventeen

Gerard’s point of view:

It’s totally pitch black in my room, and although I can’t actually see Frank, I’m horribly aware of his body sitting just centimetres away from me…I can feel his warm breath on my cheeks, a little uneasy and trembly, smell the familiar combination of smoke, guitar strings and spearmint.
Maybe he was lying about being scared of the dark.
We sit in a deafening silence and I can feel Frank’s breathing getting faster, his smoky breath tickling my cheeks, my eyelashes, my lips.
My stomach is fluttering with butterflies and my hands are shaky, my cheeks flushed, though it seems more to do with Frank’s close proximity than fear…
I jump as feel Frank’s soft, warm fingers caressing my cheek, causing goose bumps to erupt down my spine, and he drops his hand.

Frank’s point of view:

“Fuck!” I gasp as he jumps. “Shit! Oh fucking hell- I’m so fucking sorry!” I stutter, feeling the heat of humiliation rise up my cheeks. How could I have been so stupid?! I’ve really fucked it up this time.
“Shit! I’m so, so sorry Gerard.” I mumble, stumbling up and across the darkened room. I stagger downstairs to the kitchen, where I yank open the back door and stumble down the path, dragging a fist across my smarting eyes because I’ve just fucked up the best thing that’s ever happened to me, in one, stupid, impulsive action.
I’m halfway down the pitch black street, salty raindrops trickling down my cheeks as tears fall from the ebony sky and thunder growls overhead, when I hear footsteps behind me. I spin round, squinting in the dark.
The figure has stopped in front of me, breathing heavily. For a few moments, there’s deadly silence, broken only by the growls of thunder from the onyx clouds above. Then-
“Frankie?” Gerard’s voice whispers tentatively into the silence.
“Gerard?” I whisper. “Listen Gerard, I’m really, really, sorr-“
I’m cut off as Gerard’s icy lips crash into mine, tasting of raindrops and smoke and Gerard. His soft, cool hands clasp the small of my back, pulling me tightly into the warmth of his body, fingers trembling slightly.
I’m frozen for a moment, wondering if I’m dreaming, but then I gasp into his soft mouth and push my hands into his damp, tousled hair, clutching him to me, as Gerard’s tongue licks my chapped lips, and nothing’s ever felt more real. I open my mouth, running my hands through his raven black hair.
Gerard pulls me closer, almost fiercely, then runs his delicate fingers down my spine, making my whole body shudder.
He finally pulls away, only to pull me into a fierce, almost desperate hug, nuzzling his nose against my neck. I hug him back, kissing and nibbling his smooth, soft neck where I can feel the pulse fluttering wildly, twisting his hair in my fingers. He moans, sending goose bumps down my spine and his mouth collides with mine again. This time, the kiss is frantic, urgent, his tongue dancing into my mouth as his hands leave the small of my back to cup my face.
I forget the cold, heavy raindrops hitting my bare neck.
I forget the power cut.
I forget the thunder growling overhead.
All I care about is Gerard, as we stand entwined in the ebony black night, happiness welling up inside my chest, relief washing over me, love, lust, longing fluttering inside my chest.
I’ve never felt so utterly ecstatic.
I’ve never felt so complete.
I’ve never felt so alive.

Gerard’s point if view:

“Fuck!” Frank gasps, dropping his hand from my cheek. “Shit! Oh fucking hell- I’m so fucking sorry!”
“Fra-“ I begin.
“Shit! I’m so, so sorry Gerard.” He stutters, stumbling form the room.
I sit in the blackness of my room for a couple of moments, heart racing, cheeks hot, mind whirling.
I hear the front door slam shut, jolting me back into reality.
It’s that that makes my confuse mind up.
I hurtle out of my room, down the stairs and out the front door, still in my stripy socks. Through the darkness ahead, I spot the silhouette of who I presume is Frank.
I sprint down the street towards them, stopping just behind them, panting as they turn round.
“Frankie?” I whisper hoarsely into the darkness.
“Gerard?” Frank’s voice says shakily. “Listen Gerard, I’m really, really sorr-“
But I don’t want to, or don’t need to hear anymore, because suddenly everything is crystal clear.
I grab Frank’s shoulders and slam my lips into his, kissing the unnecessary apologies out of his mouth, pulling him close, the way I haven’t allowed myself to dream about since the first day I saw him.
I feel Frankie gasp into my mouth and respond, running his hand through my hair. It feels utterly amazing, beyond anything I’ve ever felt before; his lips urgent on mine, his hands on my hair, my neck, giving me goose bumps, the rain falling on our faces…
Finally, I pull away and hug him tightly, nuzzling his soft, sweet neck and smelling rain, tears, guitar strings and Frank.
Why didn’t I see it before? He’s beautiful, perfect, wonderful. How could I have been so blind?
He nibbles my neck, sending shivers of ecstasy down my spine. I moan and make our lips collide again, this time more fiercely, more desperately. The kiss is progressing, getting harder, faster; our bodies entwined, his arms tightly round my hips, my hands caressing his cheeks.
It’s bliss. I could stay here for eternity in the dark and rain with Frank.
We break apart once more, gasping for air and Frank says shakily-
“Wha- I thought- uh- you-“
“You’re everything to me, Frank.” I whisper, my voice ragged.
Frank lets out a sigh, his breath ruffling my hair and he pushes me up against the wall behind us, kissing me, lots and lots of tiny butterfly kisses on my swollen lips, light and soft and brief, teasing me, until I let out a moan of frustration and his mouth sinks into mine.
His warm body is pressed up against mine and I can feel his heart thumping crazily in his chest. I break off, breathless, and kiss my way across his cheekbones, down his neck where I can feel the pulse fluttering erratically, then sliding my cold hands under his t-shirt, felling warm, soft, smooth skin. While Frank kisses my cheeks, my neck, my chest, his lips hot on my cool skin.
As our mouths crash into each other again, my hands exploring his skinny, muscular back, his sliding down to my hips, I have to admit that maybe I am a tiny bit gay.
But only for Frankie.

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