Review for Murder Me Slowly

Murder Me Slowly

(#) i_bleed_neon 2010-12-29

Awe. Gerard is so freaking sweet! That made me smile so much but damn Cole for ruining everything! I LOVE Frankie! He's just too freaking adorable!

Dude, I am going to the Orlando show!!! :D Me and my sister are going. I have to take a road trip as well though since they don't play in my lame ass state. >_> but I can NOT wait! I am so freaking excited!!!!!

Author's response

I know! I love Frankie :D

That's kick ass! I'll probably see you there! :p I have to travel like 13 hours by car. Haha. I couldn't believe the shows around me sold out so quickly. (Damn me putting my family first and buying Christmas presents for them, then having to wait till I was paid next. Lmao)
That's exciting, though. It's going to be a blast!