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Holly Jolly Holiday

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The gang celebrates Christmas. And it just isn't Christmas until the tree gets destroyed... again.

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I am so, SO sorry this took so long to get out. With all the holiday stuff going on, things were busy. Also, my dad was in the hospital before Christmas. So there was stress all around. He is out, but will probably have to be back in there soon. Good times, but here it is as you have been waiting for.

ALSO (READ THIS)! Anyone going to the May 18th My Chem concert in Orlando, Florida? The concerts around me were sold out, so we are making a road trip to the beach, maybe Harry Potter World, and to see My Chemical Romance! :) Are you gonna be there? Let me know! Leave it in the review, add me on Facebook, or email me ( you know you wanna. I'll see you there mother fuckers.

“Wakey, wakey, sleepyhead.” I felt Gerard nudge me.

“Huh-uh.” I snuggled deeper into the blankets of his bed.

“But, It’s Christmas.” He told me, knowing that would wake me up instantly.

I rolled over to face him and grinned.

“Well what the hell are we waiting for?” I threw the covers off of us, leaping up on the bed and striking a heroic pose.

“Hey, be careful.” Gerard warned me. “Just because you got that cast off of your leg, doesn’t mean that you are invincible. It’s still sensitive.”

“Blah, blah, blah.” I looked down at him and smirked. “Less talky. More presents.” I bounced up and down wildly around him.

“Okay.” He said, grabbing me by the arms and pulling me down next to him. “Merry Christmas, you.”

“Merry Christmas right back at ya.” I pressed my lips against his.

“Stop making out!” Frank yelled as Gerard’s bedroom door flew open. “Get up here and open presents!” With that, the door slammed shut.

“Let’s get up there before Frank has a cow.” I giggled.

“Or before he jumps into the Christmas tree again.” Gerard rolled his eyes.

I stood up and pulled him off of the bed with me, before dragging him up the stairs. Everyone else was already seated around the tree.

“Merry Christmas!” Gerard and I both exclaimed.

A tired chorus repeated the words back to us.

“Happy Hanukah!” Ainsley cheered, clapping her hands excitedly as she did.

“You’re not Jewish.” I laughed at her.

“Oh, right.” She rested her head on Frankie’s shoulder, who ignored her and continued to eye his presents under the tree.

“Everyone here?” He screamed. “Good!”

“Wait, are you sure we should-” I was cut off.

“Mikey! Violet! Bobbert! Gerard! Ray! Emma! Elle! Hazel!” He yelled quickly, throwing the presents everywhere.

I hid behind Gerard as a rather large box smashed into his face.

“Okay,” Ray said after getting hit with most of the presents. “Okay! Frank! Stop!”

“NO!” Frank screamed like a five year old. “I pass them out good, bitch!” He threw presents everywhere, then admired his stack of them. “Everyone got their fucking presents? OPEN!”

I ended up getting two Cds from Ray and Violet. Ainsley got my a huge stuffed duck. Frankie got me a custom skateboard that was tie dyed with all my favorite colors. Mikey and Elle got me a really nice necklace. Emma and Bob got me not one, but two pairs of new converse. Gerard got me two new beanies, knee high socks, and a brand new messenger bag.

“Wait!” Gerard yelled, getting up and running toward the coat rack. He dug around in his coat pocket. “I have one more present.” He jerked his hand out from the pocket and quickly placed it behind his back. He sat down beside me on the couch, in which I had moved to help me escape from Frankie’s madness.

I gasped as he pulled a small velvet box out from behind his back.

“Hazel, I would love for you to wear this promise ring.” Gerard told me as he opened the box. “As a promise that I will always be there for you. Also, as a promise that we will be together for a very long time.”

I looked at the ring as I did my best to keep tears from leaking from my eyes.

It was silver and met in the front to form a heart. There were tiny light pink diamonds within the heart. On the either side of the ring, it had both of our initials on it. It was absolutely amazing.

“Of course I will!” I exclaimed.

He removed it from the box and slid the ring onto my finger. I examined it for a minute, before he pulled me into a hug.

“I love and care about you so much.” He whispered in my ear.

“I love you too.” I sighed, leaning into the hug even more.

A few hours passed by and everyone was starting to get restless waiting on Christmas dinner to be decided on.

“I am Frank, hear my stomach roar!” Frank yelled from the corner of the couch by the tree. A low grumbling sound entered the air.

“Why did we put Ainsley in charge of the cooking?” Emma asked, rolling her eyes.

“It’s not my fault the oven is stupid and catches things on fire!” Ainsley crossed her arms.

“I’ll go call some take out restaurants to see if any of them are open.” Gerard sighed, getting up and walking out of the room.

After about thirty minutes of waiting, Gerard finally found a restaurant that was opened and delivered today. All we had to do was wait it out for about an hour.

“Wow, it looks like you guys really worked hard on decorating the Christmas tree…again.” Frank said, eying the tree.

“Yeah, we did.” I glared at him from the other end of the couch. “Just like the first three times after you destroyed it. Don’t get any funny ideas, Iero.”

He looked at me and grinned, before inching across the couch slightly away from the tree.

“Well, we should have about forty-five minutes left of waiting on the food.” Gerard sighed as he sat down in a chair. He picked up the remote for the television and flicked on the marathon of A Christmas Story.

Frank was doing an awful lot of fidgeting next to me. I looked over to see him standing on the couch cushion nearest to the tree.

“Frank Iero. Don’t you do it.” I yelled at him.

“But the tree is so pretty!” He whined, inching even closer to the tree.

“No you don’t!” I jumped up onto the couch. “If you are taking the tree down, you’re taking me down. So don’t even think about it.” I sprang onto his back.

“Um, okay!” He jumped into the branches. We clattered to the floor along with the poor tree.

“Frank!” I exclaimed through gritted teeth, shoving him off of me. “Damn it, you asshole.” I stood up and turned to look out the window.

There was a man standing outside, staring at the house. I squinted to see better and gasped.

“Cole!” I whispered, falling back down on the ground. Frank let out a growl as fell on him, smashing his face into the floor.

“What?” Gerard was at the window instantly. He quickly closed the curtains. “Down stairs, now.”

I didn’t hesitate. I booked it down the stairs and into Gerard’s room. I messily drew the curtains shut of the small window in his room.

I backed away quickly and bumped into something. Someone.

A hand covered my mouth before I could even get a scream out.

“It’s okay.” Gerard’s voice cooed to me quietly. “It’s just me.” He let his hand fall from my mouth.

“Fuck.” I mumbled, sitting down on his bed. “How the hell does he know I’m here?”

“It’s alright.” He said softly, sitting down beside me and rubbing my back with one of his hands. “I don’t think he knows you’re here. I’m going to keep you safe. You know that.”

It has come to my attention that I don't think I've mentioned Hazel's last name. Have I? Lmao. I'm an idiot. That information will be out soon.
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