Review for I Will Be With You

I Will Be With You

(#) AstroSkull 2011-01-01

Loved it! :DD
I really cant wait for the next one, since its gonna get all dramaticy! x)
And my new years resoultion is well, to not skip class anymore for the rest of the school year >.>
I have a big tendancy to skip class.
But I dont think I can keep up with that resolution, im probably just gonna skip one day and forget about it, but I mean half of my teachers dont even realize im gone, and some of them dont even get my name right, I guess it cuz im always quiet, but really? Its almost half way through the school year, and I still get called Mary Anne or something like that when my names Mariam -.-
Anyways, I'll try to wait patiently for your update :))

Author's response

aww thank you :) and yes, be prepared for DRAMA
and a rather epic use of the world 'cavalry'

awww, one of my teahcers hand on heart did the register, looked at my name and called me Roxanne. My names Rosanna -.-
aww, thats quite a good resolution :)

thank you!!