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Trust - Eight

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Gerard confesses to Mikey

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A/N HAPPY NEW YEAR :) (sets off some fireworks) I turn sixteen this year (scary) anyways, thank you so so so so much for reviewing and rating (seriously, chapter six got SEVEN reviews :O) you guys are awesome! You actually like my story! Your reviews mean so much to me, especially seeing as the last chapter was so hard (pardon the pun) for me to write.
Anyways... enough of my ramblings

---- a few hours later----

“I’m back” I called into my house, hearing shouted hellos from my parents as I ran up to my room.
I jumped on my bed, tingling all over.
“You seem happy” Mikey was stood in my door way, leaning against the frame.
“I am, Mikes” I beamed at him
“Any reason?” He came and sat next to me, while I hugged him tight “Where did you go tonight anyways?”
“A friends house” Correction Gerard, make that BOYfriends, cue heart palpitations.
“You have a friend” Mikeys jaw dropped
I shoved him a little “Yes, I do, matter of fact”
“Heh, anyways, why you so happy?”
Truth or no-truth. I debated quickly.
“I…we….” I remembered what Frank had said about no one knowing. But Mikey was my brother. I could trust Mikey “If I told you something big, would you swear not to tell anyone”
“Yes” Mikey shrugged, wondering what the big deal was about.
“Swear on it, or I hide all the coffee”
“Not the… alright! Alirght! I swear!” Mikey was horrified “You wouldn’t really take the coffee, would you?”
“Mikes,” I said exasperatedly, “Right, remember the Frank from my dream?”
“Yes” he said, looking blank.
“This is him” I pointed to my drawing, “Or this” I took out my phone, showing him the picture I had taken of us tonight.
It was perfection in a frame. We were in his room, after the ‘incident’, I had him enveloped in my arms. He was smiling at me, such a perfect smile that made my heart turn liquid.
“He’s….” something clicked with Mikey “He’s not…you’re not”
“Say it” I looked him dead in the eye, still on cloud nine.
“You’re…. dating?” His eyes bulged in epiphany.
“Ten points to Mikey” I ruffled his hair “But keep quiet, please”
“I will” Mikey nodded, “But I thought you, I mean, I didn’t think you swung that way”
“Neither did I” I smiled to myself, “But he’s so damn adorable”
I hugged my knees, completely content.

“Awww, Gerard all loved up” He laughed, hugging me “It’s not natural”
“He’s so beautiful” I beamed at Mikey “You’re not freaking out?”
“Why would I freak out? You’re my brother, what ever makes you happy”
“Thanks Mikey” I smiled at him.
“Anytime” he smiled back, standing up to leave, “I’ll have to meet him sometime”
“I’ll bring him over” I hugged myself, waving goodbye to Mikey

Narrators P.O.V

Mikey left the room, happy at his brothers’ news. He knew Gerard deserved happiness. Gerard himself was laying on his bed, reliving the past few hours in his mind. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, pulling it out he smiled, seeing it was from Frank.

Frank was stretched on his bed. His arms craving Gerard. He could still vaguely taste him, a fresh wave of longing crashing over him. Frank smiled, remembering the events of that evening. The thirty minutes that felt like five seconds, laid on this very bed. Simply holding each other while talking. Talking about nothing and everything at the same time. A blissful moment you wish would never end.

Im sorry its short. The next chapter is going to be very exciting and dramatic... I like calm before the storm so I decided to put this up.
I hope you enjoyed.
Reviews and ratings mean the world to me.
xo Rose

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