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Touch - Seven

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Frank and Gerard; home alone.

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A/N Wow... I feel like im starting Glastonbury. People in tents, a story based on music. And the fact im listening to music while typing this.
So, this chapter, I woke up at 6 o'clock in the bloody morning with my idea for this, and Im finally giving it to you. Yes, this chapter was originally gonna be different.
Btw, I squirmed ALOT while writing this.
Enjoy (hands out coke, cookies and various other things to people in tents)

Franks P.O.V

“The question now is, do you want to be with me?” Gerard was half smiling
I swallowed, my heart screaming yes, my head protesting no. This could so easily be him all over again.
My gut instinct controlled my mouth.
“From the second I saw you. I wanted you” I was not lying. I knew I wanted him, badly. He made me feel safe, he was the first person I’d felt comfortable talking about my sexuality with.
“So now what?” Gerard tried, and failed, to hide his delight.
“Two options” I held up two fingers, “We can be together, and risk being found out and all that bullshit. Or, we can accept we like each other, but stay just friends”
Gerard thought for about a microsecond before pointing at me, a huge grin on his beautiful face.
“Looks like we’re together” he said, causing me to mirror his expression.

For the first time in forever, I knew I’d done something good. There was just one thing, eating away at me, one thing I had to verbalise.
“Under no circumstances can anyone find out.” I found myself saying, “Basically, during school hours, look don’t touch”
Gerard nodded, “Its not school hours now” A wicked smile was on his face, making my stomach backflip.
“Indeed” I kissed him, my boyfriend. It was harder than before, our lips fighting for dominance. I pulled away, reluctantly, smiling.
“What?” Gerard asked, confusing flitting across his face.
“You’re mine” I smiled, hugging him, breathing in his warm scent.

Gerards P.O.V

My stomach felt like it was on a rollercoaster. I felt sick with happiness, for the first time in months I felt truly happy. Frank smiled at me, with a look of mischief on his face.
“What?” I asked, smiling back.
“We’re all alone” he mused, a beautiful devil, temptation in a human “Will be for ages”
I knew instantly where he was going “All alone” I whispered
“For ages” Frank slid his hand down, stroking my outer thigh
“What do you propose, beautiful?” I said, skin tingling at his touch
“Want to see my room?” His eyes were shining, a look of cunning deep within.
“Sure” I wondered what he was getting at.

He took my hand, leading me out of the living room, into the pink hall and up the stairs. He opened the second door, his room. It was quite small, the walls white, the floor jet-black. The curtains were a beautiful crimson, the unmade bed red and black. Franks guitar was propped against the wall, sheets of music scattered next to it. The only other furniture was a mahogany wardrobe and chest of drawers. Stood on top of this was a CD player.
I opened my mouth to speak; before I could, Frank was kissing me. Hard, pushing my back against the wall. He moved to my neck, biting my skin lightly.
“Frank” I gasped
“More?” he looked at me playfully
“Yes” I said, voice weak.

He didn’t need telling twice, he was back kissing me. He bit my lip lightly, asking for entrance. I granted him it, his tongue fighting against mine. He was winning, easily and he knew it. He pushed me flush against the wall. He lowered his hands, taking them to the front of my jeans.
“May I?” Frank breathed; I nodded in response, unable to speak.
He pushed his hands down, under my waistband. I gasped quietly in response, feeling myself get hard under his warm hands. I moaned quietly, as Frank began to move his hand faster, my moans becoming louder. I was so close, so close, and he stopped, smiling wickedly.
“Want more?” He kissed me softly, as I nodded.
He went to my waistband again, unzipping my jeans. He kneeled down in front of me.
“Keep going?” he winked at me
“Ye…ah” I gasped, hating him teasing me but not wanting him to stop.
He grinned, obviously practised. He took me in his mouth, my insides back flipping. He licked my tip, causing me to moan again. Frank took all of me in his mouth, moving forward and back rhythmically. I came quickly, screaming out for Frank as my hips bucked forward. He swallowed my load, his eyes shining. As I was coming down from orgasm Frank kissed me intensely, I could taste myself on his lips.
“Enjoy that?” Frank pulled away, smirking.
I simply gasped in response, Frank grinned.
“I’ll take that as a yes”

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