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Secrets - Six

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Frank speaks about the past

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Narrators P.O.V

Gerard exited his house, black hood pulled down over his eyes. He had the piece of paper with Franks address clasped in his right hand, the other hand turning up the music pumped through his earphones.
He walked fast, skulking the streets in the half-light. He smiled to himself, looking forward to seeing Frank.

Frank himself was sat in his empty house, dressed in a crisp white t-shirt and indigo jeans. His hand still swollen from earlier, he had his closed fist in a bowl of ice. He was lying on his cream sofa, in his cosy living room. The floorboards polished to a deep coffee colour. The walls a warm cream colour. The furnishings were cream and brown, the windows framed with vanilla curtains. The silver television was on, a music video playing with the volume low. Frank rubbed his stitches, they we’re in for another week. He was cursing his stupidity when he heard a knock on the door.

Sitting up, he looked at the clock; 4.55. He shook his head, knowing who was at the door but unwilling to accept. He went to lie down again, but yet more knocking. Sighing, Frank stood up and answered the door. To his mild surprise, Gerard was stood there.
“Uh, hello” Frank said, rubbing his eyes.
“Hi,” Gerard said quickly, “You did say come at five”
“I did” Frank smiled weakly, “Come in”
Frank stood aside, letting Gerard enter. He led him to the living room, sitting on the sofa.
“I have to talk to you” Frank said, staring at Gerard, sat on the opposite sofa.
“About?” Gerard looked puzzled.
“Me” Franks hands were restless, showing his nerves.
Intrigued, Gerard nodded.

Frank took this as an invitation, and began to talk.
“I like guys, always have done” Frank took a deep breath “I was once like you, un known, and I liked it. No one knew about my sexuality, it was assumed I was straight and I liked it. I was a freak; my lack of girlfriends was not strange. Then I see a guy I really like, never felt the same about anyone before. He did this” Frank gestured to his stomach, “I knew he liked me back, he told me, but he was scared. He didn’t want to be gay” Frank laughed hollowly, no joy in his laughter, “I don’t. But, I kissed him in front of the wrong people. The ‘cool’ kids” Frank sketched the word “The kids he was friends with. We had kissed before, but he didn’t want them to know he liked me. He’d been drinking, and had a bottle in his hand” Frank swallowed, tears in his eyes “He muttered sorry, before he smashed the bottle, and attacked me”
“Holy shit” Gerard mouthed
“Yep” Frank smiled, trying to hide his pain “I was in hospital for a week. I had to have five pints of blood; he very nearly caught a major artery.”
“Fuck” Gerard said, going white.
“I don’t want either of us to be hurt” Frank looked torn, “I just want you to know, it’s safer if you’re not with me”
“What’s the worst that could happen?” Gerard offered
“You trust Nathan to keep quiet?” Frank looked scared “We can talk out of a kiss, but a relationship” He looked positively horrified.
“Look, love is supposed to survive everything, all the odds” Gerard had a pleading look in his eyes.
“Yeah, but can you deal with the homophobia?”
“If you truly love someone” Gerard stood up, crossing the room and sitting on the same sofa as Frank, “And you want to be with them” Gerard leaned towards Frank “No one can stop you”
Gerard kissed Frank, slower than before. Sweeter, more innocent.
“Gerard, please” Frank pulled away, his eyes full of pain “I don’t want to”
“Don’t want to what?” Gerards face was puzzled; the expression a child wears when someone refuses to finger-paint with them.
“Get you hurt, be gay, deal with homophobes, any of it. I want normal!”
“Frank,” Gerard looked into his eyes “I can deal with being beaten up. It’ll be nice to have a reason”

Frank inhaled, his eyes closed. Deciding.
When he opened them, he had made his decision.
“Your funeral” he whispered, more to himself. “If you want to be with me” Frank looked at the television “Go into my kitchen, through that door” He pointed “and bring me back a coke, if you don’t want to be with me, bring me back lemonade”
Gerard did as he was told, going into the kitchen. He opened the fridge, puzzled when all the liquid he saw was lemonade.
Brow furrowing, he cursed Frank. Beginning to pull every single can out of the fridge.
He emptied the fridge, no coke. Gerard stood up, accepting defeat, when a cupboard caught his eye. He went towards it, pulling open the door. Greeted by the sight of a family pack of coke.
“Fuck you, Iero, fuck you” Gerard muttered under his breath, taking two cans back into the living room with him.

Gerard opened the door, handing Frank a can. Frank stared at it dumbfounded.
“No one comes to my house and finds coke. No one”
Gerard smirked, “So what does this mean?”
“Well,” Frank swallowed, “You want to be with me”
Gerard nodded, “The question now is, do you want to be with me?”

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