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Denial - Five

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Nathan opens up.

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“Well, well, well” Nathan was smirking, holding up his phone, “How interesting”
“Its…it’s not what you think” Frank stuttered
“Really?” I did not like Nathan’s expression one bit “So what was it then? CPR”
I flushed scarlet, wanting the heat in my cheeks to burn me up.
“So, the Freak and the Fag are dating” Nathan was pacing the bathroom, a vindictive smirk on his lips
“We’re not” me and Frank said simultaneously.
“Really? So you’re just kissing because..?” Nathan was advancing on us, like a shark.
Frank and me remained silent, the urge to run coursing through my body.
“Well?” Nathan demanded, standing two feet from us.
“I…we…because” I was tongued-tired, my hand automatically reaching out for Franks.
“Fucking faggots” Nathan spat on both of us “You shouldn’t be allowed”
I could feel Frank shaking; I squeezed his hand, willing him to stay calm.
Seeing he was getting nowhere, Nathan smirked and left.

Nathans P.O.V

I exited the bathroom, my hands shaking. I could feel the tears prick in my eyes, hot. I never cried. I was Nathan, the hardest boy in the year. Could have any girl he wanted. Picked on Way because he was an easy target. A freak. I had become the bully, the feared one, without even realising. I returned to the office, waiting for my mother to take me home. I took a bottle of water from by bag and drank.

I did not mean to be like this. I really didn’t. I was jealous of Frank. Frank Iero, the new boy, could easily waltz in and kiss Gerard. No problem, he would be accepted as gay. They would be accepted. Me, on the other hand, the cool guy. The one who could click his fingers and have five girls. Couldn’t. Truth is, I picked on Way, because on that first day of school, I had fallen for him. I couldn’t admit to loving him, so I tried to make him miserable. Wanted him to leave, so I could forget him. Then, maybe, just maybe, I could be ‘normal’.

Gerards P.O.V

Frank had sunk to the floor, holding his knees. He was rocking back and forth, anguish cutting his face.
“He’s got a fucking picture” Frank was muttering, “We’re dead men walking”
“Hey, hey, shhh” I said, pulling him up so he could stand.
“I’m so sorry” Frank kept his eyes on his shoes, standing awkwardly, they way Mikey sometimes did.
“For what?” I asked, placing my fingers under his chin and lifting his eyes so they were level with mine.
“Kissing you” he kept his eyes on my fingers “You’re never gonna here the end of it, and it’s my fault”
“Hey, your fault, how?” I stroked his jaw with my thumb
“You’re not…you don’t like guys” Frank pulled his head out of my hand
“Really?” I raised an eyebrow
“Yes, you wouldn’t have kissed me if I hadn’t forced myself on you”
I rolled my eyes, “You don’t know that”
“I do!” he persisted, “You don’t like me like…”
I shut him up in the easiest way, by kissing him. He tried to pull away, but I put a hand behind his head, pulling him towards me. Savouring every millisecond.
He finally escaped, flushed.

“You only did that because I made you” Franks eyes were full of sorrow.
“I didn’t” I grabbed hold of his hand, “I actually like you”
“You’re just saying that”
I sighed, “What do I have to do to prove I like you?”
Frank took some paper out of his bag, writing something quickly.
He handed me the paper, “Come to mine, tonight, 5 pm.”
And with that, Frank left the bathroom. As I stuffed the paper in my pocket, thinking up excuses for tonight.

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