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Author Note

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Its not bad news, honest.

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Hello Guys!

Did you all have a good weekend? Did you all 'enjoy' my mean-as-hell cliffhanger... I kept wanting to update all through christmas just so you didnt die of suspence.


The next chapter is written, and being typed up when I finish this note to you all.
So, in the few hours I have till I let you find out what happens I would love if you guys could tell me (if you celebrate christmas)
- your favourite present.
- your most random present
- the best reaction to a present you gave someone

for me
- my CD player/MCR tickets/eye shadow pallettes I had wanted for months.
- a buddha statue
- my mum being gob smacked when she saw the necklace we bought.

Thank you so much for your kind reviews, they mean the world to me.
So, with that... time to type!

Love, Rose
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