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Provoked - Four

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Frank gets pushed too far

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A/N so this is my last post before christmas, and I'm not really 100% happy with it - I know I could've done better. It begins from where the last chapter left off. Anyways, happy christmas, I shall hopefully be posting stuff in the next week. To everyone reviewing, THANK YOU so much, oh and to the person on fb. Can I have my suprise now? :)

Thank God, my room was only illuminated by a small sliver of light from the hall, or Mikey would have seen the blush stain my skin.
“He… he was… chasing me” I invented, using my tiredness as an excuse to be slow.
“Sure” Mikey sounded sceptical, but he knew better than to question. As I lay back in my bed he hugged me, “Sleep well, dude”
“I’ll try” I smiled weakly at him; he smiled back before leaving to go back to his own bed.

“Fuck” I whispered to myself as soon as I heard the floorboards of Mikeys room creak. That dream had scared me, I had never thought of a guy like that. Girls, sure, several times, but a guy? Never. I stretched, looking at the clock next to my bed. Four in the morning, I was up in three hours, facing him. I felt the familiar sensation of butterflies in my stomach, my chest tightening weirdly. Some instinct told me this was more than friendship but I tried to rationalise it in my head. Trying to deny it.

I fell back into a fitful sleep, trying to decide what to do.

Form period in the morning was hellish. Frank was smiling at me, his head tilted exactly like it was in my dream. It was all I could do to not kiss him.
“Good morning” Frank said, a small smile on his lips.
“Morning” I replied, fist balled, forcing myself to be controlled.
Frank hugged me, testing my control to limits I would not have deemed possible. He smelled so damn good.
“What have you got first lesson?” I said, keep your mouth busy Gerard…
“Science” Frank made a face, “I hate science”
The sick irony? We’re doing biology.

We entered the science room, this time seated front centre. I would’ve preferred the back, but, as luck would have it, I was late for the first lesson, so I was stuck here.
“What are we doing?” Frank asked, curiosity gripping his voice.
“Biology, growth and development”
“Cool” Frank smiled, he opened his mouth to say more, but another voice broke through.

“Is it true” Nathan said, his voice filled with malice as he made his way towards us “That you kissed a guy?”
I saw Franks fists tighten under the desk
“And so what if it is?” Frank spoke through gritted teeth.
“The freak and the gay-lord” Nathan was stood directly behind Frank now, the whole classes attention focused on the two boys and their words.
“Frank” I whispered, he was shaking.
“Just so you know, we don’t let queers round here” Nathan put a hand on Franks shoulder “Look at me when I’m fucking talking”
Something in Frank snapped. I watched, half in awe, half in terror as Frank stood up in one swift motion.
“So, queer, did he” But Nathan couldn’t finish his sentence, Franks fist collided with Nathan’s mouth, stopping his words.

“Iero!” Frank turned around, leaving Nathan holding his bloody mouth. “We do not condone violence in this school, come with me”
His luck couldn’t have been worse. The teacher had walked on the exact second Frank had punched Nathan.
“Miss!” I said, before they had left the classroom.
“Gerard” she acknowledged
“Please Miss, he was provoked”
She sighed, “As you are witness, I will let you come too”
I stood up and left the room with Frank, Nathan and the teacher.

Our first stop was at the Nurse. She cleaned Nathan up and gave Frank some ice for his fist. The science teacher then led us to the head of years’ office.
“Gerard will go in first” she instructed, “his statement will be recorded, then Nathan will have his turn, and finally Frank, I have to go back to the lesson you so kindly interrupted, I expect all of you to have notes on meiosis before tomorrows lesson”
She left, her walk quick, as if she wanted to disown the three of us.

I was called in first; I said my piece, sticking to the truth. I explained how Frank had been provoked, and he had snapped. I exited the room, with instructions to sit. I sat, as Nathan was called in smirking.
“Fag” he said as he walked past Frank
Frank kept his head down, his skin burning. As soon as the door shut, I moved closer to Frank, putting my arm round him. He was crying.
“Hey, hey, don’t cry” I said, wiping the tears from his beautiful face.
“I didn’t want to” he sobbed into my chest, “I didn’t but I couldn’t think of what else to do and” he gasped for a breath.
“Hey, shhh” I rocked him gently
“They wont b-buh-lieve me” he was soaking my shirt “They never believe m-me”

Then it was Franks turn. Wiping his eyes, and taking one last sniff, he walked into the room. Nathan sat down opposite me, head down, saying nothing. He said nothing the whole time, even when Frank came out of the room, he said nothing. Frank moved back towards me, careful to keep distance. The door to the room opened again, and the two teachers conducting the interviews spilled out.

“We have decided on your punishments,” said the head, her nostrils flaring. “For Frank, Friday detention, we accept you were provoked, however, you did attack Mr Woods, and that is unacceptable” Frank nodded, knowing he deserved punishment.
“Mr Woods, we have decided on your punishment” the heads lips became a thin line, “Two days expulsion, effective immediately. From what Mr Way told us, you provoked Mr Iero with disgusting language.” she looked at me and Frank “You two are dismissed, I need to discuss further with Mr Woods”

Me and Frank didn’t need to be told twice; we stood up and exited quickly.
“Am I dreaming or did that just happen?” Franks face, blotchy from tears, was full of surprise.
“Its reality” I replied, looking down at my watch, we’d been outside the office for nearly two hours, “We have fifteen minutes, lets go get you cleaned up”
We made our way to the toilets. I wet some tissue and pressed it to Frank eyes, trying to stop them looking so swollen.
“Gerard” he said from under my hands
“Thanks for testifying for me”
“No problem” I beamed at him, taking off the tissue and turning round to the sink, where I re-dampened it.
When I turned back, Frank had moved closer, his head very close to mine.
The urge to kiss him was hard to suppress. He seemed to be able to read my mind, he grinned cheekily, kissing me very lightly, very sweetly.

He pulled away, leaving me hungry for more.
“You know you want me” he winked at me, my insides turning to jelly.
I went to kiss him again, lips colliding at the exact second Nathan walked into the bathroom.

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