Review for Harry Quits

Harry Quits

(#) jabarber69 2011-01-10

Hey I liked your story, I started reading it this morning before work, and just now finished after work...

I was a little bit put out when you didnt elaborate on who stole from him!?!

the whole change the name thing was okay and smart thinking in my book and I really like the raf training and the cliche of dan granger having the VC and his knife throwing abilities....

before I read about the werewolves and then the end of voldie which by the way was excellent....I was starting to figure that he would take out voldie and the death eaters in an attack on him at his base and he would use a machine gun to kill the terrorist winning himself a VC like his father-in-law but hey the way you wrote it was probably even better especially with the epilogue and the kids knowing wandless magic like they did!!!! I figure the sword should belong to harry shouldnt it!

as for a sequel I would love to see one, maybe when there around thirty and their kids are around 16 to 17 and have full control and knowledge of magic far beyond anything any wizard or witch knows or is able to do and they try to come for harry to defeat the dark lord who has been resurected with lucy giving up his hand this time.... and then the potters making mincemeat out of the aurors and then voldie again....feel free to use my idea!

Author's response

Voldemort getting killed by guns is a bit over done IMHO. I wanted to do something different but it's getting harder and harder to be creative on that front. I might have to fall back on it in some future story though.