Review for Harry Quits

Harry Quits

(#) Cateagle 2011-01-12

One glaring typo, "...I can protect myself for her..." should be "...I can protect myself from her..."

Beyond that, it was a good wrap up. I reckon Severus earned the ending he got and I don't shed a tear; though I do feel sorry for Alastor since he now has much reduced prospects and I wonder how good his remaining protections are. The end of Voldemort was beautiful and I love that the wizarding world will never know that Harry did it.

The final sequence where Ginny Finnegan finds them was a nice touch, particularly with them finding it possible to do wandless magic to a scary degree. It's going to be rather interesting if the wizarding world encounters them again and comes off rather the worse because of this.

I will agree with others that finding out just who ripped him off and seeing those perps punished would be nice; mayhaps this can be accomplished in a sequel if your muse is cooperative.