Review for Harry Quits

Harry Quits

(#) BJH 2011-01-13

I liked this story tremendously, although the occasional minor grammar or spelling mistakes did detract from the ease of reading, for example "to" vs "too" and Seamus' name is spelled just that. I liked the accuracy of your geography for placing the bases and general attention to detail.

I do find myself hoping for an eventual sequel to answer some of the open issues such as justice for the people who robbed baby Harry and, hopefully, happy lives for the chasers who educated Hermione at Hogwarts. Did Harry remain just a cook or did he get a muggle education? Or Hermione? How bad did things get in the Wizarding world after Dumbledore permitted the obliviation of muggleborns?

In the end, it is the persistence of these questions that stand as testimony to the quality of the story, if it was a mediocre story no one would care what happened next.