Review for I Will Be With You

I Will Be With You

(#) AstroSkull 2011-01-25

Fabulous update! :D
But I wonder what Nathan's gonna end up doing...gah im just gonna have to wait to find out -_-
Anyways takes cookie, devours it thats a pretty yummy cookie xD
But awwwh, im sorry, you know about the stress problem, but its good that you have counselling, hope that all goes well :) And I hope everything turns out amazingly awesome for your interview :D And that B shakes head I bet you do deserve an A, people these days -.-
Well, keep writing and update soon! :)

Author's response

aww thank you :)

Its alright really, I'm just desperate to do well in my exams. Aww thanks :) my coursework was a high A, and I did the exam six months early so next time, hopefully, I'll get an A.

thank you again gives another cookie

xo R