Review for Young and Hopeless

Young and Hopeless

(#) DeathCookie 2011-02-01

Uh-oh..Like, like KJLucidLove666 might be right, but still I have a fishy feelings. Things are def. going to start off on a rocky trail. Over all this chapter sort of gave me a feeling of connection, you know? Like I was actually there! Which is good, because even if I wasn't chose to be a charecter, your writing style is real and relatable which I love! Update soon!

PS: You don't always have to write Montgomery; it can be a pain in the ass. So just write Monty when you're firectly quoting me, or whatever works! :)

Author's response

Thank you!(: I still don't have any particular headig for this story, and I'm just honestly writing whatever pops into my head. Real and relatable, that's good.

Oh and I don't mind writing Montgomery out, I like it. I'll use nicknames more often once a few more chapters are posted.