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Chapter 1

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Due to financial issues, Breanna is forced to live with her cousins, Gerard and Mikey.

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Young and Hopeless 

Gerard groaned after receiving some very unpleasant news from his parents. Miley scowled, not taking it well either. Their "perfect" cousin had to live with them until who knows when. Breanna had mostly everything she wanted because her parents were filthy rich. The fifteen year old had a car, designer clothes and even a maid. Gerard and Mikey did not want to live with her, especially if she was going to act like the brat she could be. 

Gerard stood up, throwing the chair into the kitchen table. "What the fuck?!" he snarled. "What did we do to have to live with her?! There's no way I want that bit-"

"Gerard!" Donald, his father, scolded. "Family is family. When family needs eachother, family always pulls through. Breanna is going to stay with us until her family get their financial issues settled."  

"And when the hell will that be?!" Mikey shouted.

Gerard's mouth hung agape, and he stared at his brother. Mikey never ever spoke out of term. He was practically a goody two shoe. Gerard was proud of his brother though, to stand up for something.

Donna wasn't happy about that on the other hand. "Michael! Bree will stay as long as she needs to! That's the end of it! And you two will help her around. That's final." 

The brothers groaned, walking out of the house. Gerard grabbed his keys. They drove off, leaving their house behind. This was just to add on to all the stress. It was already May, and regents, finals and a whole hell lot of work was comin up. Mikey was thankful he had made it through his freshman year. Gerard, though, wasn't going to graduate. He was failing his senior year, and was pissed off at that and then just didn't give a shit. 

Mikey didn't mind though. Gerard would be with him for another year. It would still be the seven of them. Frank, Jamie, Montgomery, Cari and Mikey were going to be sophomores next year. Ray and Gerard would be seniors. Once again, the seven. No one leaves any of them behind. College won't stop that. 

Though there were other things that possibly could. Gia and Katie, the best of friends. Shared the roles as Queen Bee(s). Sarcastic and annoying, despised the seven friends. And of course their little sidekicks, Milly and Ameilia. With those four just ruining their lives, it was a living hell. 

Add Bree into this mess. Who knows what was going to happen with her? Mikey and Gerard knew their friends wouldn't take much liking to her. Well, maybe they would.. They'll just have to wait and see, unfortunately. The fear of the unknown was in the pit of the brothers' stomachs. 

"Send a mass text. Tell everyone to meet us in the park," Gerard told Mikey. He pulled into a gas station to fill the car up. "I'll be back." 

Mikey nodded. He pulled his cell out and sent the mass text, telling everyone to meet them in the park. They didnt meet in the park, that was just a code name for their hang out. Gerard thought of it when he was thirteen. And still today no one expected a thing. Mikey's phone buzzed with a bunch of "ok"'s, "be there soon" and "already there." 

Gerard through a bunch of drinks and snacks into the back of the car. Soon, they reached a dirt path leading to an abandoned mansion. None of them dared go in it, but they hung around in the woods. A few years ago, they had built a pretty decent tree house. 

"Come on," Gerard said. "Grab something and be usefull. They should be here." 

Mikey grabbed a few bags, and Gerard locked the car. They walked down the long dirt path, covered in trees. The "park" was a good ways into the woods, so no one could find it. A tree came up on their left. It was an old oak tree, with a fire escape ladder..that wasn't there. 

"MIKEY! GERARD!" A girl's voice came from above. "Frankie, drop the ladder down!" 

The ladder was dropped through the exit hole. Two girls came down. The first had her almost platinum blonde hair tired back. She wore a pair of denim shorts, and a red V-neck tee shirt. Her beat up Converse on her feet, of course. Her normally grey eyes had a blue hue today. 

The other had short black hair, with red stripes all around. Her dark-washed skinny jeans accompanied her Converse and a dark blue band tee. Her green blue eyes looked more blue today. 

"Sup?" Gerard smiled. "Good to see you could make it." 

"Hey Jamie, hi Cari," Mikey said. 

Jamie, the blonde, smiled. "Wouldn't miss it. I was already here for a while anyway.." 

"Come on," Cari smiled, climbing up the ladder. "Everyone else is up here." 

They had made their way up the ladder to their hang out. Everyone was there. Frank had a new hair style. Surprisingly, it looked..normal. That was shocking. Ray and Montgomery smiled and helped put the drinks in the cooler. Once everything was good, they sat down on some pillows getting down to business. 

"Three things.." Mikey started. "Band practice is at our house for the next few practices." 

"That doesn't concern us," Monty said. "And the over two things?" 

"Well..uh.." Mikey looked for the right words. 

Gerard blurted out, "I'm failing. Like to the point that I'm repeating twelfth grade again." 

Ray smiled and laughed. "We'll be in the same grade again, Gee!" 

Gerard nodded. "We would've been now, if you didn't fail third grade.." 

"How do you fail third grade?!" Frank asked. 

Ray glared. "Shut it, Iero."  

Frank huffed. "And the third thing?" 

Mikey looked around nervously. "Uh.. Our cousin going to stay with us..for a while...and we have to help her around.. and yeah.." 

Cari rolled her eyes. "Guys, how many times do we have to remind you?" 

"What happens to one of us happens to all of us," Monty picked up. 

Jamie spoke the next line of their saying. "We help eachother when we fall down." 

"We face our fears to help one of us out," Frank repeated the infamous line. 

"Nothing comes between our friendship," Ray said. 

"Friends is a loose term," Gerard said. "Brothers and sisters is who we are." 

"Forever and always, we'll always be here," Mikey finished their saying.

"Never alone no matter what!" The seven cheered as they officially finished. 

That was their saying. It had been their official sayin for years and years. The nick named themselves "The Outcasts." written on the tree house wall was their saying and written above was "The Outkasts." Cari was only nine when she wrote that, but it made them even more special.  

The Outcasts laughed, and joked around for awhile. The sun was slowly making it's way down the sky. Not like any of them were going to leave any time soon. Their parents would be worried, and scold them later, but that was in the future. The seven lived by the minute, and went with the flow.  

Jamie cleared her throat. "I think this is a good time to mention few things.." Her friends looked at her, giving her the floor. "Alright, well, I'm dying my hair. Well, red highlights. And.. Myparentswanttosendmetoboardingschool."  


"My parents want to send me to boarding school next year," Jamie said, not making eye contact with anyone. 

"WHY?!" Cari and Mikey shouted. They had been friends with Jamie the longest. 

Jamie shook her head. "I don't know. Cause I'm a fuck up that's why." She got up, and made her way to the window, staring into the sun. "Thay said I'm young and hopeless. I'm not hanging with the right people. Crazy, right?" Jamie nervously laughed. "Think they would've said something before being friends with you for five years. And-OH MY GOD THERE'S A SPIDER! KILL IT!" 

Jamie jumped back, and ending up falling over. Frank ran to the other side of the tree house. Gerard rolled his eyes, and flicked it out the window.  

"Wow," Monty said, trying to make sense of everything. "Remember our saying. You. Are. Not. Going. Anywhere." 

Mikey nodded. "Great. This is just a great way to end the school year!" He shored sarcastically. "Fucking fantastic!" 

Gerard sighed. "We better get going. See you guys tomorrow at school." 

The Outkasts nodded, and each went their separate ways after walking on the dirt road. Mikey and Gerard hopped into car, setting course for home. Just a fantastic day. Gerard didn't know what to do. He wanted to drink away his pain, but he couldn't. He had promised Mikey he wouldn't. 

Mikey wanted to punch something. Tomorrow would be terrible. First off, it would be Monday. Secondly, Bree would add on the stress. Thirdly, Mikey would find himself in a locker or something like that. And Jamie could be separated for all of them?! 

Gerard parked the car in the driveway. "C'mon, Mikes. Don't worry, it will be alright in the end. We'll make it work." 

The brothers walked into their house. Donna yelled at them for leaving without telling them where they were going. The boys shrugged her off, and walked into the kitchen. 

The red bun caught their attention. She was wearing grey skinny jeans, and a pink top. She turned around and smirked at her cousins. 

"Hi, guys," Breanna said. "You look the same since I last saw you. How've you been?" 
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