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Chapter 2

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I'm sorry, I can't be perfect

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Alright, this chapter is a little explanatory with the lives of the Outcasts. It might sound a little OCC but just go with the flow(; It will make sense, I swear. The next chapter will be when they're at school, and that's when the popular chicks come into play

Breanna had arrived at the Way house at half past seven. Aunt Donna and Uncle Donald were so happy to see her. They asked the normal questions, how she was and all that. Bree had said goodbye to her mother and father, watching them drive off.

"Where's Gerard and Mikey? I haven't seen them since...Mikey and I were nine," Breanna smiled at her relatives.

Donna bit her lip. "I don't know, sweetheart. They should be home soon. Help yourself to any food in the kitchen."

Bree nodded and got herself a soda. She sat down at the kitchen table, staring off into oblivion. This will be a new change, Breanna thought. It's for the best, Bree. You know that. She was right. This was new, and it would definitely be for better. It would all work out in the end.

I wonder if Gee and Mikey are still geeky.. Breanna adored her cousins dearly, but there was no doubt that they were total geeks. She started to wonder about the new school, and having to make all new friends. Maybe she could make friends with Gerard's and Mikey's friends. Were the guys cute in this region of Jersey?

Aunt Donna's yelling at her sons snapped Bree out of her thoughts. She smirked, hearing their footsteps, and realized how much she had changed in the past few years.

Bree turned around. "Hi guys. You look the same since I last saw you. How've you been?"

That was a lie. They both changed a whole hell lot in six years. They were both taller, for starters. Gerard was thirteen, and just hitting puberty. Now at the end of that route, his voice was deeper, he was taller, and all that. Mikey was nine, almost ten. He had just gotten glasses. Now at fourteen almost fifteen, he was..taller, and y'know, all that junk.

"You changed a lot," Gerard observed.

Bree nodded. "I'm not who I was, I swear. I left that life behind. Jeans and Converse and good music is the new moi. I'm not the little princess brat, anymore, guys."

"That's good to hear..." Mikey said. "Uhm.. Then you'll get along with our friends just fine."

Bree smiled. "That's good. Um, I'll be in my room. Already ate dinner, Auntie Donna."

Donna nodded. "Alright, sweetie."

Mikey and Gerard had no idea Breanna had changed. She was like Carissa, Montgomery and Jamie, practically. Would seven become eight? It really depends on how long Bree stays with the Way family. If she really was this chill, their living hell wouldn't be more than usual. Both boys had gone to their rooms after dinner.

Gerard had decided to jump in the shower. After moving to the basement, his parents had put a bathroom down there for him. One window for the only sunlight. Which was also used as an escape window, or to let some friends in. His art work hung everywhere, finished or not.

Mikey slumped onto his own bed, checking his phone. He smiled at the text. movie night at your house Friday? frank and i think it should be there. cause well...long story. so how's Bree?-jamie

She changed a lot, actually. you with frank now? And i have time to hear this story-mw

thats good(: um, yeah. My parents are out and the door is locked, and franks dad is drunk and told him to stay out. so, yeah. Frankie says hi!

that sucks. I'm sorry. You know the Way door is always open :) and hi.

it's kay. We're at Monty's place now. thankyouu tho, mikey(: my phones gonna die. night, love you

love you too..

Mikey jumped when he heard a knock on the door. Nonetheless, he told the mysterious person out side his door to come in. Expecting Gerard, Breanna walked in.

"Sup?" Mikey asked.

Bree smiled. "Um..well, here's my you know who will be in any classes with me..?"

Mikey looked at the paper she handed her. "Most of these classes are with Frank and Cari. They are amazing people. And some are with Monty and Jamie and me. A few are intertwined with Ray and Gerard.. So, you're never without one of us."

"Thank you, Mikey," Breanna said. "I'll get along with them?"

Mikey nodded. "You should.. Frank loves new people to friend. Cari is nice, too, and you'll be great friends, I'm sure. Monty likes only a small group of friends. Jamie isn't open to new people. They are the only two you might have a little trouble friending. Otherwise, it's all good."

"Thank you, so much!" Bree smiled, hugging her cousin. "You always know the right thing to say. Hey, I'm sorry I locked you in a storage tub when we were seven."

Mikey nodded, slowly. "It's okay.."


Mikey shuddered at the memory. That's where he developed claustrophobia. That was ealmost eight years ago, and he needed to let it go. Mikey found sleep, eventually, with all the stress on top of him. And to hell on Monday.


Jamie tried all the windows and all the doors. Her house was completely locked. She cursed, walking down to the sidewalk. It was dark and she was outside alone. Not a good vibe that was given off. And hell, it was New Jersey! Anything could happen. Jamie grabbed her phone and started testing her friends.

"Jamie? What're you doing outside?"

Jamie looked up. "I could say the same thing about you, Iero."

"My dad threatened me if I didn't stay away, he's drunk," Frank explained. "Your turn."

"Locked out," Jamie said. "Scared shitless. So glad that you're here though."

Frank nodded. "Are we going to make refuge in someone's house?"

Jamie shook her head. "No. Monty said it was okay to be at her house tonight. I was texting like everyone."

Frank smirked. "Tell Mikey I said hi."

"No, I said Monty, not Mik-"

"I know," Frank smirked, again. "Tell Mikey I said hi. And come on, let's go before it gets really cold. And we have school tomorrow! Oh yippee!"

Jamie nodded, and the two set off for Monty's house. She welcomed them in. Everything was set up, the airbeds that is. Frank plopped down on his, giving Monty a thumbs up.

Jamie hugged her. "Thank you so much."

Monty nodded. "No problem, James. I wouldn't let you sleep on the street. Hear anything about Breanna?"

Jamie sat on her air mattress. "Yeah, I heard she's pretty cool."

"Let's save her before she turns to the popular clique. Gia, Katie, Ameilia and Milly would totally make her one of them," Monty explained her theory. "We have to make Bree one-"

Monty was cut off by Franks's loud snores. Both girls giggled at their sleeping friend. Frank was the youngest of all of them, and he was just so adorable. Even his sleeping was adorable!

Jamie giggled, "Is it just me, or our friends so cute when they sleep?"

Monty nodded. "I know! That's why I love our movie night sleepovers. Hey, speaking of sleep, I'm going to catch some. Night James, sleep well."

"Night Monty, again thank you."


Carissa walked into her house, ignoring the constant fight between her parents. Both yelling, screaming and throwing things at eachother. Cari couldn't remember the last time they had gotten along.

Her friends just didn't know what she went through everyday. Cari had to make herself something to eat at every meal and make sure she was up on time. Whenever they opted to hang at her house, she had to make some exuse of why not. And they went along with it. Cari knew they were all best friends, but she just wished that they asked if she was okay once in awhile.

So many thoughts have run through Cari's head. What will it take? Would her parents notice her when she was dead? Would her friends feel regret when she's lying on the bathroom floor unconscious? Cari knew her friends did care a lot about her, but she felt left out. There was seven of them, an it was hard to give each of them the attention they needed.

"Maybe if I..." Cari trailed off. "Too much blood. Ow, that would hurt too much."

Cari walked into her bathroom, staring at her reflection. The red stripes, the green blue eyes, the lip ring. The face of the rebel. Cari splashed water on her face, just trying to clear her head.

"No. I am not afraid to keep on living," she said softly.


Ray walked into his home, kicking his shoes off. He was about to go upstairs to his room, but his mother stopped him. She held a piece of paper, and shoved it in Ray's face.

"What is this?!" she exclaimed.

Ray shrugged. "That is a paper with letters and numbers on it."

Ray's mother wasn't in the mood for joking around. "This is an 83 on your science test. Do you think that is acceptable, young man?!"

"Mom, that was the highest grade in our entire grade!" Ray argued. "It was really hard."

"I expect high nineties from you!" His mother kept on yelling. "It's your friends fault. They're lowering your intelligence."

Ray's eyes popped out of his head. "WHAT?! I was the one that failed third grade, BEFORE I was friends with them. And they've been helping me study!"

"You shouldn't need help! I expect a high ninety on the next test! Or you will be grounded."

Ray ran upstairs, and then turned around to yell, "Oh, and mom, I'm gay. And I have a boyfriend."

That was a lie. Ray was one hundred percent straight, but he had to say it to see his mother freak out. She started yelling and screaming again. Ray shrugged her off and went to his room. He heard her say something that being homosexual was wrong, and blah blah blah.

After Ray had taken a shower, and finished his homework, e heard a knock at he door. He sighed and let the person in...

His mother apologized and asked for a second chance. "I'd like for your boyfriend to come over for dinner sometime soon."

Ray cursed in his mind. "Um..okay.."

"Goodnight, hun," she said, leaving him to himself.

Ray bit his lip. What the hell was he going to do?! He needed a boyfriend. Alright, this was way too weird now. Way.. Ray got an idea and prayed to god this would work. He dialed a number and listened to the rings.

"Sup?" Gerard answered.

"This is going to be weird, but could you pretend to my boyfriend?" Ray asked.

"What the hell did you get me in to, Toro?!" Gerard yelled. "You owe me big time, but okay, I guess. Explain tomorrow."

"Thanks, Gee," Ray said. "See you tomorrow."

'Cause, I'm young and hopeless
I'm lost and I know this
I'm going nowhere fast that's what they say
I'm troublesome, I've fallen
I'm angry at my father
It's me against this world and I don't care, I don't care
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