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Chapter 3

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Do you like him, or do you like-like him?

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"Take the passenger's seat," Gerard said as they walked out o the house.

Bree nodded. "I'm sorry if I take up more space.."

"We fit seven people already in a five person car. You're not going to make a big difference," Mikey said, sliding into the back. "Gee, we just have to go to Monty's and Cari's."

"Why?" Gerard asked as they started down the road.

"Jamie and Frank are already there. And you know Ray lives across the street," Mikey explained.

Gerard nodded. They all lived in the same neighborhood, that's why they are good friends. This was their normal routine in the morning. Usually they would have to stop at Jamie's house, also. Frank lived right by her, so they shared that stop. Ray and Monty got in the car together, too, while Cari's house was a little out of the way.

Gerard pulled into Monty's driveway, and beeped the horn. Ray came up behind the car, and slide into the back. The three came outside, looking half asleep. Frank tripped down the front steps, and grabbed on to Monty and Jamie to catch himself.

"How is this gonna work?" Jamie muttered from outside.

She pulled the handle, yanking the door open. The old car was ready to fall a part, it was surprising the door didn't come off. Frank slid in the middle between Mikey and Ray.

"So, you can try to squeeze in, but we also have to fit Cari back here too..." Frank said.

"Can I ride in the trunk?" Jamie asked.

"You ask that everyday!" Gerard exclaimed. "The answer is still no! Just get in the back already."

Jamie mumbled something to Monty, making her blush and promptly hit Jamie on the back of the head. To avoiding Gerard from yelling at them more, the got in the car. Jamie took her normal place on Mikey's lap. Due to trying to fit seven people, and she being the smallest next to Frank, it had to be done. Monty, on the other hand, was used to having her own seat, and felt uncomfortable having to sit on Ray's lap.

"Finally," Gerard muttered, pulling out of the driveway.

Although it wasn't that far away, Cari's house was out of the way. It was the other direction of the school. Not like any of them cared. Cari was waiting on her porch. She jumped up and opened the back door to the car. Seeing all her friends, she climbed over Mikey and Jamie, pushed Frank over and sat in the small spot that was left for her.

"Sorry, Frank, you're just not my type," Cari laughed.

"What is your type then?" Bree asked.

"Yeah, what's your type?" Jamie laughed, to receive another smack to the back of the head. "YOU GUYS ARE KILLING MY BRAIN CELLS! I need some of those!"

"Oh, you know.. Guys.." Cari mumbled.

"That's descriptive," Monty sarcastically said.

"Well, what's your type?" Cari questioned. "Better yet, who do you like? You too, Jamie."

"I like you," Jamie smirked, "as a friend."

"BULLSHIT!" Monty yelled. "Miss Know It All, who's your crush? You don't need your damn brain cells either!"

"I do too!" Jamie protested. "It's a guy.."

"What's his name? What grade? Cute?" Monty persisted with the questions.

"Name..nope. Grade..ours. Cute..oh hell to the motherfucking yes," Jamie laughed. "Your turn."

"No, no, no. I think it's the guys' turn. Gerard? Mikey? Ray? Frank?" Cari smirked. "And who's your school girl crush?"

"OH LOOK! SCHOOL!" Frank shouted.

He opened the door, even though the car wasn't stopped, climbed over Jamie and Mikey, tumbling out of the car. Bree gasped, and turned around. The others rolled their eyes. That was completely normal for Frank. Of course he was alright. It wasn't even worth the worry. Until the day he actually does get hurt..

Gerard parked his car, and everyone practically jumped out. School was the living hell no one wanted to deal with. Stereotypes, labels, grades, bitches, assholes...everything! You were judged by the people you hung out with and the music you listened to. That was all a load of bullshit.

"I fucking hate English," Mikey grumbled, throwing his stuff on their lunch table.

Lunch was nice since they could sit outside. Gerard had claimed that table when he was a freshman, and it had been "theirs" ever since. It was by a maple tree, half in the shade and half in the sun. Honestly, it was quite perfect for them. Thank god there wasn’t more then eight of them, otherwise there would be absolutely no room. Four on each side of the table. Gerard and Cari sat on the side in the shade with Ray and Bree, who sat in the sun. Frank and Mikey sat in the shade on the other side, leaving Jamie and Monty in the sun.

"And what is with your sudden hatred towards your native language?" Frank asked, trying to keep a straight face.

"All class they were discussing—and singing—freaking nursery rhymes all fucking class, and I have the worst fucking headache right now," Mikey explained.

Gerard threw his brother a bottle of aspirin from his bag. "And when did Michael James start cursing his head off like that? What happened to the little goodie-two-shoes?"

"Long gone."

Cari shrugged. "I thought it was a pretty fun class," Cari said. "It was better than writing down work and stuff. And hell, I learned a song. Thanks to Jamie."

Jamie laughed, "I don't even know why I know it. It was the most random thing that possibly ever popped into my head, and random stuff pops into my head a lot."

Bree smiled. "You seem like one of those hyper chicks, am I right?"

Frank nodded. "Oh hell yes, they most certainly are. Jamie most definitely runs on sugar. Cari and Monty get pretty hyper too."

"Noooooo, I run on caffeine, Frankie!" Jamie giggled. "I had a Monster today, and yeah, I'm like legit hyper. And-"

"Who the hell has an energy drink in the morning?" Ray asked.

"Me. Andddd Cari and Monty have one too, but they didn't drink it yet," Jamie explained.

Monty shook her head. "Cause we don't wanna crash later like you will. I thought we banned you from having energy drinks anyway?"

Gerard nodded. "Yeah, we did."

Jamie shrugged. "Oh well. I gotta go take a math test, and probably annoy the shit out of Mrs. A... Peace! Oh, and Mikey, there was an old lady who swallowed a fly. Bye guys!"

Jamie left and went to take her test. Her friends were used to her like this, most of the time. Monty was right though; Jamie wasn't allowed to have them during school hours. The six of them had decided that was best. They all got hyper, in some way or another. Cari and Monty were smart for saving their Monsters for later. Bree could get used to hanging around these people.

Mikey sighed. "I hope that old lady dies from swallowing that damn fly."

Monty nodded, "She does. Did you not listen to all of it?"

"There was an old lady who swallowed a horse. She's dead, of course!" Cari laughed. "So, Bree, welcome to Belleville High School."

Bree smiled. "Uh, thanks. It's all a new fresh start, you know? And if that means becoming friends with hyper chick who sort of scares me, than so be it."

"She scares a-" Gia, the Queen Bee of the school, cut off Ray. She had black hair down to her chin, straight and layered, which was always parted to the left. Gia had dark brown eyes, tan skin, and was slender. She wore a baby blue tank top, a dark blue skirt, and a pair of matching ballet flats. Kaitlin, Milly and Emmy accompanied her.

Katie was almost the polar opposite of Gia. Her hair was natural red, down to her collarbone and had chocolate brown eyes. She wore a BVB band shirt and black skinny jeans, with a pair of DC's. Katie wore heavy eyeliner and a lot of mascara.

Milly and Amelia were classified as the “side-chicks” although they were best friends with Gia and Katie. Milly had dark brown hair. She wore a vintage tee shirt, skinny jeans and a pair of boots. Amelia had short brown hair, and wore skinny jeans and a band tee shirt.

"So," Gia said, taking a quick glance at the seven. One's missing, she thought. "You must be Bree, the new girl. You're welcome to eat lunch at our table, if you'd like."

Bree shook her head. "No thanks," she said politely. "I'd rather eat here, with my cousins and their friends."

"Oh, right," Emmy said. "You're the girl related to Mikey and Getard. I insist you eat with us."

"Thanks for asking, but I'd like to eat with the people I know, for today."

"Fine, have it your way," Katie sneered. She whispered to Gia, "She'll be begging to be one of us soon," as they retreated.

Gerard narrowed his eyes. "She's a bitch."

"Whoa, whoa," Monty said. "Whom are you talking about?"

"Amelia and Gia and Katie. Milly didn't speak this time. I hate them all," Gerard said. "Did you think I meant Bree?"

Monty shrugged. "I didn't know who you were talking about. I was spacing out."

"Of course," Ray snickered. "Hey, Frank you okay? You've been awfully quiet today."

Frank nodded, "I'm fine. Just... I have a lot on my mind."

"Hey, Toro!" Gerard exclaimed. "Why do I have to pretend to be your boy toy?"

"What?” Laughter erupted between five of them, and that definitely brightened everyone's day. Ray blushed slightly, and Gerard waited for answer.

Ray bit his lip, "Well, my mom was yelling at be for not getting an A on that really hard science test. So, she being a homophobe, flipped out when I told her I was gay and had a boyfriend. Which is not true! I’m one hundred percent straight. Straight as a board!"

"Straight as a circle," Mikey muttered. Frank high-fived him, as Ray denied that. "The state of denial... That’s not a good place to go Ray-Ray."

"He's bi-curious," Frank added on. "And obviously picked Gerard for a reason. Ain't it true, Toro?"

The guys snickered and passed high-fives around, except for Ray. He didn't like being the target for being teased, by his own friends, too. It was all Mikey's fault, sorta... Or Gerard's for bringing it up.

"Jeez, guys. Stop picking on him," Monty snapped. "It's an understanding circumstance, and he was probably under a lot of pressure from his mom! Gerard and Ray are the same age, and they've known each other forever. So, shut up already!"

Ray smiled and nodded, thanking Monty. She nodded in a way to say "welcome." Gerard, Frank and Mikey whispered between eachother, nodding in agreement. Cari stayed out of that argument, and stayed silent. She observed every detail, and tried to predict how this would end. Bree didn't know what to say and it wasn’t her place to join the "fight."

"SOMEONE'S GOT A CRUSH ON RAY-RAY!" Frank shouted. "Ain't that adorable?"

Monty rolled her eyes. "Go to hell, guys."

"We all go to hell," Gerard said. His face lit up like it was Christmas morning. "I HAVE AN IDEA FOR A SONG!"

Frank laughed, "I'm already going there, Monty."

Cari grabbed her garbage, and stood up. "Well, I'm going to leave early, to get to science. And find Jamie."

Mikey stood up, too. "I'll go with you."

"SOMEONE'S GOT A CRUS-" Mikey slapped Frank on the back of the head before he could finish his statement. "Oww..."

"See you guys after school," Cari laughed, and waved goodbye.

Frank found himself doubled over in laughter, rolling on the ground laughing his ass off. Along with jumping out of moving vehicles, he also does this on a day-to-day basis. He was probably the second most hyper one. Gerard threw a can, which hit Frank right in the head. Bree laughed, finding it pretty cute seeing Frank whine. Monty and Ray were silent, not wanting any more attention on them.

"Oww... Gerard," Frank whined. "How could you do that to me? I thought you loved me?!"

Gerard smirked. "Aww, I'm sorry, sugar. I'm taken by Toro."

"HOW COULD YOU CHEAT ON ME LIKE THAT?!" Frank yelled. A majority of the students outside glanced over, saw who it was, and went back to their own business.

"Wait, wait," Bree said, "were you guys really...y'know...a thing?"

Gerard shook his head. "Nah, we like to mess with the student body a lot."


So, I'm in a completely amazing mood. (That's why Jamie was really hyper) Oh and Jamie is my good friend, MikeyWayIsAdorkable. I would have posted this sooner, but my weekend was busy. I had three plays to do on Friday and Saturday, and the clean up/party today. And, it's all good! :D
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