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Chapter 4

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We're gonna party hard cause it the weekend.

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*Yeah, so.. Hi. I'm thinking I really need a beta reader, although I really don't know how that works. It's someone who proofreads your work, no?
In other terms, this is a little... It shows you what goes on in there lives.. Oh, Happy belated Valentine's Day, and Happy International Armstrong Day*


Cari and Monty walked out of school together, waiting for the others by Gerard’s car. They had made it through the week, with minor injuries. Once the week had it hit Wednesday, it seemed as if the week flew by. Thank God, it was finally Friday. Say hello three-day weekend, thanks to the Superintendence Conference meeting. Tonight, was movie night. This week, it was Monty’s choice. The guys had a little something else planned, and wouldn’t tell the girls all day.

“I wish they would just tell us,” Monty said. “It’s been driving me crazy.”

Cari nodded in agreement. “I know! Jeez, where is everyone?”

“No ide- Oh, there’s Ray and Gee.” Monty pointed over to where the guys exited the building. “But where the hell is Frank, Mikey, Jamie and Bree?”

“Bet they’re making out,” Cari laughed

“ALL FOUR OF THEM?! TOGETHER?!” Monty didn’t realize that Cari wasn’t being serious.

Cari gave Monty a light shove on the arm. “Chill, no. One, I was joking. And two, I meant, no just forget it.”

“Forget what?” Gerard asked as he and Ray came into hearing distance.

Monty shrugged. “I don’t know... I didn’t understand it at first... You guys know where the other half is?”

Ray nodded. “Detention. Don’t know what happened, but it was something in science. They should be getting out soon, though.”

As if on cue… Bree, Frank, Jamie and Mikey walked out of the school. Jamie looked pissed off. Gerard and Cari exchanged similar confused glances between each other. Monty shrugged and Ray waved it off.

“Fucking hoe bag. I hate her. She was wrong. And I was right. She hates me,” Jamie seethed. “I hate that woman.”

“What exactly happened?” Gerard asked they got into their respective places in the car. “I wanna know!”

Frank cleared his throat. “It started off like a normal day in science, with Ms. Ferenac. You know, the batty young woman that teaches bio? Yeah, so she got something completely wrong. So Jamie corrected her, not being a bitch at all. And Ferenac insisted that Jamie was wrong. And oh boy, shit went down.”

Bree nodded. “They were yelling at each other, so I wanted to break it up. I politely added that the textbook did say Jamie was right. And then she started yelling at me. She told me to ‘Keep my big nose out of her business.’ So, I yelled at her.”

“And, so I wasn’t going to let the bitch get away with that, so I even showed her the page in the textbook. She said ‘Those damn Ways think they’re so damn smart. Your brother was a smart ass in my class, too.’ And then Frank got involved, too,” Mikey explained.

“I was not!” Gerard protested.

Jamie was still really pissed. “She told us we all had detention, and I was ready to hit her with my textbook, but Frank and Mikey just had to stop me!”

“You cannot hit a teacher,” Frank said. “Jesus, I don’t want you suspended. Cause we’d end up getting suspended too.”

“Seems like Jamie needs to learn to shut up,” Gerard laughed, only to get a smack to the back of the head. “HEY! I’M DRIVING HERE!”

“That’s what you get.”

Gerard rolled his eyes and pulled into his driveway. The eight exited the car, walking into the Way household. They dropped their bags all over, and sat in the living room. The girls just thought it would be their normal movie night sleepover, but they were oh so wrong. The guys had been planning this since second period this morning. And hopefully, everything would work out.

The Way parents weren’t home, and wouldn’t be home this weekend. Business trip; thank the Lord. This would help the guys’ plans go along without any interruptions. It’s not like they were doing anything bad, but trying to get parents to agree would be madness.

“What’re we doing?” Monty asked. “It’s my movie pick, I believe.”

Frank shook his head. “Oh, no. No movie night. We have something...else planned for tonight.”

“What?” The girls curiously asked. "Tell us, we've been waiting all day."

Gerard smirked. “You gotta trust us.”

“I don’t know if I trust you guys,” Bree said. “It’s kinda between life and death.”

Mikey scoffed. “Well then. We’re not going to kill you, we’re just going to lead you there blind folded.”

“Now I really don’t trust you guys,” Jamie said.

Cari nervously laughed. “And how do we know you’re not going to rape us. Think about it, four guys and four girls. You’re going to-"

“That’s absurd!” Frank laughed. “But, seriously, do you trust us?”

The girls shrugged. “I guess.”

The girls, and guys, had to stop at their houses to pick up a few sleeping items. It was a little weird, considering it was only four o’clock. Ray and Monty had walked to their houses, Frank and Jamie to theirs, and Gerard drove Cari to hers. Mikey stayed with Bree, so she wouldn’t be so alone.

“What’s up, Toro?” Monty asked, as she searched her room for her stuff. “What’s going on?”

“Well, you see, after being friends with you quite awhile, I sorta developed a little crush on you, Monty. And I understand if you don’t feel the same way. The age difference is quite...Well, it’s not considered “right” for a Freshman to date a supposed to be Senior. And the other day, thanks for standing up for me. I just want to say you are absolutely beautiful, and funny, and the perfect girl in every way,” Ray spilled his heart out to Monty, making her cheeks flush a little pink.

She bit her lip. “I meant about tonight, Ray...”

“Fuck my life!”

“I like you, too, Ray-Ray,” Monty whispered.

“Be my girlfriend?” Ray asked, pulling her into a hug.



Jamie and Frank exited her house with her bag in hand. Now, Frank’s house. He prayed his father wasn’t home. It was bad enough he had to deal with him, but Jamie too? She didn’t do anything, and Frank didn’t want to endanger her. Mikey would kill him.

“You wanna stay outside?” Frank asked, as he realized his father was home.

Jamie shook her head. “No way in hell, Frank. We’ll make this quick and easy.”

Frank took a deep breath, and opened the door quickly, but quietly. They carefully made their way inside, and Frank wanted to run to his room. He couldn’t; fear had taken over. Thank God his father was passed out on the couch. Frank sighed, and exhaled. Jamie nodded saying, “Go on.” Frank slowly nodded, and they made their way to his room.

“You can’t live here anymore,” Jamie whispered once upstairs. “He’s an abusive bastard, Frank. You just can’t.”

“I know, I know,” Frank sighed, throwing clothes in his bag. “But, James, I still love him.”

“He hits you, and verbally abuses you, and you love that sick son of a bitch?” Jamie asked. “Frank…”

“Well, you still live with your step-parents. That ain’t a pretty story either. He hits you. Talk about son of a bitch? Yeah, it’s Scott. I can deal with the suffering here, cause I’m barely here, and he is either out or passed out. Jamie, Scott hits you, calls you a worthless piece of crap! Ann calls you useless, ugly, fat; every negative thing under the book!” Frank exclaimed. “You haven’t told anyone, either.”

Jamie shook her head. “I told you.”

Frank sighed. “I can’t say anything. I promised to keep shut, if you promised to keep shut about my dad being an alcoholic. You didn’t even tell Mikey or Cari. They’ve been your friends, forever. And you just lie to their faces! They are going to be so upset when they find out.”

“Frank, I—” Jamie didn’t know what to say. “Let’s go.”

“You better tell him.”

“Tell who? If you haven’t noticed, I have four guys friends.”

“Your best friend, don’t play stupid, now.”


“They always like this?” Gerard asked as he and Cari went to her room.

Cari shrugged. “Yeah...”

Cari’s parents were fighting again. And this time it didn’t look good. It ended with her dad leaving the house, screaming ‘WHY DO YOU EVEN TRY?’ Cari’s mother yelled back, ‘GET A JOB, YOU LAZY ASS!’ Cari sighed as the door slammed shut. She wished she just had a normal family for once.

Gerard sat at her desk chair, spinning around. He stopped, feeling very dizzy. “I’m really sorry about them, Cari. You just gotta make the best of life, ya know.”

“They never pay attention to me,” Cari said. “I don’t think they know I exist anymore.”

Gerard got up, pulling Cari into a hug. “Don’t see how they could forget how they have such a beautiful daughter.” Cari went to object, but Gerard continued. “Don’t you dare say anything against that. You are beautiful.”

Cari smiled into Gerard’s shoulder. “Hate to break this beautiful moment, but did you notice the bacon on the floor at school?”

Gerard laughed. “No. Did Frank eat it off the floor?”

Cari shook her head. She swung her bag over her shoulder, opening her bedroom door. “We wouldn’t let him.”


“Where are we going, Michael?” Bree demanded for the fifth time.

Mikey shook his head. “I can’t tell you!”

“Come on! I’m your cousin!” Bree shouted, throwing her bag on the couch.

“I can’t! They’ll kill me!”

“That’s a chance I’m willing to take!”

Mikey looked offended. “HE-”

“WE’RE BACK!!!!” Frank shouted, busting through the door. “Sup guys?”

“WHERE ARE WE GOING?!” Bree demanded.

“I DON’T KNOW!” Mikey shouted back.

Frank shrugged, breaking up the fight. Mikey was telling the truth, though. No one would tell him where they were spending the night. The guys were too afraid of him spilling, although that would’ve been Gerard to do so. Speaking of Gerard, him and Cari through door, and thankfully Ray and Monty were behind them. They could finally get this show on the road.

“What’s up with you two?” Gerard asked, seeing them holding hands, and grinning like idiots.

“THAT’S SO CUTE!” Cari, Bree, and Jamie exclaimed, realizing what was going on.

“What?” Frank asked. “What’s cute?”


Happy in some parts. Sad depressing in other parts.. Reviews give me motivation to write(;
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