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Chapter 5

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Am I just paranoid?

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Hai guys. I think you'll like this chapter.

Gerard stopped the car. The girls were still very curious of where they were going. Still no one would tell them. Mikey knew instantly as soon as they took a side road. Frank gave him a ‘Don’t screw this up’ look. The guys got out of the car first, taking the bags out of the trunk. They lead the girls our, who were blindfolded. The guys gave them their bags and were about to lead them to the final destination.

“I know where we are,” Jamie said about four minutes into walking.

“MIKEY!” The guys complained.

Mikey threw his hands up in defense. “I didn’t say anything! I swear on my life!”

Jamie laughed. “He didn’t. I know because of the road, the feel, ya know? We’ve been coming here for six years, and the atmosphere of it sticks to you.”

“I know, too,” Cari said. “We’re going to the tree house, aren’t we?”

“Yes,” Gerard gritted through his teeth.

Monty untied her blindfold, throwing it over her shoulder. “Well, I don’t need this.” Jamie and Cari did the dame thing, since it was unneeded. Bree was going to, but Frank stopped her.

“No, you don’t know where we’re going. You have to keep it on.”

Bree laughed. “Of course, of course. Give me your hand so I don’t trip. I can be pretty clumsy.”

Frank complied taking her hand. Gerard gave Ray a look, who instantly picked up Monty’s hand. They made their way into the woods a little bit more.

“Well, I feel lonely now,” Jamie said.

Gerard shrugged, “It’s only half of us.”

Jamie shook her head. “Not anymore. Just you two, now. CARI!” She ran and caught up with Cari, taking her hand jokingly.

Mikey looked at his brother. “I am NOT holding your hand.”
“Like I want to hold your hand,” Gerard scoffed. “Race ya there?”

“You’re on.”

The two raced eachother, flying passed their friends. Braches and twigs were scattered all across the forest floor, making it hard not to trip. Mikey stumbled once, but caught himself before he fell. This gave Gerard an advantage. Gerard tapped the tree, as he came to a stop, winning. His smile was smug and cocky. Mikey panted trying to catch his breath. Their friends soon joined them.

“That’s…not…fair… I…tripped…” Mikey said in between breaths.

“Aside from who won, you shouldn’t have raced to begin with, Mikey,” Monty said. “You’re going to give yourself an asthma attack.”

Mikey waved her off. “Yeah, whatever.”

Bree cleared her throat. “Can I take this off now?” She pointed to her blindfold.

Frank untied it, and she looked around, trying to figure out where she was. Of course she had no idea, since she was never there. The mansion was in view, catching her eye. Curiosity was taking over. They were all curious at one time to what was in the house. Did someone live there? Bree was snapped out of her gaze when Frank nudged her, and they made there way up to the tree house.

They threw their stuff to one side of the tree house. For being built by a bunch of nine, ten and fourteen year olds. It was early spring when they had become really good friends. Well, Cari and Jamie had been friends since the beginning of third grade, and it was the end of fourth grade when they met Mikey. The story behind that is really cute. In the spring of fourth grade, the new girl came to school. Montgomery Scott. She instantly clicked with Cari, Jamie and Mikey.

Ray and Gerard, who were now in different grades because of Ray’s failure in third grade, were still really good friends. Gerard was in seventh grade, hating every waking minute of it, while Ray was in sixth. Frank didn’t move to this region of Jersey until the girls and Mikey were in seventh grade. So, unfortunately, he was not included in the building process.

It was a day in spring, May 18th, to be exact. The weather was nice and warm. The middle school let out a half hour before the elementary school. Ray and Gerard were in Gerard’s room, playing video games. They both groaned, hearing the elementary school bus. They both loved Mikey to death, but hey, nine year olds could be a real pain in the ass sometimes. But this time was different.

/“Gerard! I’m home!” Mikey called from the kitchen.

“Don’t bother me today! I got a friend over!” Gerard shouted from his room.

“So do I... Three actually!”

Gerard turned to Ray, really confused “How in the world does the kid have three friends?! Come on, video games can wait.”

Ray and Gerard went downstairs, a little shocked at who Mikey’s new friends were. Mikey waved and went back into his conversation. Three girls. Mikey Way, the little geek that gets bullied almost everyday, is friends with three girls. The first had dirty blonde hair, with brown eyes. She wore a floral print skirt, a shirt that said “Florida” on it, and a pair of sneakers. The other one had dark brown hair, greenish eyes, and was wearing jeans, sneakers, and a band shirt, possibly from an older sibling. The last one was blonde, with green eyes, jeans, Airwalks, and a plain red shirt.

These girls were known as Montgomery, Carissa, and Jamison.

“This is my brother, Gerard,” Mikey introduced. “And his friend Ray.”


“Guys, this is Monty, Cari and Jamie.”

Gerard scratched his head. “I thought Jamie was a guy's name…”

Mikey stared at his brother, and shook his head. “Um… No? Anyways, these are my friends. My only friends.”

“You don’t have any guy friends?” Ray asked. Mikey shook his head. “Um…”

Gerard turned to Ray. “What the hell is this?! My little brother had more girl friends than I do! Now I really feel like a loser.”

“I’ll be your friend!” Cari smiled.

Gerard couldn’t help but smile. “Alright, kid. What about you two? Need another friend?”

Monty shook her head. “No… I’m fine.”

Jamie shrugged. “I guess… We need a hang out, though...”/

And thus, the tree house was born. Cari and Mikey, thanks to summer birthdays, were nine. Jamie and Monty were ten. Ray wad almost thirteen while Gerard was already thirteen. The six worked diligently, and did a pretty decent job. By the beginning of fifth/seventh/eighth grade, the tree house was built.

They had slept over once before, two years earlier. It was in the summer, after Ray’s birthday, but before Cari’s. So… Late July was when it took place. Gerard was going into his junior year, meaning Ray was going into tenth, and the others were going into eighth grade. Over the three years, they had become really good friends. Monty eventually gave in, and became more comfortable around the guys, and they became great friends.

Add another new kid into this mess. Frank Iero. The kid thought he was a badass, and hell, he was. His hair was dyed and he wore the coolest clothes. Well, he was considered cool in the Outcast’s minds. First day he was in school, he got detention. Cari had come up with the plan to purposely get in trouble, just so it’d be easier to talk. They did just that. It was a little shocking to hear that they got detention. Sure they were outcasts, but they were always good.

News got around to the high school. Being a small town, some teachers had to work in both schools. Gerard almost fell out of his seat, hearing that his brother got detention. His exact words were “Michael James Way got detention?! The world is going to blow! Everyone hit the deck!” Thankfully, nothing was too weird about that since he was in drama class.

Their plan worked. Frank started to hang around them. That was also in the spring, but more towards the end of it, by the beginning of the summer.

“Come on! You guys are a bunch of babies! Do you wanna still be friends?” Gerard asked. “I can easily change that! I don’t have to hang with you!”

Gerard had asked them to sleep in the tree house for one night. They were a little hesitant. After all, Cari, Mikey and Frank were twelve and Jamie and Monty were thirteen. Being in the woods alone, well with two sixteen-year-old guys, could be a little intimidating. Reluctantly, they gave in. They were going to spend one whole night in the woods. Almost. Until Gerard started telling ghost stories, and how the Beast was going to drag them out of the tree house and eat them alive.

He knew he went too far, seeing the fear in all their faces. Ray gave Gerard a cold hard glare, realizing how much shit they were in. Gerard cursed under his breath. You know it was scary when Frank Iero had the look of terror across his face. Gerard tried to calm them down, knowing that would never happen.

“We watch horror movies before. This is nothing,” he said.

“Yeah, but we’re never in the movies!” Mikey retorted.

Ray nodded. “He has a point..”

“RAY!” Gerard said, annoyed. “Dudes, it’ll be fine. I promise. Nothing’s out there.”

Jamie scoffed. “Thank you for making my paranoia worse, asshole.”

“She also has a point,” Ray said.

“WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?!” Gerard shouted. “I’ll stay up, so you can get your sleep. It’ll be fine, I swear.”/

They were in so much trouble in the morning. But now it was different, they were older. Gerard wasn’t going to scare the living shit out of them this time. Of course, a worried vibe went through all of them. It’s not like a lifetime passed, and they were all much wiser now. No. Monty and Jamie were fifteen; Cari, Mikey and Frank were fourteen; Ray was seventeen; Gerard was eighteen. Plus, Bree was there too, who was fifteen. Still all teenagers. Still very paranoid.

“On our own, here we go,” Frank quoted as they settled in the tree house.
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