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Chapter 6

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A classic game of truth or dare, ending with a little twist(;

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Sorry about the wait. My friends and I were in a huge fight, which resulted in me being stuck in the middle of it. I hope it's well worth the wait.

It’s not like Gerard was creepy… Well, he could be. Actually, Gerard could be quite scary. He really isn’t on the inside, sometimes. But, just say you get to spend the night in the woods with him. Yeah, see the creepy meter go up? Now, he wouldn’t like rape you or something… Gerard’s not that bad. It’s just a little intimidating, you could say. He was the oldest of the group, and who the hell knows what he had planned for tonight.

“So how’s about a game of the good ole classic truth or dare?” Gerard casually asked, with a smirk on his face. Of course, Ray agreed. Those two were partners in crime.

“Usually,” said Cari, “I’d be against it, but I’m game.” Frank seconded that motion.

Breanna shrugged. “Why not?”

“Because it’s Gerard,” Jamie said bluntly. “That’s why not.”

“She has a good point,” Monty agreed. “I’m out.”

Gerard elbowed Ray, and then looked in Monty’s direction. Ray nodded, and after much—and I mean much—convincing, Monty was in. That just left Jamie and Mikey. Those two were so freaking stubborn at times. Gerard had blackmail to get Mikey to join, and hopefully Jamie will just give in.

“If you don’t, I’ll tell everyone, about well, you know,” Gerard laughed.

“You wouldn’t!” Mikey shouted.

Gerard nodded. “I would. So are you in, or not?”

Mikey sighed. “I got no choice, do I? Fine.”

All attention turned on Jamie, who shook head. “No way in hell.” They knew how much she hated the attention being on her, so they didn’t look away. “FINE!” Now that everyone was playing, they made their usual oval-circle. Somewhere in this madness, Gerard made it a rule that they had to sit guy, girl, etc. This was not free choice, either. Gerard, of course, choose the seating arrangements, too. Again, no one really knew what Gerard he was planning. The order went: Gerard, Cari, Ray, Monty, Mikey, Jamie, Frank and then Bree.

“So, now that everyone’s properly seated,” Gerard smirked, “we can start. Any dares that involve an outside place will be completed tomorrow. By the way, we’re taking a road trip over to the mall. Before you start whining, I am a legal adult, so therefore, you have no rights to say anything against me, minors. Any objections?” There was a brief pause, and they either shrugged or shook their heads. Gerard continued on, “No? Okay. No restrictions on the dares, just please no sex.

Cari scoffed, “Where’s the fun in that?”

Gerard ignored her comment. “When choosing truth, don’t make it weak. Make them hardcore. You can’t choose truth more than three times in a row. Any questions?” They shook their head. “Whoever was chosen as victim, gets to choose the next. And no chicken on the dares!” They nodded, wanting to get the show on the road. “Kay, I’ll start. Mikey, truth or dare?”

Mikey groaned “Course you pick me. Truth.”

“WEAK!” Frank shouted. The guys suppressed their laughter, as Mikey glared.

“Kiss anyone yet? If so, who? If not…well, you’re not following in my footsteps then…” Gerard laughed, high fiving Ray.

“Actually, I did,” Mikey said, annoyed. “Last year.”

Ray asked, “With? Gee, I think he might’ve kissed a girl before you did..”

“We don’t know if he’s telling the truth!” Gerard huffed. “Who, Mikey? Cause I think you’re bluffing.”

“Jamie,” Mikey said, and Jamie nodded. “Last year. At that party. Yup, so moving on now.”

“YOU NEVER TOLD US?!” Almost everyone shouted at the two.

Jamie shrugged. “Doesn’t really concern you guys… Never seemed fit to say, ‘Oh hey, yeah, well I just made out with Mikey! How was your day?’ So, we kept quiet.”

“You guys made out?!” Monty asked. “When?! Spare the details!”

Mikey shook his head. “Not part of my truth. My turn now; thank you very much.” He pondered whom he would choose. “Frank, truth or dare?”

“Dare me, bitch,” Frank said, fearlessly. “And yes, Mikey is now my bitch.”

Mikey ignored his little comment. “Alright, shout a random exclamation for the rest of the game.”

“Nice,” Frank grinned. “MIKEY’S MY BITCH!”

Everyone laughed, except poor Mikey, who gave the ‘seriously?’ look. Frank grinned, and shrugged, He would be shouting that all night, most likely. Frank looked around the little group of friends, thinking about whom to pick. Who would choose dare? What are some embarrassing truths?

“MONTY!” Frank grinned, and she groaned. “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” said Monty, who smiled at Frank’s annoyed face.

Frank cursed, hoping she would’ve picked dare. “Erm.. Uh.. Who was your first crush?”

“Lame,” Gerard said.

“Your brother is my bitch. How ya feel bout that?” Frank contradicted.

The girls looked at Monty, obviously knowing who. “That kid… Josh? Yeah, our grade.”

Cari smirked, “Nerdy Josh of Jock Josh?”

Monty mumbled. “Nerdy Josh. But in my defense, it was when I first moved here! My turn! Um I cho-”


“-ose.. Hmm.. Bree,” Monty smiled, and Bree looked up when she heard her name.

“Dare me,” she said confidently.

Monty smirked, “Kay, so while blindfolded, try to put on any make-up. On the person to your right.”

“MIKEY’S MY- Oh hey, wait! THAT’S ME!” Frank shouted.

Jamie laughed, “I think that’s the point.”

Once everyone was settled down, Monty tied one of the blindfolds over Bree’s eyes, and made sure she couldn’t see. Then, she handed her the eye shadow first. And if you’re wondering, yes you need make-up when you’re in the woods. So, Frank almost got stabbed in the eye at first, but thankfully didn’t. Monty handed Bree the lipstick, who smirked as she tried to find Frank’s face. It completely missed his mouth, at first.

“Aye, Jesus Christ..” he said, looking in the now handy mirror.

“Oops?” Bree laughed, lifting up the blindfold.

The other couldn’t help but laugh, cause well, Frank looked ridiculous. Well, at least he laughed himself, too. The kicker: it wouldn’t come up. So now Frank had smudged make-up all over his face. He looked like a zombie, in a way.

“Your turn, Bree,” Gerard said.

“Okay. Gee, truth or dare?” Bree smiled.


“Lick the tree.”



Gerard, and the others were confused as ever. But, nonetheless, Gerard had licked tree. Ewww, nasty. Do you know how many bugs or animals and germs could be on that tree? Yeah, thought so. Ew. And now it’s in Gerard’s mouth. Nasty. Okay, off topic. Back to the game. Gerard’s turn, after we washed his mouth out.

“JAMIE!” Gerard smirked as she groaned. “Dare? Or Truth?”

Jamie bit her lip, deciding the consequences of both choices. Dare is always pretty risky. But truth… Oh, truth wouldn’t be good. Would she rather do something risky and potentially embarrassing, or spill out her deepest secret? Gerard gave her the “hurry the fuck up, we don’t have all night” look.

Fearing what she might have to spill with truth, Jamie said, “Dare, I guess.”

“Kiss the person on you left,” Gerard said, without any hesitation. Jamie sighed, realizing whom she would have to kiss. “ON THE LIPS!”

“Ready for our kiss?” Frank asked. Wait… Frank?

Jamie, confused, made the L and backwards L symbol with her hands. “Shit!” Yeah, she didn’t know her lefts form her rights. Don’t judge.

Gerard laughed. “Someone doesn’t know the left from the right. Or you just really wanted to kiss Mikey.”

Jamie shrugged. “Thought that’s what you would’ve done. Cause, ya know, Mikey is your brother, and it would be like getting him too. Ya know?”

“Stop stalling,” Gerard rolled his eyes. “And, don’t worry. I already got him with this.”

Frank crossed his arms over his chest. “I’m sorry I’m not attractive enough for you,” he said, and then whispered, “You know exactly why, too.”

The two leaned in, and gently placed their lips on one another’s. It was nothing special, no spark. They considered each other brother and sister anyway, so it was only just a little awkward. Yeah, it was actually really awkward. Frank whispered to her at the end, “I swear, you better tell them what’s going on.”

“Only if you do,” Jamie said. Frank sighed in defeat. “My turn! Alright, who hasn’t gone yet? Ohhhh, Carissa! Truth or dare?”


“I KISSED JAMIE!” Frank shouted, along with, “MKEY’S still MY BITCH! Oooooh, threesome!” Jamie and Mikey picked up whatever object they could find, and throw it at him, and Frank just laughed.

“Okie, Cari are you okay?” Jamie asked.

Cari was taken back from Jamie’s question. “W-what?”

“Are. You. Okay? You seem a little…depressed, lately. I wanna make sure you’re okay…”

She shook her head. “No. My parents are…getting divorced. And I feel like the most invisible person everywhere. School and home…here… Just don’t worry-”

“Bullshit we’re not going to worry. We ARE going to worry about you. No matter, what the fuck you have to say. We’re your best friends. Please, tell us,” Monty exclaimed, everyone agreeing with her.

“Thank you,” Cari whispered. “You guys really are by my side. I’m sorry, I didn’t… I couldn’t… Say anything to anyone. Jamie, thanks.” Jamie nodded, and Gerard wrapped Cari in a hug. “Okay, I really needed to get that off my chest. Thanks, everyone, so much. My turn? Ray, ToD?”

“Uh, truth,” Ray decided.

“Why do you like Monty?”

Ray smiled, and started by saying. “She’s beautiful on the inside and out. She’s smart, funny, and I realized just the way she smiles makes me smile.”

“Awwwwwwwhhhhhhhh,” the girls cooed, making the guys roll their eyes.

Frank bursted out laughing at something completely irrelevant to the topic. “Imagine if Ray just broke out in song? Like if he started singing ‘Hey There, Delilah’ or some shit like that. Wouldn’t that be hilarious?”

“Frank,” Gerard said, “look me in the eyes. You’re not high, are you?”

Frank pushed Gerard away. “Humph. I am not high. Ray, it’s your turn.”

“GERARD! Truth or dare?” Ray asked.

“Dare, of course.” Gerard smirked.

Ray smirked. “Okay, Mr. I’m A Legal Adult, when we go to the mall tomorrow, you’re going to go in Victoria’s Secret, buy a bra, and then you’ll also have to wear it around the mall. Anyone else wanna add anything?”

Mikey nodded. “Yeah, and you have to wear a skirt, too.”

Gerard sarcastically said, “What, no shirt?”

“You have to get a camisole to wear. And, yeah, you’re good,” Frank laughed.

“You. Three. Will. Die.” Gerard gritted through. “‘M surprised you girls aren’t adding anything?”

Bree shrugged. “Ehhhh, maybe later. Your turn, go.”

Gerard smirked. “This is for all seven of you. Truth or dare?”

They went into a little group, excluding Gerard. It was clearly divided between truth and dare. And one person left to decide. Jamie and Mikey were on truth to begin with; they both knew what Gerard could do. Frank, Bree and Cari felt very brave, and decided dare. Monty played it safe, choosing truth. Now, Ray had to decide. Play it safe with truth? Or take a chance with dare? You never know with Gerard.

“Dare,” Ray made the decision, and they all bit their lip or nibbled on their fingernails, waiting for Gerard to tell them their fate.

“We’ll be spending tonight in the haunted mansion,” Gerard smirked.
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