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Chapter 7

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Searching for "clues" in this haunted mansion.

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Hello, all! How is everyone? I wrote a longer than usual chapter today :D I hope you all enjoy... (:

“I’m not so sure about this, guys,” Cari said as they approached the mansion.

This house was old. The British built it in the 1700s, possibly. As far as everyone knew, it was abandoned, and had been for years. Legend says the last owner killer her husband and children, and committed suicide. His or her ghosts are still there, terrorizing anybody who dared to trespass. And who told this story? Gerard and Ray. Was it true? That was a different story, and was undetermined.

It was an average size mansion; about three stories high. There were four pillars in the front, supporting the top half of the house. The front doors looked as if they were made out of either cherry or mahogany wood. The several windows are boarded up, and the lock on the gate was broken. The place was the definition of creepy. It was the only house within miles, far from the main road. It was on a slight hill, over looking the forest and part of Belleview.

The blowing wind sent a shiver down everyone’s spine. The eight looked up at the mansion, observing how they would spend the night. They had their bags slung over their shoulders, standing close to each other. Even though it was May, the wind made it pretty chilly.

The gate swung close, making a loud noise of iron against iron. Everyone jumped, even though they would not all admit it. Cari shrieked, clinging on to Gerard’s arm, like her life depended on it.

“Loosing circulation,” Gerard coughed to cover up his laugh.

“Sorry,” Cari lightly blushed, letting go.

Ray took a deep breath. “Ready, younglings? I mean, it’s just a house.”

Gerard smirked, “With spirits and ghosts. ANYWAYS, let’s go in before you guys freeze your lil asses off; your lips are blue! Nothing’s gonna hurt you, yet..”

It was no doubt they hesitated. Gerard and Ray rolled their eyes. Gerard grabbed Mikey and Frank by their wrists, pulling them inside the house. Ray grabbed Bree, and took Monty’s hand walking into the mansion. Jamie and Cari looked at eachother, before sighing and entering the creepy old house.

“Let go of me!” Mikey yelled.

Gerard released Frank and Mikey once Ray locked the doors. No turning back now. No body dared to move as they heard a low creek in the floorboards; sounding like it came from upstairs. They all froze in the current standing state.

“I’m getting out of here. Good luck, guys,” Jamie said, advancing towards the door. She swiftly unlocked the door, and it flew open. That was because of the wind though. It had gotten dark, really fast. Jamie stood in the doorway, deciding what she would do.

“Gonna stay, sugar?” Gerard smirked, as Jamie closed the door. “Knew ya would, too.”

She waved him off. “Yeah, yeah. Well, it’s dark and cold. But this place gives me the creeps.”

Frank couldn’t help himself. “Sure it isn’t you? Sometimes I give myself the creeps. Sometimes my mind plays-”

“Stop quoting Green Day,” Ray snapped. “That’s not gonna make whatever made that noise go away.”

The girls looked exasperated, ready to either hide in fear, or kill someone. Monty grabbed onto Ray’s hand, like her life depended on it, which she did think. Cari, Bree and Jamie moved closer to the guys, because for some odd reason it was comforting to be near them. They stood in the silence, which started to creep some of them out way too much. No other noise was heard, besides the wind and the teenagers’ heavy breathing.

Gerard broke he silence. “Let’s investigate this old house.”

They stared at him with bug eyes. “Are you fucking nuts?!” Cari yelled at him.

He simply shrugged in response. “There are four levels to this house. Eight of us, which means two on each level. To make it even, we’ll split into teams of two, one guy and one girl.” Gerard nodded at his own plan, and started to break them off into groups. “Ray and Monty, of course. Jamie and Mikey, predictable. I’m guessing Bree and Frank, cause that’s like a family feud. And me and Cari, yes?” They nodded. Gerard like to talk and give orders, so they just let him do his thing.

“Ray and I will take the attic, third level,” Monty decided. Ray nodded in agreement.

Mikey spoke up before anyone else did. “Jamie and I will search the second level.” Jamie shot Mikey a dirty look; she did not want to go anywhere else in this house.

Gerard nodded. “I…” He pulled Cari to his side. “We’re gonna take the basement.”

“I.. We.. WHAT?!” Cari exclaimed, not ready for that. “God dammit, Gerard, you sick sadistic bastard! I am NOT, read my lips Gee, NOT going down in the basement with YOU!”

“Sounds kinky,” Gerard smirked.

Cari groaned. “Fucking hate you.”

Gerard threw his arm around her shoulder. “Sure you do, sugar. So, Bree and Frank will have this floor. Mkay, let’s go-”

“Search for clues?” Frank asked. “Like in Scooby Doo!” His friends couldn’t help but giggle or chuckle a bit at that. “Bree can be Daphne, cause of her hair. Gerard would be Fred. Oh! And Mikey can be Velma, cause of the glasses. And-”

Gerard shook his head. “Jesus Christ, Frank. Just, disperse. Let’s get on with this.”

The four groups went to their designated floors, even the unwilling ones. Like the fact Gerard had to carry Cari downstairs, and Mikey had to throw Jamie over his shoulder to get her upstairs. Anyways, the house was still majorly creepy. Let’s take a look at what Frank and Bree found on the main level.

“Find anything, Frankie?” Bree called out from the kitchen.
Frank poked his head out of the fridge, with a disappointed look on his face. “Not any food I would it.”

Bree sighed, looking through the cabinets. Nothing special. The two went into the dinning room, which was connected to the kitchen. It was a huge banquet room, practically. The massive table was right in the center of the room, with a large portrait on the wall, over looking the room. Frank whimpered, and Bree looked around making sure no one else was there.

“This place gives me the fucking creeps,” she said. “Can we please stop? I’m scared to death, Frankie.”

Frank slowly nodded. “Definitely. Fuck Gerard and his damn antics.”

They stopped in the sitting room, where they had set down all their stuff. Frank and Bree sat down on one of the couches. Silence filled the air, and boy, was that creepy. Frank started to ramble on about something, just to fill the silence.

“So, why’d you move in the Gerard and Mikey?” Frank suddenly asked.

Bree shifted in her seat thinking of how to answer. Should she tell him the truth, or should she lie about? Lying is easy for an expert, bur when the truth comes out, who can trust her ever again?

Frank got the memo. “Oh, I’m sorry. If you don’t wanna talk about… I was just trying to make a conversation…”

Bree shook her head. “No it’s fine. I… Well, my family is going through some tough times with the stock market dropping and financial issues. Basically, they couldn’t support me living with them. So Dad asked Aunt Donna if I could stay until I finish high school. I overheard them talking on the phone.”

Frank nodded, taking it all in. “So your dad and Donna are brother and sister?”

“Mhm. Breanna Lynn Rush. Y’know, like our grandma, Elena Lee,” Bree explained, and Frank nodded. “The story they told me isn’t true. I know my parents are going to get a divorce.”

“I’m sorry, Bree,” Frank said sincerely. “Having divorced parents is not fun. Ray, Monty, and I can tell you that. And Cari’s parents are soon.”

“Are Jamie’s parents the only ones not divorced?” Bree asked. “Besides my cousins.”
“No… She has a completely different story,” Frank said, ending that conversation there. “I swear, sometimes Gerard gets the craziest ideas.”

Speaking of Gerard, let’s take a look into how he and Cari are in the basement. Not well. The basement was alright, not particularly creepy, but Cari was still upset. Gerard flicked the light on as they went own the stairs. They both predicted something creepy, like a dead body. There was nothing.

“Bastard.” Cari threw the insult at Gerard for the thousandth time.

Absolutely nothing was in the basement. Well, except a few bottles of aging wine. Gerard contemplated what one drink could harm. Cari rolled her eyes, snatching the bottle from Gerard’s grip. She shook her head, putting it back on the shelf. The two walked around for a little bit in silence. On some shelves, there were a few books, one looking like a diary.

Gerard opened what seemed to be a broom closet. He screamed, not loud enough for anyone upstairs to hear, as something fell on top of him. Cari couldn’t help but laugh. She picked up the mop that fell, and smirked at Gerard, who was down on the ground panting.

“Not so tough, are ya, Gee?” Cari giggled.

Gerard pushed himself off the floor. He took the mop out of her hands and threw it back in the closet with a huff. “Shut up. You would’ve screamed too.”

“At least I’m not an eighteen year old guy who screams like a sixteen year old girl,” Cari laughed. “Oh, wait. You will be a girl tomorrow, Drag Queen.”

“Fuck off,” Gerard said. He gave her the middle finger, taking the wine bottle she had put on the shelf prior to what happened. Gerard sat down in one of the chairs, about to open the bottle.
Cari sat on the arm of the chair, slowly taking the bottle away from Gerard. “You promised Mikey, and all of us, you wouldn’t drink.”

“Wine is healthy.”

“Gee… You really want us to be disappointed in you? You want Mikey to-”

Gerard sighed. “Stop right there. I don’t want to imagine it. I don’t want to be more of a disappointment than I already am.” Cari slid off the arm, sitting in the chair with Gerard, although it was a tight fit.

She half hugged him. “You’re not a disappointment, you’ve just made some wrong choices. It’s going to be okay. I know that. Gee, we all look up to you. Mikey especially.”

Gerard muttered, “Well, some example I am.”

“Stop thinking negative of yourself, Gerard Arthur!” Cari teased, half meaning it, too.

Gerard shrugged. “Maybe. How do you think the other’s are doing?”

All the way upstairs, in the attic, Ray and Monty stumbled upon a bunch of old junk. They also predicted a dead body somewhere. Nothing. It was just boxes and boxes of photographs and antiques.

“This is boring,” Monty whined. “There’s absolutely nothing in this creepy old house! Pointless! Absolutely pointless!”

Ray shushed her, as he saw something move across the floor. “Did you see that?” Monty slowly nodded. A huge rat appeared, making them both scream. “HOLY SHIT! IT’S HUGE!”

“THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID, RAY!” Mikey yelled up from the stairway.

“What the hell is going on up there?” Jamie asked. There was a small pause. “Don’t answer that.”

“Just go away, you lovebirds,” Monty said, not taking her eyes off the rat. “You cannot deny your undying love for eachother. Mkay?”

Monty and Ray smiled as they heard them walk away from the hole and the pull down staircase. In the mean time, the rat went missing. They heard a thud, and looked over by the opening.

Ray couldn’t help but laugh. “That damn rat can go bother them now.” Monty nodded, and Ray wrapped her arms around her. “So when did you start liking me?”

The couple sat down on an old dusty couch they found. Monty giggled a slight bit. “Remember that day that Cari, Jamie and I went home with Mikey, and Gerard was all pissed off because Mikey had more friends than him?” She asked, and Ray nodded. “Yeah, I thought you were pretty cute. You and your fro.” Ray laughed, making a comment about his hair always attracting the ladies. “Remember that you made a comment on how my shirt was pretty cool?”

“Yeah, I remember,” Ray said.

“My stomach was giving me butterflies, because you talked to me. So that’s when I started falling for you. So, five years?” Monty smiled.

Ray chuckled. “Damn, that’s a long time. And you hid it well, too.”

Monty nodded, “Yeah, I guess. I told Cari and Jamie, and they wanted me to tell you. That was seventh grade. Right before Frank asked me out.”

Ray was a little taken back. “Frank asked you out?”

“Yup. I rejected him, and said we could still be friends. And of course he said that was okay,” Monty said, remembering the day. “He then asked Cari, who also rejected him, and then Jamie, who… Well, we don’t know about that.”

“Do you think they went out?” Ray asked, curious.

Monty shrugged. “Possibly. Yeah, I think they did. So, my question for you,” Monty said, changing the subject. “When did you fall for me?”

Ray chuckled. “Oh, um. I don’t know. I kind of denied my feeling for you. Because it just wasn’t right, cause you are so much younger than me. But since like ever. So, like, I love you.”

Monty’s heart skipped a beat. “I love you, too, Ray Ray.”

The rat that fell through the opening scurried along the second floor, soon catching up with Jamie and Mikey, who weren’t expecting to be attacked by a rat. The second floor was pretty normal, aside the fact it was in a haunted mansion.

Jamie screamed, almost at the top of her lungs, when she felt something on her shoe. She looked down, seeing the rat, screaming even more. She kicked it across the hall, and jumped into Mikey’s arms.

“Way to give me a heart attack,” Mikey said. “Thanks.”

“That was a rat, Mikey,” Jamie stated the obvious. “That rodent could be diseased, and kill me! Thanks for your concern.”

“I wouldn’t let you die,” Mikey mused. He went to put Jamie back on her own feet, but she stopped him.

“No! It could come back with its rat family! I am not stepping another foot on this floor,” Jamie stated.

Mikey sighed. “Fine. You’re lucky you’re not heavy.”

Jamie nodded. “Mhm. Let’s go the other way. No. Down that hallway.” She directed, and as they got to the beginning of the hall, they saw something move.

“That’s no rat, James,” Mikey whispered. “That is a legit person. I’m going to put you down, and then we’ll run. Mkay?”

“What about Ray and Monty upstairs?” Jamie asked.

“They can handle themselves, okay? We run,” Mikey said.

Jamie shook her head. “There could possibly be someone else downstairs, too. I’m not going anywhere.”

The creepy person advanced towards them. There was no light in the hallway, so therefore they could not see who, or what, this person was. It was definitely not one of their friends. It was small looking, from far away. It looked like it could possibly be a woman, but it may be a man with a girly figure.

Mikey took a deep breath. “That’s a chance I’m taking. Do you trust me, or not?”

Jamie bit her lip. “Fine. I trust you.”

“You two aren’t going anywhere!” The feminine voice shouted as she advanced closer to them.

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