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Chapter 8

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A day at the mall. Gerard in drag, secrets to be told, and they meet who?

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Spring break starts for me today. I'll try to update more often. Is anyone seeing MCR this tour? I am, on my birthday too! If anyone is going to the Jersey show on May 8th, see ya there!

“Don’t you dare touch my brother!” Gerard shouted as he, Cari, Bree and Frank bolted up the stairs. “Or Jamie.”

“I’m not going to hurt you,” the old woman said, walking closer, making the eight of them back up. “What do you think you’re doing in my house?”

“It was all Gerard’s idea!” They all pointed a finger to Gerard, who sheepishly smiled.

The old woman sighed. “This has happened way too many times. You teenage hooligans think it’s a good idea to spend a night in a ‘haunted mansion.’ I oughta call the police on you!” She shouted.

She pushed passed them, and everyone got a good look of her. She was old, with thing grey hair, and a lot of wrinkles. She seemed fit, no taller than five four. She started walking down stairs, with a grip on the handrail. She turned back to the teenagers.

“Are you coming, or not?” She asked.

They nodded and shrugged, walking down the stairs behind her. Jamie was explaining what happened to Monty; they were walking behind everyone. The old woman, Anne, went down into the kitchen. The other stood outside the kitchen borders, watching her.

Anne turned around. “You lot seem alright, and not too crazy. I’ll make a deal with you, sound fair? If you teenagers help me, I’ll let you stay tonight and go out free.”

Gerard nodded. “Sounds fair enough. What do you need help with?”

“I just need some help around the house and yard, if that’s alright,” Anne said. “What’re your names?”

“I’m Gerard, and this is Ray and his girlfriend Monty. This here is my younger brother Mikey, and this is my cousin Bree. And this is Frank, Cari and Jamie,” Gerard said, pointing to everyone as he introduced them.

Anne nodded. “Beautiful girls. It’s none of my business, but Ray and Monty are the only couple?”

Ray nodded. “That we know of. Some of us,” Ray glanced over towards Frank, Jamie, Cari and Mikey, “are more secretive than others.”

Anne nodded, and heartedly laughed. “Well, if you don’t mind, it’s way past my bed time. Come over sometime next week, or I will call the cops for trespassing. Have a good night, you hooligans. Don’t be too loud, or I’ll kick you out, too.”

The eight went into the living room, and set up their sleeping bags in a circle. Gerard, with his brilliant plans, decided they should do a truth circle. He knew this was the only way to actually get some information out of his younger friends.

Eventually, everyone fell asleep on the floor. They stayed up until about two thirty in the morning, laughing and giggling about nonsense. Ray suggested that they should be getting some sleep, although no one fell asleep until an hour later.


“Thank you for not calling the authority. We’ll be back during the week to help you, Anne,” Gerard said politely. Anne nodded from her porch, watching the eight teenagers retreat.

It was about ten in the morning. They carried their bags and walked through the woods, towards Gerard’s car. Cari was in the front of the group with Gerard and Mikey. Frank, Bree and Jamie trailed in the middle not talking. Ray and Monty followed their friends, saying cute lovey-dovey stuff to eachother.

They got to Gerard’s car, throwing their bags in the trunk. Cari sat in the front with Gerard. The other sat in the back, trying to find a comfortable way to sit, without being squished to death.

The ride to the mall was silent. Gerard pulled into one of the closet parking spots near Target. The eight gratefully exited the car, taking in the air. Gerard sighed knowing his time was coming. He wanted to kill the guys.

“Victoria’s Secret is thataway!” Cari laughed, pointing to the mall entrance through Target. “Come on Gee!”

Gerard’s friends laughed, poking jokes at him the whole way there. They couldn’t help it. It was payback for all the truth or dare games Gerard has ever made them play, and that was a lot. They stood outside the entrance to Victoria’s Secret, when Gerard realized something critical.

“What size am I?” he asked.

Frank laughed, “You can ask that really hot employee to measure you!”

“Well, no luck for me there! She’ll think I’m gay!”

The guys pushed the very resistant Gerard into the store and the girls followed, giggling their heads off. The guys paired up with a girl, so they didn’t look gay, and started searching for a bra for Gerard. The girls started secretly searching for themselves, because not everyday they could be girly, and get away with it. Frank and Mikey seemed to have disappeared somewhere. And Ray was trying to help Gerard, to no avail.

“Shit,” Gerard said, looking at the price tag. “These things are expensive!”

“There’s a price to pay, so you don’t sag,” Cari laughed, receiving a high five from Jamie, and a disgusted look from the guys.

Gerard rolled his eyes. “If a get one that’s any of your sizes,” he said to the girls, “will you accept it as a graduation present? Please? I don’t want it afterwards.”

“Only if you get the size right,” Jamie said. “Good luck.”

Frank and Mikey came back, laughing like jackals, hands behind their backs their friends saw the “we’ve been up to no good” look on their faces and groaned. Because they guys usually always hang out with the girls, they couldn’t cause mischief by themselves, like this.

“What did you guys do?” Ray asked. “Is it going to get you banned form this store too?”

Frank scoffed. “That was a total accident in Macy’s!” Ray rolled his eyes. Everyone else was very curious as to what they did. “Guess what, Gee!”

“What?” Gerard groaned.

“We found your outfit!” Mikey exclaimed.

Frank held out a leopard print bra and thong. Gerard’s eyes widened and eyebrow rose. The girls tried to suppress their giggles. Ray laughed, and shut up when Gerard gave him “that look.” Mikey and Frank found it the most hysterical thing in the world, and leaned on eachother for support.

“Frank Anthony, Michael James, no way in fucking hell,” Gerard stated, crossing his arms over his chest. “What, did you guys try them on, together?”

The grin on their faces fell as everyone laughed. “No!”

“Jest checkin’,” Gerard laughed. “Now someone help me find a bra!”

The saleswoman came over with a polite smile on her face. “Sir, do you need help?”

Gerard nodded. “See, look. My friends dared me to do this, okay? So, I gotta be a woman all day. Can you help me, because they,” he pointed to his friends, who were laughing up a storm, “are no help at all.”

The brunette smiled. “You wouldn’t believe how many time I’ve heard this before. I’ll help. I’m Adie, by the way.”

“Gerard,” he said, shaking her hand. He turned back to his now calm friends. “You guys can leave, I’ll meet you somewhere.”

“LET’S GO!” Jamie shouted. The seven rushed out of the store, quickly dispersing around the mall.

Adie laughed. “Your friends are strange. So, you actually got dared to be a woman all day?” Gerard and Adie moved towards the dressing rooms, to minimize embarrassment for Gerard. Gerard nodded. “Okay, well, I’ll be right back.”
“No!” Jamie whined. “I wanna go to Hot Topic!”

Frank waved her off. “We’ll go there in a second, so shut up already. We’re going to FYE, first.”

Mikey laughed and shook his head, “You’re so bossy, and you know that right?”

Frank nodded. “Course I do. That’s the only way you can get anything in life. If a girl is being a bitch, you gotta show her who’s boss, and tell her to make you a goddamn sandwich.”

Jamie laughed, pushing him into a plant. “That will only get you a kick in the balls, Frank. Cause, trust me, if you keep acting like an asshole, I will kick you.”

Frank held his hands up in surrender. “Sorry, sorry. I just wanna see if FYE has a poster I want. And we’ll go wherever the hell you want, afterwards. Cool, James?”

Jamie sighed. “Jesus, Frank. You are so… Mikey, never listen to a word he says.” Mikey gave her a ‘duh’ look. “I sometimes wonder why you guys are my best friends. You guys are immature, rude-”

“And you’re not?” Frank questioned, entering the store. “Girls are hypocrites.”
“I’m thinking about getting this shirt, whatdyathink?” Cari asked, holding up an ‘I’m with stupid’ arrow pointing the left. “And then I can stand next to Frank.”

Bree nodded and giggled. “Awh, but he’s not that stupid…”

Cari laughed. “Really? Are you- Oh. I get it.”

“What?” Bree asked, cocking her head to the right.

Cari smirked, and looked through the shirts, once again. Bree decided to look through the necklaces, nail polish, and makeup. The two decided to go off on their own, knowing Ray and Monty would want to be alone. Mikey and Frank went the other way, dragging Jamie along with them. So, that left Bree and Cari on their own, and went downstairs. While all of this was happening, Gerard was getting fitted for a bra.

Cari put her hand on Bree’s back, making the redhead jump. “You like him,” she whispered into her friend’s ear.

“Who?” Bree asked, playing dumb.

Cari smiled, “Frankie, of course. I see it in your eyes, the way you talk about him. You like him!”

“And you like Gerard. Therefore, we’re even,” Bree smirked.

“Who told you that?!” Cari gasped. “Monty and Jamie didn’t even know that!”

Bree laughed. “I can see it in your eyes, the way you talk about him. You like him,” she mocked. “You keep your mouth shut about how I like Frank, and I’ll keep quiet about you liking Gerard. Deal?”

Cari nodded, shaking Bree’s hand. “Deal. But, we keep our mouths open about Jamie and Mikey. It’s really obvious they like eachother. Everyone knows it.”

“Except them,” Bree laughed. “I love teasing them. But, you better keep your mouth quiet or I will kill you.”

Cari nodded and turned to go down the clearance aisle, when she bumped into Mikey, who was smirking. “When did you guys get here?”

“Few minutes ago. So, is it true you like Gerard?” Mikey asked. Cari gave him a cold hard glare. “I’ll keep my mouth shut, I swear. But I wanna clear one thing up. I do not like Jamie, and she does not like me. That’s for sure.”

Cari laughed. “Sure, sure. And you better keep your mouth shut. Where’s Bree?”
They both turned their heads in the same direction, seeing Bree and Frank. “Flirting, apparently,” Mikey laughed.
“They’re probably all in Hot Topic right now,” Monty laughed. “Let’s not go there.”

“So where would you like to go then?” Ray asked.

Walking hand and hand through the mall was the adorable couple, Ray and Monty. The ended up sitting underneath the escalator going up, sharing a soda, making fun of the weird people passing by.

“I’m going to be a senior this year,” Ray said randomly.

Monty smiled and nodded. “Yes, yes you are. And I’m going to be a sophomore.”

“I didn’t go this year, but I think we should go to prom together next year, if we’re still together,” Ray said. Monty nodded in agreeance. “Gerard lied, sort of.”

“How?” Monty asked.

Ray bit his lip. “He is graduating this year. The guidance counselor made a mistake, but he will graduate this year. Gerard only told me, no one else.”

Monty looked a little confused. “You mean, he’ll be going to college? Wait, Gerard didn’t even tell Mikey?”

Ray shook his head. “Nope, only me and you know right now. And yeah, I questioned him when I saw art college applications on his desk. He’s leaving in the fall if he’s accepted.”

“Oh jeez. I knew you guys would leave and eventually graduate, but not this soon,” Monty sighed.

“I know, but I’m not leaving just yet,” Ray smiled, putting his arm around her shoulder. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and laughed, “Speak of the devil.. We’re meeting him in the food court.”
“Ma’am, can I buy you a drink?” the flirtatious man asked Gerard.

“No, I’m waiting for my friends…” Gerard said.

The man paid no attention to what Gerard had just said and asked, “What’s your name dollface?”

Gerard rolled his eyes. “Ger- Gigi.”

“Got a man?” The man had to be in his late thirties, had short brown hair. He was about 5’10, give or take, kind of on he chubby side, too. “I don’t see why a pretty thing like you wouldn’t.”

“Yes,” Gerard said, spotting his friends advance towards him. He turned back to the man, who said his name was Kevin, and said, “Yup, he’s here right now. Frankie!”

Bree, Cari, Frank, Jamie and Mikey tried not to laugh, realizing Gerard was being hit on. And damn, he really looked like a woman. He was wearing girl-cut pants, which wasn’t unusual, a blue v-neck, and a push-up 36 C bra. Adie had even did his make-up to make it more convincing.

Mikey said something to Frank, who gave him the “you’re kidding me right?” look. The girls just smiled, pushing Frank closer to Gerard when they were a few yards away from him.

“He’s kinda short,” Kevin grumbled. “And looks really young, too, Gigi.”

“Gotta problem with my man?” Gerard asked, making his friends turn around to laugh. Ray and Monty joined them, also trying not to laugh.

“I don’t really believe that you’re together, that’s all,” Kevin smirked.

“Wanna bet?” Frank asked. And with that, Frank kissed Gerard on the lips. Hell, it looked convincing. Gerard and Frank’s friends’ jaws dropped. They didn’t expect that.

Kevin muttered something incoherent. “See you around Gigi.” He walked away, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

The eight sat at two tables pushed together. They quickly got their food. Bree and Gerard went to Chick-A-Fila; Mikey went to get sushi with Cari; Frank found himself a veggie burger at Burger King; Ray and Monty got pizza; Jamie got Chinese food. The eight came back together sitting down, practically stuffing their faces, they were so hungry.

“I could eat my entire body weight in sushi,” Mikey said, shoving another piece down his throat.

“Keep your mouth shut when you eat,” Gerard said, disgusting. “I don’t need to see all chewed up sushi in your mouth, okay?”

Frank grinned. “You know… I think I’ve kissed everyone here now. Well, except Bree.”

“Which means,” Cari said, and cleared her throat. “Everyone has had their first kiss, then… But you really kissed everyone here, you whore?”

Frank nodded. “Yup. What can I say? I’m irresistible.”

Gerard swallowed his food and then said. “So, wait, that means you kissed Ray and Mikey, too?”

“Yup,” Frank grinned. “Mikey’s a good kisser, believe it or not; we were experimenting our sexuality. It was a dare to kiss Ray. I just kissed you,” he said Gerard and then continued, “Spin the Bottle with Cari, Seven Minutes in Heaven with Monty, and Jamie and I kissed back in seventh grade when we dated for a week.”

“You whore,” Gerard laughed.

“Says the one in drag,” Ray laughed.

Gerard was about to say something, when Monty cut him off. “Guys. Popular bitches coming up the north wing. Heads up.”

Heads up really meant heads down. The eight contently stared at their food, hoping Gia, Katie, Milly and Emmy did not see them. Unfortunately, fate didn’t have their sides.

“Oh hello, guys,” Gia smiled.

Dear, my popular chicas, I am very sorry you don't show up until the end of chapter eight, and the beginning of chapter nine. Trust me, you'll become more main characters in time.

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