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Chapter 9

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Small filler

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I've been trying to write, but I honestly couldn't think of anything. I came up with this small filler of a chapter, which is alright. It has some necessary background info on Jamie, which will play a huge role. Heres what I'm going to do:
Write a chapter to dedicated to each person, learning more on their life and hardships. Sound good?
RIP Lauren Amber Monforte. She was my art teacher who passed away on May 2nd 2009.


“Do you need something?” Jamie spat.

Katie mocked being offended. “Is that really how you greet someone? Hello to you too, bitch.”

Gia smiled at her best friend. “Now, now, Katie. She wouldn’t know. Her parents are dead.” She turned to Milly and Ameilia. “See, aren’t you glad you hang with us, and don’t come from broken families like them?”

“Why don’t you just fuck off?” Frank asked, very pissed off and annoyed. “We’re just minding our own business, and you come over to insult us. Go fuck yourselves.”

“Is that Gerard Way, wearing women’s clothes?” Emmy asked. “I knew you were cross-dresser.”

“It was dare, just so you know,” Gerard said. “And I’m pretty sure I just made all of you turn fucking lesbian.”

Katie laughed, “Yeah right, Geetard. Repeating twelfth grade? What a shame.”

“I’m not. I’m fucking graduating this year. I’m going to fucking college. And I don’t have to deal with fake little girls like you,” Gerard sneered. He stripped himself of his shirt, taking the bra off and throwing it in the direction of where they were standing. “Fuck it. I’m done trying to explain myself to ignorant girls.”

Gia rolled her eyes, and smirked to her friends. “Let’s leave them be. See you in school, freaks.”

The four popular girls walked away, giggling their pretty little heads off. Gerard put his Misfits shirt back on, smudging any makeup left on his face. He cursed under his breath.

“Gerard...?” Mikey asked. “Is it really true? You’re leaving…?”

“Fuck,” Gerard cursed. “I didn’t want you guys to find out this way. I swear. The guidance counselor made a mistake. And, yeah, I’m graduating in a month. I’m sorry, Mikes. I really didn’t want you, or any of you, to know this way.”

“I hate them,” Frank sneered. “I really fucking hate them.”

Monty put her hand on Jamie’s shoulder. “You okay?”

Jamie shrugged. “I knew it was coming. But they got it wrong. My mom and brother are deceased; my dad is in the army. If they’re going to insult me, they should at least get their fucking facts right.”

Bree bit her lip. “What happened exactly, to your mom..? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Car accident,” Jamie explained. “I was eight. She and my younger brother went to the store. I wanted to stay home. A drunk driver crashed into them. My dad joined the army when I was ten. I moved in with my “foster parents” Scott and Anne Smith.” Jamie looked up into her friends’ sympathetic eyes. Anger rose in her voice, “If any of you fucking pity me, I’ll decapitate you. I don’t want your pity.”

She glanced over at Frank, who gave her a look saying “tell them now” meaning how her "guardians" abuse her. Of course she wouldn’t. Jamie grew up with everyone feeling bad for her and felt like almost everyone was pitying her. She didn’t want that; she hated it.

When the school board had tried to place Jamie in a “special” class for experiencing severe trauma, she was kicking and screaming all the way. Her dad had conversed with the elementary school principle, saying that it wasn’t fair. Jamie’s dad knew Jamie had just made a few no friends, which was a first, and needed to be with them. And she found comfort in her friends, Cari and Mikey and her added friends along the way, more than therapy.

“Guys,” Gerard said, breaking the awkward silence. “I think it’s time to go. I know I’m done here. Plus, from what I hear, you Freshmeat have a big science test Tuesday. Haha, you better freaking study and NOT end up like me.”

Mikey rolled his eyes. “It’s only Saturday. I don’t need to study anyways.”

Cari groaned. “But, Mikey… You’re really freaking smart. The rest of us are dumb as a doornail!”

“Not uh!” Frank exclaimed. “Monty and Jamie and Bree are smart… I’m smart! You’re smart!”

“Compared to Mikey, we’re not,” Monty giggled. “We’re friends with a boy genius, Frankie.”

Mikey blushed. “Guys, I’m not that smart… Maybe smarter than you guys, sure. Boy genius? Flattering.”

Gerard laughed, rolling his eyes. He stood up, gathering his trash on to one tray. “Come on, time to go. Mikey’s getting arrogant now.”

The eight poked fun at each other, with gentle shoves and what not on their way out of the mall. A few were sneaking smirks at their friends that they a deep secret of. Like Cari teasing Bree about her having a small crush on Frank. Bree got her revenge by “accidentally” pushing Cari into Gerard, sending the two stumbling. Bree and Mikey high fived each other, while Cari’s face was as red as a tomato. Ray and Monty had been conversing quietly, being interrupted by their friends’ crazy antics.

“NO!” Cari yelled after Bree whispered something into her ear. “NO WAY!”

“What?” Came the universal question.

Bree went into a fit of giggles, as Cari blushed again. “Nothing,” she said, shoving Bree.

“You two,” Ray stated, “are NEVER EVER allowed sugar again.”

The two pouted, looked at each other, and went straight into a fit of giggles. Gerard shook his head and laughed at the girls. Ray and Gerard separated the two, trying to calm them down, which failed. Monty has caught up with Jamie to talk to her. Mikey and Frank were teasing each other about God knows what.

Gerard unlocked the car and laughed as he watched his younger friends race each other for the passenger seat. By the looks of it, Cari won, which wasn’t a surprise. She was hyped up on sugar and was probably one of the fastest. The others climbed into the back of the hot humid car.

With window rolled down and the AC blasting, the eight made their way back to the little neighborhood of Belleville. Gerard pulled into Cari’s driveway, and unlocked the door. She hopped out, waving goodbye ad saying something about seeing them whenever. Frank crawled into the passenger’s seat, grinning. Gerard shook his head, and they traveled down the road, with the music blasting, to Ray’s and Monty’s house. They both went to Monty’s house, hand in hand.

“Smells Like Teen Spirit for the win!” Frank exclaimed, bouncing in his seat as Nirvana came on the radio. He then groaned, seeing his house. “Ew. Don’t make me go, Gee! You love me too much! I’m your pretend boyfriend!”

Gerard laughed and shook his head. “Out!”

Frank and Jamie exited the car, waving goodbye. The Ways didn’t seem to notice that neither of them went into their houses. Bree seemed to notice it, when she glanced back at them. She knew something was suspicious between them, although she didn’t know exactly what. Bree sighed as she saw her house, well her home temporarily. The three all went to their rooms when they got to the house. Three doors slammed shut, with three different songs blasting from each room.

Donna looked up from her magazine from the living room. She sighed, shaking her head. "Teenagers," she laughed to herself, returning to the magazine.

I know it probably sucks major balls, but trust me I have a few ideas and how I'm going to add the popular chicks in the story more. (I think I say that a lot... Sorry) Just a question,
Do you guys actually like this story/ my writing style? I think my work is kinda ammature, but I want your honest opinion.
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