Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) QOShea 2011-02-27

Very nice stuff! Loved this chapter. I have no idea how you make the chapters so long.

The twins lightsabers would be rather nauseating to look at for long periods of time, I think.

Looking forward to more of this!

Author's response

Heya QOShea!

I'm able to make the chapters long for two reasons. 1) As a carpenter my work is on-again, off-again. Last week I was off, a couple weeks ago, I was working my tail off. 2) some parts of this were written long ago as I established the plotlines. For instance, the scene with little Helen was written in early October, but I felt January (subjective) was too soon to kick Dumbles out of the castle.

And I agree. The revolving colors would tend to make one nauseous.

I'm going back to work in a week or so, so it might b a couple of weeks before i post. Whenever possible, I try to post every weekend.

Thanks for reading!