Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) sargentaaron2004 2011-02-27

Another great chapter!

But i must ask, How do you manage to write such large chapters so quickly? You must work on it 16 hours a day, and if you do that, how are you surviving? Oops, i forgot about your private house elf service and pension scheme ;)

You don't need to answer the question...

Just know that this is a great story and you are a great author... and it's getting more epic every day.

Keep up the good work we all love.

Author's response

Heya Sarge!

House elf? Pension? How do I get me one?

I'm able to make the chapters long for two reasons. 1) As a carpenter my work is on-again, off-again. Last week I was off, a couple weeks ago, I was working my tail off. 2) some parts of this were written long ago as I established the plotlines. For instance, the scene with little Helen was written in early October, but I felt January (subjective) was too soon to kick Dumbles out of the castle.

Thanks for your kudos. This one is almost over, but I have more in the queue.