Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) vheritas 2011-02-27

A fine chapter, with many converging elements, making it a most satisfying read.
I also commend you on a believable near-rape scene. Most in fandom are either creepily sociopathic, too fluffy, end up being a bizarre romantic plot or are over in an instant with not a skerrick of trauma to be seen.
I look forward to your next chapter.

Author's response

Heya vehritas!

Yeah. this is the part where the plotlines are coming together. It's hard to keep them all straight and hopefully, I won't forget one or more of them.

Believable near-rape scene. I agree. I cannot see a rape or attempted rape as being a romantic twist of any sort. (Sorry, my background includes investigating that most vicious of crimes.) rape fantasies are just...insane.

Anyway...Helen was fortunate. She's got time, and she's got people around her to help her come to grips with the attack. She will not be touching a lightsaber in the foreseeable future.

I wonder if Ginny can help? She's got a similar experience, albeit a spiritual one.

The kids will be there to help as well.

Next chapter will be along in a week or two.

Thanks for the review.