Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Celexs 2011-02-27

I really enjoy this story. I like the way you have blended the two worlds together into something that fits. The use of the attempted rape to start the Sith was a great plot idea. Having Harry stop Helen was a great way to show that he is actually a good match for a jedi in personality.

The proposal was very well done. I really liked the idea of having her parents there with them, and having Judith break Hermione out of her shock.

I look forward to seeing the remainder of the story.


Author's response

Thanks Celexs.

I don't want the to start a Sith uprising. I merely wanted to show what could have happened had Harry not stopped her. I've seen women who'd been victims of rape, become closed off, violent and dangerous people. Now take that reaction and add in an ability to use the force and a lightsaber and you have a huge pile of trouble. Harry's being there just when she needed him, was enough to prevent that from happening.

She will still need someoen to talk with, and I think Judith would be the best choice.

Proposal: Thank you. It was fun to write.

The rest is coming...all too soon, sez I!

Until then...