Review for Get Me Outta My Head

Get Me Outta My Head

(#) AstroSkull 2011-02-27

Awesome update! :DD
Loved it as usual :)
And my fav MCR song? This is where I usually get stuck. I cant just choose one song, let alone what album I like the most, I love them all! x)
But currently, I've been listening to Zero Percent alot (its off the Mad Gear and Missle Kid cd) and since your changing the title and all, I just felt like saying this, like when I first saw the title it reminded me of this song called Get Me Outta My Head, I forgot who sang it, but it fit perfectly with the beginning chapters xD
Anyways, update soon please! :D

Author's response

Me too, my favorite song changes every week. Yeah, Zero Percent's cool. What else is on the Mad Gear and Missile kid cd?
The tittle is actually taken from a line of Bulletproof Heart. But I was think about changing the tittle to: Shoot For Savior and End Up Rad. But meh, I think I'll keep as is. At least for now.