Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Mistress_of_Potions 2011-03-01

You were right, no one would want a magical force sensitive with a righteous anger the size of Texas on the loose.

My personal favorite punishment for a male rapist (attempted or successful rape) would be to have them locked in a wooden shed with their wedding tackle crushed in a vice and a rusty, dull knife sitting on a nearby table. Light the shed on fire and have the only way out to be sawing through their own genitals with said knife.

For female miscreants, tether them in a federal prison after dousing them with pheromones and let nature take its course.

Author's response

Heya Mistress.

Lessee...can tap into a power source unlike anything here in earth, can read minds has an unstoppable weapon, and carries a whole truck-load of hate.

Nothing dangerous there!


Punishment: I can do you one better. When I was (ostensibly) growing up in New Mexico, a rapist was caught on the Isleta Pueblo.

He was taken by the women of the tribe, hung between two poles planted in the ground, and skinned inch at a time. It took him something over a week to die.

Female prisoners: Naah, that wouldn't work. the feds are far too alert. Now a state facility.../that/ I can see. Or maybe have them work in a brothel for the rest of their Morocco.

Thanks for the review.