Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) lycus 2011-03-02

I thought that you would draw out dumblemort slowly losing his powers before you got rid of him. But I'm glad that people are facing consequences,I wish that she would have at least hit malfoy between the legs with the lightsaber ending the malfoy line. But you wrote something that for some reason had me laughing for a good five minutes in your last chapter when dumbledore put his hand in the poo and he wondered what he did to deserve that I just couldn't stop the laughter.

Author's response

Dumbledore: He's not gone. He's just out of the castle. Voldy wants him away for his little celebration on the solstice.

His magic is being infected just now. The final blow will come in early June when Harry invites him over for a little chat.

I have death planned for little Drakey that's wholly ignominious. He'd hate think he went out in such a plebeian manner.

I'm glad it tickled your funny bone. So often people like that cannot fathom the reason they are so reviled. It's like 'The Godfather', when Brando says: "What have I ever done to deserve such disrespect?"

Ummm...lemmee think. Hmmm! You're a murderer, extortionist, rapist, drug runner, kidnapper, ransomer, liar, cheat and all around evil person...though I do admit you have wonderful singing voice.

Thanks for the lift.