Review for All my poems (Re-written)

All my poems (Re-written)

(#) PatrickIsTheSex 2011-03-04

Dear Frank,
You are epiiiiiic.
beth (:
So, anyway did u show me this 1 ? I dnt remeber oh, and I got a new phone but it's a... Epic Fail. Sort of. Bert Mccracken loves your mother.
Heh... And Im gonna.. Go do... Frank. >:D

Author's response

haha love it XD lol
ummmm i think parts lol i changed it to be more better :) hopefully i succeded XD lol
haha cool well i will be there to laugh at your epic fail of a phone on monday, no need to thank me you are already welcomed XD

omg how did you know, Tbh she does think he is fit haha
no sorry i'm doing him at the momment :p xx