Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Disruptor 2011-03-06

Looking at the lightsaber designs you just posted to Kinsfire's Yahoo! group, I could see maybe Susan Bones going with the classic Star Wars: New Hope look for a lightsaber(Obi-Wan/Anakin/Luke)

As to Ron's.... Wow that is orange and it probably has an orange blade too.

Tonks' lightsaber reminds me of something I saw at a hair salon(had to take my grandmother) I think it was a modified curling iron.

Nagini? If Harry can still talk to snakes, then maybe Nagini will request some sort of asylum(Get me away from this lunatic!)

Draco meeting his end? My best guess? He's force sensitive and makes a grab for one of the lightsabers from one of those that have two(Luna, Dobby, or Harry(Probably one of Dobby's as an ironic revenge from the House Elf)) and turns it on, stabbing himself in the brain.

Author's response

Heya Disruptor!

I never really liked Luke's lightsaber in ANH. It was bulky and unrefined...and what kind of idiot puts a rifle sight on a /sword/? Obi Wan's was much cooler and later in RotJ, Luke made one based on Ben's, so I used those as his inspiration. Here, I'm not going into many other designs, other than Ginny's and Ron's, which I will specifically point out. For instance, Neville has adopted the original 'Harry' design, where Orla, will be using the same kind as Ginny, but with a different colored blade, as they're friends and both are making their crystals at the same time. The other people will be using basically variants of Harry's and Hermione's with a few using variants of Ginny's.

As I've shown, both Harry and Dobby have simply duplicated their existing designs for their second blades, but have added functional improvements.

Ron's: Not just orange, but Chudley orange!

Tonks' yeah, i have sen things like that. My inspiration was my late wife's 'little friend'.

Nagini is going to come into play...and in very much the manner you suggest.

Draco will meet his end in an undignified manner in the first minutes of the battle, and that's all I'm going to say about that.

Dobby will get his revenge on the one who abused him the most.

Thanks for the kudos.