Review for Hold your breath, kid!

Hold your breath, kid!

(#) CosmicZombie 2011-03-07

that really was awesomely written- you're writing just seems to get better and better :D yeah, loved this one- it was great, and once again, really cute...why do Gee and Frank always seem to end up in the bathrooms lol? not that i'm complaining...:P
“Umm Gerard Way, would you mind not snoring in my lesson please,” Mr Barnes said

Author's response

haha why thanks you, well it is my first so it ent so good, but now i think i have improved so i'm trying my best :)
hehe hmmmm yes wait untill they get into the bedroom wink wink XD
lol who would?
hehe thanks sooo much for the reviews really they are just great great GREATTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xx coz