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Gerard and Frankie have a secret 'meeting' wink wink >.< xxx ppleaasee R&R :):)

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A/N: So this is just a filler really, but I think it’s cute. Again I’m sorry for the long wait, I’m not very good at posting quick am I XD. This one’s Just for the two to get on as normal again, a ot of drama a lot of kisses >.< Really hope you like it thanks to all of you who have rated and reviews :)pleaseeeeee do more lol xxx:):)

Ugh Monday mornings suck, they always seem to drag and the terrible lessons don't help either. Well, i don't have any choice so i supose i should get up.

I slithered out of my bed sheets and peered my head into the curtains to look up to the clouds, hopefully no black clouds will appear soon. I then drew the curtains open allowing the sun to escape into my dark room, making Frankie stir in his sleep. He was curled up into a little ball with his hands tucked under his head as normal, the cutest thing I have ever seen.

I tore my gaze away from him to check the time, it was half seven so we still had loads of time to make it to school for half eight. I decided to let Frankie sleep a little longer and just concentrate on getting myself ready.

I trudged my way to the bathroom and started the shower. I brushed my teeth while waiting for the shower to heat up, after I did I scanned my reflection through the mirror. I desperately needed a haircut, it was getting way to long and didn’t look to nice. Maybe I could cut it now, would I have time? Nah I think it’s best if I leave it, knowing me i will only fuck it up.

I shrugged off my pjs and hopped into the shower, once I got clean I made my way to the bedroom to get changed. Frankie was still asleep in the bed when I entered, in the same position as well.

I got to my closet and took out a pair of gray jeans, an iron maiden T-shirt with my dark blue hoodie. I slipped my T-shirt on and then let my towel fall to put my boxers on.

“Hmm it’s not every day I wake up to that in the morning,” I heard Frankie groggily say behind me. I felt my cheeks burn slightly and quickly put my boxers on. Then I heard his head, or some part of his body hit the bed, and then him erupting in a hoard of giggles.

I turned around to see him with his back on the bed and hands covering his face, as he was just getting over his giggles “I thought you were asleep,” I said.

“Nope, and I didn’t say I didn’t like your bum, plus I can show you my bum if you want, so it’s equal,” he sniggered as he came walking over to me ready to reveal his bottom with a grin plastered on his face.

I smiled and laughed a little before stopping him in the process . “As tempting as that sounds, I can see your bum another time. For the time being I need you to get ready for school,” I demanded with a little smile on my lips, while pointing my index finger to the bathroom.

“Ok ok,” he huffed before leaning towards me and placing his soft lips against mine, then teasingly slipping his tongue in my mouth just to quickly glide along my lips, not even entering my mouth. He then squeezed my bum, giving me a sudden jolt and then dashing off out the door.

“Hey!” I shouted, but he leapt into the bathroom and locked the door before I could finish my sentence. I rolled my eyes while a small smile lay on my lips. “Tease,” I muttered, and then carried on putting my clothes on.

Frankie was soon ready in a black and white shirt with a black long sleeve top underneath and dark ripped jeans complete with a black bandana. He looked over to me and winked to which I smirked and followed him downstairs. When we got down, we were met by Mikey and toast.

We rammed our toast down like there was no tomorrow and then fled to the door. I quickly shoved on my Dr martens and fingerless gloves. Frankie picked up his army-patterned hat and was out the door with Mikey and I.


“Umm Gerard Way, would you mind not snoring in my lesson please,” Mr Barnes said from in front of the classroom.

I quickly jolted my head up realising that I had been asleep, while 100 pair of eyes fixed their stares at me for a while, before all the pupils in my class erupted with laughter and a few points in my direction. I rubbed my eyes trying to rub the tiredness away, but I can’t help it maths always makes me tired, and as for the’s nothing new.

Thankfully it was over soon, and I dashed out of that room like my life depended on it, as Mr Barnes kept drabbling on about some maths equation to the dweebs that stayed a little while longer. I on the other hand was not going to stay for that, so I made my way to my next lesson. I looked at my timetable and saw that I had History next, there was no way I was going to be put through another hour of shit. I slipped away from the crowd and made my way to the toilets.

Although it wasn’t great in here it’s far better than in that lesson, plus I was aching for a fag, I haven’t had one for ages.

I took my packet out and took out a cig, placing it in my mouth while I searched for my lighter. Once I found it I lit my cigarette, quickly inhaling the dangerous smoke that was now filling my lungs. It was bad, I knew, but it was something I unfortunately got into because of my past friend, and I haven’t been able to stop ever since. Though I wouldn’t exactly say friend.

As I stood there leaning against the cold bathroom sink, I thought about Frankie, what he would be doing now, if he is having a crappy lesson. Then realisation struck me, why don’t I just text him, Dur.
That’s what phones are for aren’t they? Sometimes I can be a completely dumbass.

I flipped my phone out and went straight to my contacts, and clicked on Frankie where a little heart lay beside the small figures. Yeah I know pretty lame and all, but after all who else can I put a heart beside.

So I got to my message and texted him to meet me in the toilets ASAP, hopefully he would come and meet me.

I put my phone away safely in my pocket ,and was now halfway through my cig, while waiting for Frankie. It wasn’t long before the door of the toilettes creaked open, revealing my Frankie through the small gap. He smiled at me then entered the toilets, seeking me as we arranged.

“Hey,” he spoke softly, taking a quick glance up at me and then leaning against the sink with his hands clasped on the rim of the sink.

“What lesson did you have?” I asked him.

“I had the best lesson ever,” he said with a bit too much enthusiasm. “Maths” he finished sarcastically and huffed.

I rolled my eyes and laughed slightly, “I see, anyway do you want a cig? I questioned offering the packet of cigarettes to him.

“Sure,” he nodded as he took a cigarette from the packet, placing it between his lips and leaning forward so I could light it up.
Once I did he leaned back and inhaled the cancer stick’s smoke and exhaled, creating little rings of smoke. I chuckled quietly beside him; somehow, I found it ever so amusing and cute.

When the cigarette escaped his lips it was back on them once more, and out again when he puffed out the smoke. It was fascinating watching him smoke, well then again everything he does is, but he looked more mature, and when he sucked in the smoke hallowing his cheeks, made him look even more hot then I even thought was possible.

He then looked up to me and smiled, as if somehow reading my mind. I smiled back and he scooted closer to me and leant his head on my shoulder.

We smoked in silence for a while, it was nice though. The atmosphere was peaceful and the mood was calming, and when Frankie curled his arm around my waist it was even more settling. My lips spread into a smile and I let my arm fall around his waist as well. These are the times I loved, just being able to have a peaceful moment with Frankie, enjoying each other’s presence without feeling the need to say or do anything to fill the silence, because it was such a companionable and mutual silence.

My cigarette was now at its end, so I stubbed it out on the side of the sink, and soon after Frankie was doing the same.
Our arms still wrapped around one another in a comforting embrace. My smile still stuck to my face and both of us still happy and content with each other’s company.

Frankie lifted his head up to meet mine and nuzzled further into my neck and kissing it sweetly. He took little strands of my hair and twisted it between his soft delicate fingers. I placed my hand on his hair and ran my fingers through his soft locks. His hair has grown a bit longer but suited him well.

He removed his head from my shoulder and walked around in front of me. He drawn his hands around my waist and with his left hand, he glided his hand down my arm lingering it around my wrist. He moved closer to me and entwined our hands together, with his other hand laying on my shoulder.

I gently placed my hands around his waist, pulling him closer. He took my face in his hands and smiled only showing his teeth slightly. His hands made their way around my neck, twirling the ends of my hair in his fingers, and before I knew it he dragged me into a passionate kiss, tenderly pressing his lips to mine. I melted in the kiss as always as his talented lips moved perfectly with mine. My eyes closed and my mind focused, on no one other than him.
Every kiss felt magical, sparks would fly, and I would always feel on cloud nine, it was pure bliss.
His feathery like fingers gently stroked the sides of my waist; giving me tingles and making me jolt slightly by his touch.

He smiled into the kiss and I let my arms wrap around him, bringing us more together and feeling the warmth off his body. He roamed his hands over my torso and up my chest, causing a light moan to escape my lips. I slipped my tongue in his mouth, as did he. Feeling and tasting the inside of his mouth that was oh so irresistible as we both fought for dominance. I playfully nibbed and tugged at his lip ring and swirled my tongue around it, feeling the metallic taste against my tongue.

My hands ran smoothly down his back and towards his bottom, as I placed my hands on his petit bottom that he so gladly offered to me this morning. I giggled a little remembering the little conversation we had this morning about it.

He then dragged his leg up my thigh slowly, as his warmth hit my leg it gave me tingles and made me twitch slightly. I moaned slightly as I felt the heat radiating from beneath the material. He rested his foot on the ledge behind me, keeping his leg comfortably pressed against my thigh.
He removed his lips from mine and I saw him lick his lips from the corner of my eye, as my head was now leant back in pleasure. He leaned forward and attached his lips to my sensitive skin below my ear. He kissed and nibbled lightly, as I groaned by his touch. He must have liked my reaction as he started to kiss further down.

“Hmm so good,” I purred into his ear.

He giggled slightly and ran his hands soothingly down my chest, I raised my leg slightly and pulled him within, Leaning my thigh right on his crotch. I moved it up slowly as he suppressed a moan. I wrapped my arms around him and then glided my hands up his smooth back. My arms surrounding him and the heat bouncing off his body was a pleasurable temptation, and as Frankie whimpered and moaned in front of me, I couldn’t think of anyone more enticing.

The bell suddenly rung, both jolted us back into reality as it seems, and breaking that breath taking kiss. I had a burning desire to just kiss those lips one more time, and run my tongue along those perfect in lined lips. Though we both had a class to attend and I don’t think it was wise missing another class, as the teachers could get suspicious.

“Well I suppose we should both get back to lesson now,” Frankie suddenly spoke, “We can get back to this later,” he smiled cheekily.

I laughed and led my hand down his back, gazing into his beautiful golden eyes, that completed every aspect of him “We sure will,” I replied as I gave him one last peck on the lips.

He stroked the side of my face with his hand and smiled, that gorgeous smile I love and know so well. He let his arms disconnect from our embrace as he said goodbye.

He was now on his way out of the toilets and presumingly off to the next dreaded lesson he had. Unless it was something good like music or at, but that was truly unlikely on a Monday. I scrapped my fingers through my dark long hair and brushed down some invisible dust off my shoulders. I probably stunk like fags right now, but I couldn’t give a fuck. This whole school smells like someone pissed on it anyway. So what difference does it make?

I then walked out of the toilets in no hurry at all and made my way to my next lesson. Oh, I was just riveting with excitement.

A/N: Heyyy hope you enjoyed this :D more soon and get ready for more frerard action and drama as it will be coming soon hehe please R&R if you want me to carry on :D
XX coz
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