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A/N: Sorry about the wait guys, been really busy but hopefully this chapter can make up for it :) xxxxxxx

(Gerard’s POV)

We went back to the cinema and noticed that the film was now ending. When we got back to our seats Mikey instantly turned around facing us.

“Did you two have fun then?” Mikey asked, though it was more of statement.

“Urhh what do you mean?” I asked looking at him then to Frankie blushing slightly.

“Oh don’t give me that, I know what you were up to,” he said raising his eyebrows.

I looked at Mikey and then to Frankie, who looked just as embarrassed as me. Then we both suddenly burst out into fits of laughter.

Mikey huffed at us, giving us a disapproving look. “Come on let’s go,” he said as he left his seat and we all followed.

“We didn’ know... do anything just...” he then quickly cut me off.

“Yes yes okay, I really don’t want to know,” he said while wailing his hands in the air, while Frankie and I sniggered quietly.

“I am seriously wondering if he is the older brother,” Frankie said turning towards me.

“Yeah yeah,” I said then pushed him towards the front exit, where we saw my Mom waiting in the car.

On the way out some girls were giggling at Ray, well more at his hair as the popcorn was still on his fro, he just smiled at them, probably thinking they were being flirty, but if he only knew.

Frankie and I just laughed at the scene and then got to the car. We all plonked in and strapped ourselves in the same seating arrangement as before. Mom started the conversation off.

“So, was you all good, or should I say were Frank and Gerard good?” she said looking at us through the rear view mirror. I was about speak but Mikey butted in before I had a chance.

“Well...” he started and gave me an evil glare; then I gave him pleading eyes, begging him not to say a word about us disappearing to the toilets.

He laughed and carried on with his sentence. “They were good mom, I kept an eye on them and they were just sitting there watching the film with their popcorn,” he said and gave me a little smile, I mouthed a ‘Thank you’ to him and he turned back around facing the front.

“Well that’s good, and what was the film like?”

“Oh it was really funny, the three men had to look after this baby, and everything went wrong...”

I then interrupted Ray, “Yeah you were completely glued to that film, don’t you know you have popcorn in your hair?”

“W...what?” he said then felt his hair, feeling the lumping popcorn pieces stuck in it. He shacked his head, like a dog shaking mud off his fur, and all the popcorn flew out.

“Urhh,” he grunted, “Thanks a bunch guys,” he said in annoyance as we just laughed, including Mom.

“Hey who said it was us?” Frankie said in an innocent tone.

“Oh don’t be all innocent with me,” Ray joked.

“Ha ha good one guys,” Mikey laughed and gave us a high five with an approving smile.

Then Frankie laughed and we started laughing again, Ray wiped his grump off his face and started laughing too, “Your right, I was glued to that film.”

We soon got home and when we did, we all pounded onto the sofa with a thud making the sofa scrape back slightly, making a huge mark on the laminate flooring.

“Woops,” We all said in unison then laughed aloud, we quickly put the sofa back before Mom would see.

She then came in straight after, with 4 glasses of coke, and placed them on the table, we all said our thanks and then she went back to the kitchen with Ray’s parents.

We were all then contemplating on what to do, we didn’t fancy watching another film and the ps3 didn’t seem interesting at the moment.

“Hey why don’t we play truth or dare?” Mikey piped up, we all looked at him like he was crazy.

“What?” he said slightly puzzled.

“That’s a game for girls Mikes” Ray spoke looking disgusted. “And you know what kind of things that game includes,” he said cringing slightly, as if thinking of the thought.

Mikey laughed. “Yeah but we are in the presence of girls though,” he said with a serious tone to his voice.

We looked at him confused, “No we’re not,” Ray said.

“Umm hello, of course we are,” he said pointing to Frankie and I, as if Ray was dumb not to realise.

Ray changed his expression to a smile, and then laughed along with Mikey.

“Yeah really nice, thanks,” Frankie said sarcastically giving him a smile, which he returned with a smug one.

“Mikey, you are more of the girl anyway,” I said smiling.

“Yeah, how then?” he said still looking pretty pleased with himself.

“The straightness in your room, next to your make-up,” I said then it was mine and Frankie’s turn to laugh. He looked at us with wide eyes and lowered his head ashamed.

“No... No I don’t,” he said still looking down.

“ha-ha whatever you say bro, we will be off now,” I said as I got up dragging Frankie up with me by the hand. Mikey gave me a death glare and I smirked with enjoyment. We then left the lounge and made our way to the stairs.

“It’s only eye liner,” he shouted at us from the lounge.

“Seriously?” Said Ray with a mocking tone, as we made our way up the stairs still laughing.

“Ha ha, I didn’t know he straightned his hair,” Said Frankie through his laughter.

“Yeah well, he kept it quiet,” I said as I started to calm down from the laughter.

Frankie moved towards the door making me quickly stop him in his tracks.

“W...wait Frankie, don’t go in just yet, just Urmm wait there ok,”

“Urmm ok,” he said confused but did as I said.

I quickly rushed down stairs to the kitchen to where my Mom was, still talking to Ray’s parents with a glass of champagne in her hand.

“Mom have you got everything re...” She then cut me off.

“Yes I have, oh and before you go make sure to say good bye to Ray first ok,”

“Oh yes I will, what time is it anyway?” I asked.

“It’s half seven now” She replied.

“Ok thanks Mom,” I said and went back upstairs to get Frankie.

“What are you up to?” he said giving me a puzzled look.

“Urmm nothing, anyway Ray and his parents are leaving now so we need to say goodbye,” I said so he followed me downstairs to the front door were everyone stood.

“See you at school Ray,” Mikey said giving him a hug.

“Yeah see you at school, and thanks for coming over and everything,” Frankie said also giving him a hug, and after so did I.

We all said goodbye to him and his parents, and were on my way up the stairs again with Frankie following.

“Hey Gerard, what are you doing,” Mikey said before we got to the stairs.

“Something you aren’t,” I said with a smirk as he then huffed and plonked himself on the sofa, flicking through the channels.

We then reached my door. “Finally,” I said then beginning to open the door before Frankie questioned me.

“What are you up to?”

“You’ll see,” I smiled, then opened the door to be greeted with nothing more than little glow lights around the room, and the dinner that Mom made for us on the bed. It consisted of a vegetarian lasagne, mini potatoes, bread, salad and 2 classes of coke on the side.

“Wow, G...Gee this is amazing,” he said giving me a massive smile, I blushed a little and clasped his hand in mine, taking him over to the bed where the food lay.

We sat on the bed by the food facing each other, with our hands still twined together.

“Did you do this Gee?” Frankie asked with a slight glisten in his eyes.

“Urmm yes I did, but with a little b...bit of help from Mom” I said blushing a little while pulling at the strands of my hair, it looked a little better today, it had grown and was a little messy, but it suited me. Then I looked into his glistening eyes, so powerful and breathtaking, all I need was to see those eyes for the rest of my life and that would be satisfying.

“You know your hair will fall out if you keep on doing that,” he said with his head cocked to the side and his eyebrows raised. He looks so cute that I couldn’t help but smile, then a piece of his dark chocolaty hair fell into his eyes.

I freed my hand from his and tucked the strand of hair behind his ear, he smiled and placed a finger underneath my chin, lifting my face towards his soft lips. He kissed me delicately as I smiled into the kiss and then kissed back. I was so caught up in the moment and lost under Frankie’s charm that I had forgotten about the food.

“We should get to the food,” I said after breaking the kiss, moving further onto the bed to sit in front of the food.

“Oh good, it looks really nice,” he said as he moved sitting opposite me, and the food in the middle of us.

“Thanks, well I prepared it, Mom made it when we were in the cinema,” I said as I digged into the lasagne first, then tearing a piece of bread to dip in the sauce.

“Cool, it’s nice,” he said biting into the lasagne and then the potatoes, “Yum, so did you choose this?”

“Yeah I did,” I said smiling as I carried on eating.

“Aw well this is just beautiful, the lights and this great food, thanks Gee, you know you didn’t have to do this?” he said smiling at me and then admiring the lights once more.

“Well I wanted to Frankie, you’re really important to me and I wanted to do something really nice for you, not just the cinema,” I said looking into his eyes. He then smiled with his cheeks turning a hint of pink, and then leaning in to give me a sweet kiss to my lips, though all I could taste was the food.

We then eat the rest of our food and talked about a few things, like what Frankie would like for his upcoming birthday, which was quickly arriving. Frankie would also leave a few comments on the food now and then, but mostly we just enjoyed the food and enjoyed each other’s presence.

We then went onto our pudding, which was a chocolate fudge cake that I had popped into the microwave, which was delicious. Frankie giggled slightly at me once we had finished it. I frowned at him before asking “What?”

“You have chocolate round your mouth,” he laughed. “How do you get so messy?”

“I dunno,” I shrugged then went to wipe off it off.

“Wait, let me help,” he insisted, then came over and pressed his tongue to my lips, licking off the chocolate which made me jump slightly, but gave me great satisfaction, the feel of his soft tongue on my lips was pure bliss.
He then kissed my lips and licked them, afterwards he moved back to his position licking his own lips.

I smiled and he returned it with a bigger one. “You know, I think you have some on your mouth as well?” I smirked, leaning forward.

He nodded with a smile, knowing the game I was playing; I then latched my lips to his bringing my hands to cup his smooth cheeks. He then wrapped his arms around my neck bringing me closer to him, I dragged my tongue along his lower lip teasingly, he smiled into the kiss opening his mouth to allow my tongue to fully enter his mouth.

Our lips moved so gracefully together, perfect even, the way Frankie’s soft pink lips pressed against mine, and how he tangled with the ends of my hair, tickling me slightly as he did so. The feeling was incredible and this was only the beginning.

He deepened the kiss slightly while moving his hands down to my waist, I pulled him down further onto the bed, so he was lying comfortably on top of me. I brought him closer to me by his collar making him moan in satisfaction.

I leant my head back as he kissed the side of my neck softly, kissing the sensitive part of my neck made me giggle slightly. I ran my fingers through his soft hair before breaking the kiss.
I looked up at his gorgeous face, his lips were parted and were moist and glossy, and his eyes were full of passion and love. His knees were on either side of my waist and his hands were both beside my head. As I held his face, I leant up slightly.

“I love you Frankie,” I said looking up into his big gorgeous hazel eyes.

“I love you to,” he replied while lifting my face to his, and pressing a delicate kiss to my lips, begining to get back into the rythm.

“Oh I have so...something for you,” I muffled against his lips, as I then parted them. I then reached over the bed while he sat down on his knees. I searched under the bed and finally found the object I was looking for; the soft fabric underneath my fingers reminded me so much of that day.

Turning around I was met with Frankie’s stunned expression, as he noticed the object in my hands.

“I believe this is yours,” I said giving him the small object from my hands. He took it making our hands brush as he did so.

“Wow Gee, teddy, the one you brought me for my 5th birthday,” he said with his eyes wide and sparkling. “I cannot believe you still have it, oh my god Gee, thank you so much,” he said with huge grin, running his fingers over the small teddy’s body.

He then turned to me with that sparkle in his eyes; he moved forward and wrapped his arms around me, leaning his head on my shoulder.

“Thank you so much,” he whispered into my ear, making me tingle.

I giggled a little “Frankie, of course I kept it, when you left it was the only thing I had left of yours,” I whispered back, weaving my fingers through his soft hair. “I always had hoped you would come back.”

He parted from our embrace , but keeping his arms firmly on my shoulders. He looked into my eyes and smiled, and I could feel my lips starting to do the same.

“Gee, you don’t know how much this means to me,” he lowered his head slightly, though still keeping that smile on his face, as he then giggled quietly. “You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me,” he spoke looking back up, gliding his hands up my shoulders and round my neck.

I smiled at his little statement, and just at how cute he is all together. I then brought him closer to me and gave him a passionate kiss, slipping my tongue in to taste him more. My hands lay either side of his soft face, dragging him deeper into the kiss. I ran my hands up to his hair to tangle through his dark and now imperfect hair.

Afterwards my back collapsed onto the bed, we then ended the kiss to lay beside each other. We both were lying on our backs facing the ceiling. I searched for his hand to grasp, and when I did he turned towards me and smiled. We were now on our sides facing each other.

Till this day I couldn’t understand how I had ended up with someone so breathtaking and perfect in nearly every way. I smiled at the thought and cuddled up closer to him while he wrapped his arms around me and I did vice versa.

I lay my head on his chest and looked up to see he was smiling down at me.

I giggled slightly “Why are you smiling?” I questioned, while smiling back, I just couldn’t help it, he smiles and I smile.

“Because every time I’m around you, you make me smile, and the fact that you have kept my teddy, just makes me smile all the more,” he said looking at his teddy that he was clutching by the side.

“Well I’m glad,” I spoke smiling up at him, and running my fingers down his chest lightly.“Hey do you like pets?” I asked as I was now playing with the hem of his shirt. He giggled before answering, probably from the sudden change of subject.

“Yeah I do, why do you ask?”

“I don’t know,” I laughed. “You just look like the kind that likes pets, I never asked so I was just wondering.”

“Well yeah I do,” he smiled. “I never had a pet, but whenever I was on the streets, a cat or dog would come up to me, and I would always like to fuss them or stroke them,” he replied.

“Oh,” I said picturing him on the filthy streets, cold and alone, I quickly shook the image away. He is safe with me now. “So what is your favourite animal?”

“Umm maybe dogs, I really like the way their tail waggles when they are excited, it’s cute” he smiled. Bingo.

“I like Dogs as well, though we have never had a pet,” I said as he nodded in response, and then leaning over to sip some of his coke.

“Hey look, a full moon,” he said looking out of the steamy window, though it was clear enough to see the moon beaming down on us.

“Oh yeah,” I said looking over to it. “It came out at the right time didn’t it?”

“It sure did,” he said as he snuggled into the covers with me, resting his head on my chest this time, as we fall asleep.

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