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Awwwwww frankie is BACK and everyone is soo happy :D AND Frank and Gerard also get saucy :p

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Here itt is :D really hope you like it love you alllll :D

(Gerard’s POV)

Waking up in Frankie’s arms has never felt so right, they were all warm and soft, just as I remembered. My legs were interwoven with his and we were both weaved together, fitting perfectly in each other’s arms. I inched further into him, locking my body to his more. Even though he was still in hospital and I had been sleeping on his bed last night, squeezing in together as it is so small, didn’t bother me, I just longer for him.

I have missed the contact, the way I touched his cheek and made him blush, or the way his feathery like fingers would brush down my arms, giving me tingles as he did so. I also missed the nights we would share kissing, whispering soft ‘I love you’s’ to one another, and just embracing as we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

That’s what I love, and being able to do that again, after so long, was magical. The things he does to me and the way he makes me feel, just by a slight brush of the hands or even a look, just makes my belly flip. The kind that always puts a smile on your face and that always makes you feel on a high, ones that you never want to stop, and being here with Frankie makes that feeling unstoppable.

I glanced up at his peaceful face, scanning over his breathtaking features. He is still so beautiful, I couldn’t imagine anyone more divine. I keep asking myself how I had found someone so gorgeous, honest, funny, and kind like him.

I sighed, while gently laying my head on his chest, and moving my hand softly round it, making circles with my hand. Feeling the rise and fall of his breathing, and so close I could hear his heartbeat.

He started to stir awake, rubbing his eyes with his free hand, as the other was trapped in our embrace. Then looking straight down at me, as I looked up to him, and seeing that sparkle in his eyes.

“Good morning Frankie,” I said with a smile perched on my lips.

“Morning Gee,” he replied with a smile and a soft kiss to my lips. I brought my hand out to hold his face, making his lips press more firmly to mine and making the kiss last that little bit longer.

When we pulled apart, his smile was even wider, as he laid his head against the wall with a sigh.

“I’m so lucky I made it,” he smiled looking around his surroundings, until his eyes landed back to me. “I’m so lucky I’ve got you.”

I crawled up to his level, placing my arm around his waist and snuggling into his shoulder, then pressing light kisses to his neck.

“So am I, just one more night Frankie and you will be home,” I muffled through kisses, giving him a devilish smile at the same time.

“Yes I will,” he giggled. “Ohh Gee,” he whined as he giggles again, while I carried on kissing his neck and nibbling on his scorpion tattoo.

“Hmmm, I love that Gee,” he said closing his eyes in pleasure.

“You do?” I asked, and he nodded in reply.

“Hmmm wish we could do more now.”

“What makes you think we can’t?” I spoke as I dragged my body over his and kissed his lips, giving him the most powerful and passionate kiss I could master. He kissed back with the same amount of passion, holing my hips in place as they were just hovering over his dick. I got a tingling sensation even more, when he ran circles round with his thumb, underneath my shirt.

I got too caught up in the moment, that I forgot where we were. It’s not exactly the place for this.

I pulled apart from him slowly, running my hand down his cheek gently and looking into his eyes, those caramel eyes that I would get lost in, all the time, as I gazed into them.

“I love you Frankie.”

“I love you too,” he smiled and gave me a little kiss, before returning to our positions.


I didn’t want to leave Frankie, but it was only one more night and I did have to plan something for when he comes back tomorrow. I leant my head on the cars steamy window, thinking of what to do. I have to do something nice for him when he comes back, it just seems right.

That’s when it dawned on me, I still have Frankie’s teddy, I haven’t gave it to him. I shall give him that. However, I still want to do something nice for him.

Once we got home I went to my bedroom to think some more, until I got a knock on my door.

“Come in.”

The door creaked opened revealing my brother, “Hey bro, what you doing?”

“Hey Mikes, I’m just thinking of Frankie, I want to do something nice for him when he comes back,” I said as he came over and sat on the bed opposite me.

“ about you Urmm...”

“Oh I got it, thanks bro, see you later and text me when dinner is done,” I cut him off dashing out of the door past him.

“I didn’t even...ugh alright, see you later,” Mikey shouted as I was now walking up to the front door.

When I left the house the cold wind hit me, making my hair fly around like mad. I tightened my grip on my jacket, Wrapping it around me more as it was slightly chilly.

When I reached my destination I entered the small shop searching for the ingredients I needed. I grabbed all the stuff I would need for tonight and paid the cashier. I know exactly what I was going to do for Frankie.


(Franks POV)

Sleeping last night felt like sleeping for eternity, but I guess I was just really excited about coming home today, and to spend time with Gerard and everyone.

It was now 01:00pm and I had been up since 07:00 unable to go back to sleep, so I just lay here waiting while the time slowly passed, they should be here soon anyway. I let my eyes fall shut.

Just then Gee came running in followed by Mikey and Donna, all instantly wrapping their arms around me. I smiled wide returning the hug.

“You know you guys could keep me in this hospital longer if you don’t let go,” I joked as they all released.

“We are just so happy you can come home now, it’s been so long,” Gee said unable to stop the smile on his face.

“So am I,” I smiled back.


We were now in the car on our way home, it seems like I have been in that hospital for months, I hated it, it was cold, the food was horrible and most of all I missed Gerard. It’s not like he never visited, because he visited everyday as long as he could, but it still wasn’t the same as being able to do things with him, go out and be comfortable.

At least now, I won’t have to stay there, and I will be able to go out and hang with Mikey and Ray and most importantly Gee.

When we got out the car and into the house, standing in the hall were Ray and his parents.

“Hey Frank,” Ray said coming over to give me a hug. “I’m so glad that you are back.”

“Thanks,” I smiled. “So am I”

“We are all thrilled that you made it Frank,” Ray’s Mother spoke.

“I am too, it’s so good to be back, I’m just so happy,” I said smiling, while everyone grabbed a drink and cheered my name.

The room was soon full with talking, everyone welcoming me back and commenting on how well I look.

We all had something to eat and Donna had baked me the most delicious cake ever. After that, I just plonked on the sofa and lazily talked with the guys.

After a while Donna and Ray’s parents were then chatting away, and Ray and Mikey were both caught up in a conversation about Guitar Gods and whatnot. I wasn’t really paying much attention as my eyes were to busy scanning Gee. He looked so hot just sipping his coke, he had grown a bit of stubble like myself, and his hair was shaggy nearly brushing past his shoulders.

He looked over to me, catching me gazing at his exquisite features; he then placed his coke down, locking his eyes with mine while lacing our fingers together.

I crawled up to him and lay my head on his shoulder, breathing in his yummy cologne and his own scent; I lifted my head up to place a kiss to his cheek.

“Gee, you don’t know how much I have missed you, it was horrible in that hospital, cold and no one to talk to, I know you visited but it just wasn’t the same,” I said looking at him in the corner of my eye.

“I know Frankie, I have missed you too, when you were in that comma it scared the fuck out of me, but you made it, you were strong,” he said looking down at me giving me a proud smile, which made me blush a little and smile also.

“I will always be strong for you Gee,” I said smiling up to him, I could see the twinkle in his eyes and that cute little smile again.

“And I will always be strong for you too,” he smiled at me and gave me a delicate kiss to my lips. “Oh we have to go now.”


“We are going to the cinema, to watch that film you wanted to watch, and have loads of popcorn, and throw some in Ray’s hair so it gets stuck and then...”

“Ok Gee,” I giggled at the enthusiasm in his voice, and how hyped he seemed to be. Did he have this all planned out in his head? “I get the picture, let’s go then,” I said hopping off his side and rushing over to the hanger to get my coat.

Gerard followed, grabbing his leather coat and slinging it over his shoulders.

“Hey mom, we are going to the cinema now, be back straight after it finishes,” he said waving his hands to her as Ray, Mikey, Gee, and I were heading to the door.

“Not so fast boys, I will drive you,” she said while fetching her car keys.

“But it’s only across the street?” Gerard questioned.

“I know, but just so you will all be safe,” she said while unlocking the door and making her way to the car, after saying goodbye to Ray’s parents and telling them she would be back soon.

I could tell she will probably be a bit over protective for a while, to make sure we are all safe and able to get used to going out after what’s happened, but that’s why I love her.

We all jumped in the car, with mikey at the front and Gee, Ray and I squished in the back.

“So what are we watching then?” I asked the guys.

“Well we can’t tell you, but you will like it,” Mikey answered from the front.

“Oh, well ok then cool, we shall get loads of popcorn, definitely,” I said winking at Gee, as he gave me a sly grin in return.

“Yeah I love popcorn, especially toffee,” Ray replied, Gerard and I sniggered a little, as he didn’t know what we were planning on doing with the popcorn.

“What! no way, I think sweet is the best,” Mikey protested.

“Yeah I agree with you Mikey, sweet is better,” Gerard agreed.

“No, I think salted, it’s much better,” I said while Mikey, Ray and Gerard gave disgusted faces.

The ride there was pretty much like that, arguing about which popcorn is better, Gerard had to admit that salted is ok, and to be honest sweet is nice, just not as nice as salt. Though Gee said sweet is by far better.

The trip was short as it was only down to the road, and when we were out Donna said her goodbyes to us, and told us to have a good times.

“And Gerard, Frankie, don’t get any sneaky ideas at the back of the cinema, ok?” she said raising an eyebrow at us both.
I blushed like mad keeping my head down; I think I could see Gerard doing the same from the corner of my eye.

“Umm we won’t mom promise, ok we got to go now, bye,” he said giving her a kiss on the cheek, then quickly rushing off into the cinema.

We all raced after him, buying our tickets, and grabbing our goodies ready for the film. We all went into the film and sat at the back, Gerard and I together behind Ray and Mikey.

“Hey you guys, why are you at the back,” Mikey whispered leaning back to us.

“No reason,” Gerard smiled widely, then turning towards me and giggling.

“Oh god Gerard, don’t be getting up to any kinky business right behind us,” he spoke in a disgusted tone.

“No no we promise we won’t but we will be doing something else,” Gerard replied.

“Oh man, I really don’t want to know, you two are weird.”

“Hey guys keep it down,” Ray said from in front, who was glued to the screen. Gee and I giggled as he looked so entranced in the film.

I have to admit it looked like a good film, we were watching ‘The Hangover’ so I could see why Ray is so interested in it. It’s a film I have been wanting to watch, so I am glad I could go with the guys.

“Hey Ray, umm what’s happening,” Mikey questioned.

“Fucking hell Mikey, watch the film,”

We overheard them and giggled, I turned towards Gee and placed my head on his shoulder. Mikey turned towards us and gave us a disapproving look.

“I said no business guys,” he harshly whispered.

“What so I can’t lie comfortably on my boyfriend,” I whispered back.

“Ugh fine just keep it as that,” he said as he turned back to the screen.

I rolled my eyes and saw Gee grinning at me like mad, from the corner of my eye.

“What?” I asked slightly confused.

“N...Nothing, it’s just, you sound cute when you called me your boyfriend.”

“Ha ha yeah right,” I said rolling my eyes again.

“You do now don’t argue with me, we have business to take care of,” he said as he reached over me towards the popcorn, and started flicking popcorn at Ray’s hair.

Soon after we both were throwing heaps of popcorn at Ray, the funny thing was, he was completely oblivious, and we even got away with throwing one or two at Mikey. Though he did catch us at one point, but we just blamed it on someone else.

Rays hair was now covered in popcorn by now, It was hilarious, Gerard and I couldn’t stop laughing. Mikey turned around a few times and gave us some questioning looks, while raising his eyebrows. We tried to disguise our laughs but it just made them worse. Other than that, he didn’t clock about the popcorn in Ray’s hair, even Ray scratched his head at one point and didn’t even notice the popcorn.

When Gee and I had finally calmed down, we were starting to get a little bored. I mean the film was good, but it was so long and I just didn’t have the patience to watch it anymore. Plus when there is a overly sexy guy right next to you, basically on your lap, you kind of get distracted.

“Hey, do you like the movie?” Gee whispered in my ear.

“Well yeah, but it’s getting really long now and I just don’t really want to watch the rest, sorry”

“Hey don’t be sorry, plus there are always other things you could do” he smiled.

“Like what?”

“Me,” he smiled, which I giggled at.

“Is that an offer?”

“Well it might be,” he said seductively while creeping his fingers up my shoulders, and taking a lock of my hair and twisting it around his slender pale fingers. His voice gave me chills, he was talking so sexy. It was a side of Gee I had never seen before.

“Well I might go to the toilet, do you want to come?” he said flirtatiously, while gliding his fingers to trace my chest.

I grinned.”Gee I don’t want to come just yet,” I said giving him a grin before he burst out with laughter.

“Frankie,” he whispered then wacked my arm playfully.

“Sorry.” I said between laughing. “I couldn’t help it,” I said as we laughed again.

“Guys Shhhh,” Mikey whispered harshly giving us the eye.

“Geez, keep your hair on Mikes,”

“Sorry, this films interesting.”

“Ok, if you say so,” I said, though mikey was back to the film.

Gerard slightly giggled then licked his lips, looking all glossy and kissable; we need to go to the toilets now.

“Come on,” I said, as he smiled and got off my side, dragging me down the steps and towards the toilets. Our hands clasped together as we made our way to the doors.

I don’t know if Mikey and Ray saw us, they were probably still entranced in the film, though I didn’t care if they saw anyway.

Gee opened the door and checked if there was anyone in the cubicles.

“Anyone there?” I asked.

He turned around and gave me that captivating smile before answering. “Nope.” He slowly came over to me and placed his hands on my hips, giving me a jolt of excitement.

I wrapped my arms around the small of his back and held him close, my eyes fixed to his, but slowly focusing on his soft, pink lips, as they were still a bit moist. He pulled me close bringing his lips closer to mine, and placing them softly to mine. They tasted sweet, like the popcorn we had earlier, and that just made me crave more.

I lustfully kissed him pressing my lips more firmly to his soft luscious ones. He brought his hand up to glide smoothly up my back, making the hairs on my back stand and my spine tingle, I giggled into the kiss, which he then copied.

Then he started to weave his finger through my hair, and tangle the strands as he deepened the kiss, slipping his tongue in, to explore my mouth as I did the same. He then slid his hand down to my bum, softly stroking then squeezing it gently, making me moan softly in pleasure.

His hands searched his way up my chest, and round my back, I pulled him even closer if that was possible, he was warm and sexy, and I have hormones I needed him closer to me.

Though pulling him closer to me made me accidently crash back into the wall, I laughed slightly until his lips were latched back onto mine. I moaned in satisfaction and let him kiss his way down my neck. I let my head fall back and arched my back slightly, bringing our erections closer together.

It was his time to moan in pleasure this time, and then he took me into one of the cubicles and locked the door.

“We’re not go...”

“No, of course not Frankie, not in some place like this anyway,” he said, then moved closer towards me, making me fall down on the toilet seat, he laughed a little, at my started expression.

After that, he perched himself on my lap, and I could see the love in his eyes that deeply moved me, getting lost in them deep pools of green, he took my face in his hands lightly moving his hand down my face.

“I love you Frankie, I would never do something so passionate and loving in a place like this,” he smiled. “I just needed to feel you close to me, and kiss you again,” he spoke, with his eyes filled with compassion and love.

“I love you to,” I smiled. “And I feel the same way, we will share a lot more kisses now, and make everyone feel like our last,” I said as he hands were now on each side of my face, with our foreheads pressing together, and now our lips, as we moved them together again. He slid his tongue in again and mine joined in soon after.

He was gliding his hands on either side of me, giving me warm a sensation inside, I moved my arm from around his frame, and lead them towards his shirt, curling my hand underneath his shirt and smoothly moving my hand up his chest, where a few hairs remained.

A small moan escaped his lips, and it was like music to my ears, I kissed his neck and further down to his collar bone. The sensation in my underwear was getting worse, and the feeling was uncontrollable, I knew if we carried on, I would go crazy. The way he was positioned on my lap didn’t help the situation, he was warm and his crotch was right on mine.

After he had run his fingers through my hair, he slid his hands down my chest, lingering on my stomach.

“Frankie, can I have a look,” he said tugging on my shirt.

B...but, you won’t want to Gee, it’s horrible,” I said looking down, even though the bruises from Steve had gone, my fresh bruises were now on top, along with the massive scar that lay on the left side of my stomach.

“Frankie, I won’t think it’s horrible, I swear, I just want to see, please,” he said pleading with his puppy dog eyes.

“But I...I’m ugly.”

“Do you really think I would declare my love for you, and drag you here to kiss you, If I thought you were ugly Frankie?”

“No.” I pouted.

“Well then, and for the reckon you’re not just beautiful but you’re the most stunning boy I have seen in my life,” he smiled at me, taking my hands in his.

I giggled “Wow that’s kind of cheesy,” I laughed.

“Hey,” he said and punched me playfully on the arm. “I know, but I meant it though, I promise,”

“Ok then, you can see,” I said, allowing him to take off my shirt, after he did my face was back down facing the floor.

He lightly touched my chest, feeling the bumps and bruises, I hated my body, but if I wanted to be with Gee I had to trust he wouldn’t be disgusted, I don’t want to hide anything from him.

He giggled a little, then he moved his hands away, I was slightly puzzled.


“Frankie, you are no way ugly, your body is fine, even with your bruises and scar, the bruises will heal, the scar might take years, but, you are no way ugly,” he said with a smile.

I smiled. “Really?”

“Of course, you are beautiful Frankie, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” he said giving me back my top, slipping it over my head.

He stood up and unlocked the door, slipping his hand in mine and leading me towards the door, he then stopped in his tracks, and looked at me.

He moved closer towards me and kissed me delicately on the lips, “Beautiful,” he whispered, as I felt his hot breath on my ear, before walking hand in hand, out of the toilets.

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