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Just an authors note: pleasee read!!

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If you love me you will read this :)

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OKay so i am carrying on with 'Hold your breath, kid!' because i have writtern so much, just need to edit it. Thanks again to everyone who has rated and reviewd i just love them >.< hehe

Though, i had writtern another story on saturday night i think i wrote it at like 4am lol but yeah, it's going to be a good one trust me. I would love it if you could read it, it would really make me everrrr so happy :D

It's called 'Happiness or Misery'

this is the summary >>
Frank and Gerard hate each other. Until they have to share a room together on a school trip. Where Gerard finds out some useful information about Frank, in an unusual way.

Please R&R and tell me what you think. I really want to know what you think of the summary before i post it :)
love ya all !!
xx coz
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