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Once again, Frank and Gerard are in another spot of trouble... please R&R my lovelies xx

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(Gerard’s POV)

So maybe skipping another lesson in the toilets with Frankie wasn’t such a good idea, as we were now standing shocked, with our feet frozen to the ground, because none other than the meanest and most arrogant boy in the school stood before us. Corey Phillips.

I weren’t too sure what Frankie was doing, but if he felt as uncomfortable as me he was probably standing there feeling like his insides had just dropped out. It was a good job he only caught us smoking, if he caught us doing anything else (i.e. kissing) I probably would have died. Though we were incredibly close and I basically had my hands on his hips, so all you would need to do is let your imagination go a little further, and there you have it. Great. I’m pretty sure he will tell his gang of friends, then the whole school and then we will always get it in the neck.

My cigarette then dropped to the floor as I stood there with my eyes glued to his, while we had some kind of staring battle. My insides feel like they have continued to drop out and emptied the whole of my belly, leaving me with nothing to feel but complete and utter embarrassment. I feel sick to the stomach, and I’m certain it will get worse than that.

His eyes tore away from mine and his facial expressions changed. His once blank staring expression had now turned to a teasing one, as a sly grin was now forming on his chapped lips. His hair was a mix of brown and blonde, he had a piggy face and he was slightly chubby, the complete opposite from his other gang members.

He glared at Frankie and then turned to grin at me, exposing all his crooked teeth. I suddenly started to feel more vulnerable and frightened as he now crept over.

“Well, if it isn’t the two fags...holding fags,” he smirked, obviously quite smug with his little insult. However, I beg to differ. “I must say you are quite the match,” he smiled sarcastically as he continued.

“What do you want?” Frankie gritted through his teeth, I was shocked at his temper. He looked really angry and pissed off, unlike I.

“What do I want?” Corey repeated, “Well I wanted a fag actually, but now I have two fags,” he said pointing to the two of us. “I would say that’s a bonus.”

I rolled my eyes, and Franks face was now flushed with his eyes just slits, as his anger rose. Well this day was just great.

“Hmm who should I beat up first,” he said as he placed his hand on his head and scratched his head while in thought. We have had a couple of encounters with him before, but managed to worm out of it. However, trying to dash out of the door as quick as our legs could carry us with him blocking the way will not happen anytime soon.

“Ip dip sky blue this means in you,” he said with his index finger finally landing on me. “Well Way, it looks like it’s you lucky day,” he said as he marched towards me with his hands clutched into fists.

He tensed up slightly and kept moving towards me with a wicked grin plastered on his engrossed features. I backed away keeping my eyes fixed to his, I’m not going to lie I was completely shitting myself. I saw him beat up kids, and even one twice his size one time, and he couldn’t get up, every time he tried he kept tumbling back down. I didn’t fancy that happening to me one bit.

Frankie turned his body towards me and gave me a sympathetic look, Corey was so close to pelting me one before Frankie suddenly spoke.

“Hey Corey, you might want to look in the cubicle over there,” Frankie said while pointing to the cubicle right at the end. Corey immediately stopped his actions and turned towards Frankie with a frown on his face.

There was also a frown lying on my face as my eyebrows knotted together. I glanced at Frankie confused.

He winked at me and followed Corey as he was now making his way to the end cubicle.

“Yeah right in there,” Frankie continued and as soon as Corey was in the cubicle Frankie quickly pushed him in, making his face land directly in the toilet. As soon as he did Frankie had darted out of the toilets. I then quickly dashed out after him and we both fled down the halls as fast as we could while hearing our feet echo down the halls. My eyes finally found the storeroom and I legged it into there and motioned Frankie to do the same.

When we got in there I quickly shut the door and bolted the locks. I placed my hands on my knees, leaning over catching my breath. We were both panting from the running and from the fear of Corey perhaps catching us.

Frankie was leaned against the wall breathing in and out deeply. Our breathing finally balanced out again and I slid down the door into a sitting position with my legs crossed, and Frankie mirrored me. I then looked at Frankie and we both burst into laughter simultaneously.

I leant my head back and was laughing loudly, which probably wasn’t the best idea but I couldn’t hold it in. Seeing what I had just seen will still probably make me laugh when we get home tonight.

“Fuck Frankie, that was fucking hilarious,” I said through my laughter, as it had not yet subsided.

“I know,” he laughed, “ It was risky though,” he said as he now leaned down to sit next to me with his knees bent up to his chest. He laid his head on his knees and looked at me as our laughter had now come to a halt.

“Thank you,” I said, and he smiled.

“Do you really think I would let my boyfriend get beaten up from a overweight homophobe?” he questioned, raising his head and looking into my eyes. There was a slight glint in his eyes as I looked into them, the exact same glint that I saw when I had first lay eyes on him.

I didn’t answer his question, as I didn’t feel it needed one. I just pressed my lips firmly but passionately to his, hearing him sigh in satisfaction. He took my lip into his mouth, nibbling on them softly and bringing his tongue out to slide across my lips. I swirled my tongue around his lip ring and then let my tongue meet his. His hands now ringed around my neck to press me deeper into the kiss and into the embrace, we were now forming.

I then wrapped my arms around the small of his back and felt my fingers tingle slightly when I placed my hands on his warm exposed skin, just in-between his t-shirt and jeans. I felt him shiver from the coldness of my hands but he soon adjusted and smiled into the kiss. I pulled him down so he was now comfortably lying on my chest, still keeping our lips latched in our warm affectionate kiss.


It was now the end of the day, and Frankie and I hadn’t managed to encounter Corey throughout the rest of the day, which was extremely lucky. We were now just walking to the bus stop with Mikey and Ray, with a bag full of chips. Frankie must have been starving as he devoured his chips like there was no tomorrow. It really shocked me how much he could eat without piling the weight on. It was cute how he eat though, how weird it must be for me to think someone can eat cute, but with a face like Frankie’s it’s kind of hard for me not to think he does anything without being remotely cute.

“Hey you’ll catch flies you know, if you keep your mouth open that wide,” Frankie spoke, smirking a little and walking closer to me and clasping my mouth shut. That’s when I just realised that I had been staring at Frankie the whole time while in thought.

“Oh, sorry I just couldn’t help it,” I giggled and smiled at him, while a smile was still spread on his lips. He then trotted closer to me and wrapped his arm comfortably around my waist.

“Hey guys, shall we go to starbucks for a while? Our bus isn’t due for another twenty-five minutes,” Mikey said as he turned to us.

I nodded eagerly and Frankie said yes.

“Well I will get one to go, my bus is due in 10 minutes,” Ray informed us.

“Okay then,” Replied Mikey.

We all headed to starbucks with me in the front eagerly, as I really craved coffee right about now. Frankie laughed a little at the excitement on my face. He must have thought I was putting it on, but if he only knew what coffee did to me.

When we entered starbucks, Mikey and Ray were now up to the counter ready to order, I glanced behind myself and noticed that Frankie wasn’t there. I waited a couple of minutes expecting him to jump out at me and give me a heart attack. Though he didn’t, and that scared me. I went back outside hoping that he was just putting something in the bin, forgetting there was one in the shop.

Yet he wasn’t, I started panicking then, and my heart started doing more beats than necessary. This can’t be happening, not now. I felt a bit queasy and slightly faint. Of all the things that have happened, something else has to occur and has to happen to Frankie.

I darted over to Mikey and Ray and spun Mikey round so he was now facing me. I panted a little before allowing the words to escape my lips. I didn’t want to say it, I didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t want to tell Mikey that it was Frankie that had gone missing, and make him and Ray worry just like I am doing now.

Mikey looked confused when I immediately spun him round like that. My grip was still tight on Mikey’s jacket, and I just stood there with a shocked and frightened expression on my face.

“M...Mikey Fran...He Frankie Gone, he... he is gone...,” My words came out in a frantic rush, All Stuttered, and hard to understand.

He still stood there with a puzzled frown on his features, as my words were obviously unrecognizable.

“Mikey...Fran...Frankie has...”

“Hey haven’t you got any..”

“Frankie, fucking hell,” I almost shouted as I cut him off his speech, and surrounded my arms around him tightly as if this would be the last embrace we would share. I squished him and he looked so shocked, with one of his eyebrows raised. I just stood there for a few seconds squishing him tightly and after a while, he hugged back very miffed.

“What the...Gee how much coffee have you had?” was all he could muster when I had removed my grip off him.

“What? No-no Frankie, I was worried, I...I thought you were gone, I thought that someone had taken you,” I explained quickly, Overjoyed that he was actually ok.

“No Gee, I just went to the toilets,” he said still a little miffed.

“Well you should tell me ok, I didn’t know what happened to you,” I said as I had my hands on his shoulders now. He gigged slightly and dropped his head down grinning.

“Well, that face you pulled earlier, I swear if I didn’t go to the toilet, there would have been an accident right here. And I don’t think you would like your pretty little converse getting wet now,” he explained through parts of laughter.

I laughed at that also, as that wouldn’t be a pretty sight. “Well, ok, just don’t scare me like that again ok, tell me where you go off to next time,” I assured him. He nodded and joined Mikey and Ray at the counter.

I also joined him and we all ordered our coffee and sat down. Ray had now left for his bus and the three of us were just left now. I calmed down a soon as I got my coffee and all the panicking and nerves from before soon faded, and I was now a lot comfortable now that Frankie is ok. However, I still am going to be very cautious.


When we got home that day, I slummed down on the bed and lay my hands underneath my head. Frankie followed sitting beside me.

“Gerarrrrd,” he said in a wining voice down my ear, as he leaned close to me, exaggerating on the ‘r’.

“Yes,” I asked, keeping my eyes on the wall in the same position.

“Let’s play some video games with Mikey,” he suggested with a smile.

“Hmmm ok,” I mumbled in my tired state. I didn’t feel that up to playing any video games at this precise moment, but maybe I would for a little bit. After all I have hardly got chance to play zombie catchers 2, so I might play a little then just watch Frankie and Mikey battle each other and throw in some funny little insults on their gaming skills. I may fall asleep somewhere in-between.

He scooted off the bed and trotted his way to Mikey’s room. He was soon back with Mikey and they had set up the games console and was beginning to get ready for zombie catchers 2 while it was loading.

“I bet Mikey will win,” I blurted out, knowing that Frankie would be annoyed. He hates losing and hates it more when I tease him, which was fun also.

“How dare you, I will win for sure you Way’s have nothing on me,” he spat back, all high and mighty.

“Oh but yes we do,” I threw back.

“Like what?” he asked.

“Like...ugh just play the game so I can think of something,”

“Ok, you two,” Mikey said facing us.

“Yes,” Frankie and I said in harmony.

“Shut up.”


“So, I won,” Frankie, said smirking while lying next to me on his chest. As Mikey had now left.

“Yeah you did,” I replied.

“Hmmm so aren’t you going to apologise for being in the wrong?” he asked me while raising his eyebrows.

“Ha ha maybe,” I said teasingly and then crawling over to his small frame and cupping his chin in my hands, bringing his face towards mine, connecting our lips and pulling him closer towards me.

He brought his hands away from his lap and ran them through my dark hair, twisting little strands and then letting his hands rest around my neck. I let my arms curl around his waist and pull him within. Allowing him to climb on top of me and lie comfortable on my chest.

My leg was now wrapped around his and his left hand was in my mass of black hair and the other on my side, as for mine, they were around his thin waist. I let my tongue slip into his mouth and soon his was wrapped around mine, dancing together in another electrifying kiss.

“Ohh,” I heard him moan above me from appreciation.

Then I faintly heard some over noises, though they weren’t escaping Frankie’s mouth, or a person’s mouth at all. It was like the sound of rocks being thrown into the air and knocking against glass. I removed my lips from his, to see Frankie kind of confused with my expression. His lips were still moist and his hands were on each side of my head.

“What’s wrong?” he questioned.

“It’s not you, but do you hear that noise?”

“No,” he replied, now pulling the same face as me.

“No? Wait there it was again,” I said, now fixing my eyes to the direction the sound was coming from.

“Yea, I hear it now,” he said looking in the same direction I was.

I slowly got up from underneath him, and he sat on the bed watching my movements as I crept over to the window. Who would be throwing rocks at our window at this time?, actually rephrase that, who would be throwing rocks at our window at all. I was now at the window and Frankie was right behind me. I slowly opened the curtain, and saw a black figure in our garden. Just then, I knew exactly who it was.

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