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That Man is Lethal

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So who is at the window?? well your about to find out :D thanks for all the R&RS so far please carry on xx coz

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A/N: let me just say i'm really happy for all the R&Rs you have gave me so far, it's really nice. Considering this is like my first ferard and did it ages ago, hence why Gerards dad is called steve lol i didnt even know his dads name. Anyway it's really nice that your all so supportive and all. This isn't so great but i think i'm doing better with my "Happiness or Misery?": enjoy and please R&R
xx coz

(Frankie’s POV)

Gee froze after closing the curtains, standing as still as a statue. I placed my hand on his shoulder gently and stroked it in a kind of calming massaging way.

“What is it Gee? What’s wrong?,” I said quietly, wondering why he closed the curtain so quick and why he was so stiff and shocked.

It took a while for him to answer, but eventually he turned to face me and looked at me with worried eyes.

“It... it’s him,” he said as if he couldn’t believe the words escaping his lips. I was scared as he said that, hoping that ‘he’ was not who I thought it would be.

“G...Gee spit it out, your scaring me,” I stuttered.

“I...I’m sorry Frankie,” he said while running his hand over his face. “But it’s...” before he could finish his sentence, two large arms came out of the curtain and grabbed Gerard around his waist, pulling him out of the window, making Gerard shout out in fright.

“Gee,” I was so shocked at the scene that it took me a few seconds to register what was actually happening. Though when I did I reached out to him, I grabbed his hands pulling him further in the best I could. Tears were now forming in the corners of my eyes, while my grip was loosening as whoever was dragging him out had more power than I did.

“Frankie, please don’t let g...go,” he stuttered as he was now shedding tears.

“I...I won’t Gee,” I said through tears, as they were now running freely down my cheeks, dripping to the floor. Why does this always happen to us?

My hand was slowly losing his, I kept pulling him in the best I could but he kept moving further out the window away from me. My grip completely lost his, as my hands slipped away, I couldn’t over power the person who was dragging Gee out of the window. I then leaned over the window, reaching my hands down the furthest I could to Gerard’s, but there was no use, he was too far away. All I could see was his beautiful face covered in tears and fear.While these two large men, with black baggy trousers on and shirt, showing their muscular arms carried Gerard away, looking very familiar to me.

Then my eyes grew wide realising why they were so familiar to me. Just then one of the large men carrying Gerard pulled out a needle and pressed it into Gerard’s skin, making his body go limp and his eyes fall shut.

“Nooo,” I screamed, which wasn’t the best of ides but I truly hadn’t cared, it was Gee I cared about. They all looked up and saw me and as their deadly glares caught me I fall out of shock, falling out of the window and crashing into the grass that lay around the back of the garden. Knocking me out cold as my eyes too fell shut seeing nothing but pitch black.


My eyes blinked open as I started to awake, aching all over and feeling very sore from where I had fallen. I squinted a few times adjusting to the light and when I did, I tried moving my body, but I was completely restrained as a rope was tied tightly around my body, making it impossible to move any part of it. I was lucky to be alive after my fall, but I wouldn’t jinx anything now.

I then I looked up and saw that I was in an old tattered room with peeling walls, surrounded by nothing more than just an old TV repeating the same old clip of a women screaming, that looked to be filmed in the 80’s. It was making me even more scared than I thought I was. I then looked over my right and was met by a tear stained Gerard with his eyes shut tight and his face strained, showing upset and angst. The sight of him made me feel just as bad and upset than I already was, seeing his face so distraught like that, made the tears forming in the corners of my eyes drip down my check.

I so badly wanted to reach out and hold him, tell him that we can make it, to kiss them lips and feel him as this may be the last time I will see him, Or he see me for that matter.

“Gee” I whimpered barely above a whisper, as my tears now streamed down my face. He looked up to me from where his head was bowed. His face unscrewed but still torn and distraught, but with a slight curl in his lips.

“Frankie...oh my god I’m so glad to see you did you g...” I interrupted him.

“It doesn’t matter about that, how are you? What did they do to you?” I asked frantically. I wanted to get closer to him so much, but the rope was preventing my escape, it was too tight and the more I tried to untangle if from my body the more tired and weak I would become.

“Frankie, I’m fine, they put some anaesthetic in me putting me to sleep, but it does matter about you...this is always happening and it isn’t fair for you to go through this,” he said through his tears. “How did they get you anyway?” he asked, looking very worried while his bloodshot and puffy eyes stare into mine.

“I’m ok, I fell out of the window and the next thing I knew I was he...” he didn’t give me chance to finish as he cut me off.

“Oh fuck are you ok, are you hurt?” he asked looking even more worried than before.

“I’m ok Gee, I’m just worrying about now, I mean where the hell are we?” I asked, mainly to myself than anything. “I’m scared Gee,” I admitted, looking up to him while biting my lip, letting my eyes lock with his.

“I am too Frankie, and just in case we don’t make it...I really do love you and always will,” he said, pulling a little smile even in this situation we were in. My lips curled gradually, not thinking about where were for that moment and not caring either. Just concentrating on Gee, and fixing my mind on those beautiful words that left his lips.

“I love you too Gee, and will forever,” I said smiling at him, keeping our gaze fixed. I scooted my chair closer to his, aching his touch and as I did he did the same. We were so close, leaning in the best I could, I just about felt his fringe tickle my forehead, and then I reached further as he did the same, and pecked his lips softly as that was as far as we both could reach.

We pulled back and laughed quietly at our attempted kiss, forgetting about the danger we were in, and just to wrapped up in our own presence. Not realising until the door swung open, banging against the wall sharply, making a mark in the stained curling wallpaper. My eyes grew wide, feeling as if they would drop out of my sockets any minute.

His one fist was clenched and the other held a sharp knife, and to match with that a evil smirk lay on his face, and just then I knew that he was the man that beat me up in the ally way, and if I’m sure the other man can’t be far behind.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and felt my body go stiff, holding my breath out of pure fright. I looked over at Gee through the corner of my eye, and he did the same. Giving me the same scared expression that I’m sure I was pulling too.

Then the man came storming over to us, and then another man came around behind him with a gun in hand. My eyes immediately grew even wider , thinking of all the possible places he could shoot me with that gun, or even worse, Gerard. Then when I thought things were bad enough out came Steve through the door way, with an even bigger gun than the other guy. I wonder if he took Gee?, oh god I think he did how could he do this, he has a sick, evil twisted mind. People like him need going down, but things don’t work that easily, do they?

“Are you scared yet?” he asked glaring at the two of us. I didn’t dare speak, I was too afraid to. I just sat there trying to be as still as a statue, hoping that whatever they did would not be so painful, ha who am I fooling?

He then stepped forward reaching our chairs, examining us you could say. The way he crouched down looking at our faces, deep in focus and smiling every now and then. He was way too creepy, he never used to be like this. The drugs must have fucked him up big time, and anything else he had taken.

He then stood up and placed his hands on his hips, with a thinking expression plastered on his face. He then shot his head round to face me, and I instantly let my head fall to the floor, staring and the cracked wood of the flooring. I could feel his gaze on me, just imagining his cold beady eyes bore into my head, and just then I could feel his presence shadow over me as he bent down. He then reached his big bulky hand to lift my head . As he did, his eyes were connected with mine, they were so cold and bitter, and when I looked at his features, they were even more horrifying then the last time we encountered.

However, I didn’t see much, as he then gave me a quick evil grin and squeezed behind me, un tying the rope around me. Of course I knew that this wasn’t a good thing, even though I won’t be so restrained. The hold that the ropes had on me had now completely loosened, but yet, I still kept in the same position, not moving. Not for long though.

“Get up you faggot!” he shouted, as he was now in front of me leaning over as he shouted. I stood up slowly as told. He towered over me disgusted, and I could just about see Gee with tears in his eyes matching mine .I felt so bad, if only Gee didn’t open that window.

“Oh my, you have changed haven’t you boy. You don’t look like shit anymore,” he laughed and the two men soon joined in. “Well we can change that,” he smirked.

I closed my eyes shut, Bracing myself , hoping that this moment wouldn’t have to come this fast. My face was screwed tight and then bad images and flashes from in the alley way, came flooding back. I tried to think about all the good times I had with Gee, focusing on all the kisses we shared, the video games we played endlessly and all the movies we watched up until all hours of the night, cuddled up under the blankets. Thinking of those times put a slight smile on my face, believing I was there. If only I could be back there cooped in Gee’s arms, safe and warm. However, it seems like those days are long gone.

He then grabbed my collar, making it harder for me breath as he curled his hand tightly around the hem, pushing me further into the wall, as if he was trying to make me be a part of the wall with the amount of force he was using to push me. My eyes then flickered open as I could feel his wreaking breath against my face, making me feel like retching. His face was even closer to mine, and making me feel sicker.

He then pulled me by my collar and bashed me against the hard tattered wall again, his face mixed with anger and annoyance. His face was screwed up and his eyebrows were knotted together. His hair was long and greasy down to his shoulders; all matted and greying at the roots.

“So you thought you could run away, and everything would be just fine?” he gritted through his cigarette stained teeth, that were full of cracks and got darker as they met his gums. “Payback now Frankie boy,” he spat in a menacing tone, while drawing his face closer to mine. I couldn’t look into them horrifying eyes of his, but before I knew it, his dirty hands were clamped to my mouth, squeezing my cheeks and forcing me to look up to him. At first, I refused and I instantly knew it was a bad idea as his fist collided with my check, knocking me off balance slightly.

Luckily the pain was nothing I hadn’t taken before, however it has been almost a year since I have had his fist come in contact with any part of my body. I held my hand to my face and rubbed the sore patch of my cheek, only to be met with another one of his punches that hit me in the exact same spot, I winced at the pain and screwed my eyes shut as it was harder this time. It ached me not to do anything, not to hold my burning cheek as I could feel the blood raising to the surface. However, this time, I was certain to keep my hands firmly to my side.

He then turned to me, his once harming expression turning into a devilish grin, disgusting me as he did so. I didn’t see Gee, but I was aware he was nearby. I could hear the faint cries and sniffles softly behind me. This wasn’t fair on him, having a dad so evil and repulsive. I hate that I am in this situation again, after the endless of times, though I also hate that Gee has to see this and just be here. Seeing his dad for the first time in ages and having to see what a cruel sick man he is.

I really wanted to do something, I had the urge to belt him around his smug face... or should I say smug revaulting face , however I could never confront him , he was a lot more stronger than me and had more power. Plus the two men from the alley way were standing in front of the door, acting like two shields as they blocked the door. There was truly no way I could get out of this one, the two of us were seriously in for it. You could say I have given up hope, it seems Gerard and I can never be together as he is always out to get me, ruining everything that was actually beginning to become special in my life. His dad is a nightmare and Gerard deserves a better dad than that.

“How dare you leave, without even telling us too, and then you have the audacity to go out with my,” he said pointing to Gerard not bringing himself to call him his own son. Who should be one of the most important people in his life?

“Fucking get off him. How could you do this to him. He has never done anything to you, you just leave Mikey, my mom and I, then...then this...” Gerard said then just completely breaking down after his last words. Steves grip on me loosened slightly and he pushed me back against the wall, allowing his gaze to fix onto Gee’s. I could sense the tension in the room and could see the anger rise in Steve’s face. He then grabbed his gun from his jean pocket and aimed it directly at Gerard. I was stunned at the sight and it was if my feet could not move, I was petrified though I knew I had to do something, I was about to pounce onto Steve but before I knew it a loud shot was heard.

A/N: DUN DUN DUNNNNN!! lol i feel really bad about the cliffhanger :/ but it was just there y'know i had to put it in, sorry hopefully you can forgive me >.< there will be more soon IF you R&R HAHAHA oh and i'm writing more '"Happiness or Misery?":' soo hopefuly that will be up tomoz :)
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