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There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface

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Will Frank and Gerard finally be safe, or is everything going to crash and burn? THE END!!

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A/N: Heyy guys i hope you are all enjoying this. This is the last chapter. sorry about the crap title lol was in a Linkin Park mood :D thanks for all the R&Rs i really love them. I hope you carry on with them i was feeling a bit down yesturday and today, school was a bore i had a bad tooth ache head ache and just some other things to add to it :/ anyway i'm better now :) anyway i hope you enjoy this chap and remember to R&R :D
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“Nooooo,” I screamed. Then suddenly Steve’s body fell limp to the floor with an extremely loud fud, with blood seeping down his shot head.

My mouth was agape hanging wide open, as my lips started to quiver. The shot to his head was horrible yes, but what shocked me the most was that he has just been killed. For the most of my life I had wished for this day and now right in front of my eyes it had actually happened. The man who had caused so much pain to me physically and mentally had actually gotten what he deserved.

I just stood there completely stunned for a while, just staring a Steve in pure shock.

My eyes were as wide as two fish bowls as I just stood there staring at the scene in front of me. I then slowly turned my gave to the door as every think suddenly became so quiet, too quiet. As I did my eyes then caught a bunch of police surround the area. Some were surround the door and others were with the two men from the alley way, who had them cuffed. They were struggling to get free but after a while, they stopped, as they knew it was no use.

One police women was knelt down by the now dead Steve who was still on the floor, with his eyes shut and his head still seeping out a lot of blood. I then looked across the room and my eyes finally found Gerard’s and I suddenly smiled. It’s a good thing Gerard is here, he is the only thing that keeps me sane. I would have probably gone mental if Gerard was not here.

I immediately rushed to Gerard’s side kneeling down and instantly hugging him ever so tight, probably restricting him from moving even more. I then let all my emotions out as the shock had started to disappear, and was now replaced with happiness and relief.

I then stood up and untied him from the rope, setting him free and as soon as I did I swung my arms around him as we stood there in a loving embrace. I felt my eyes start to water and just let them fall, reaching the end of my jaw and falling to the creaked floor.

Gerard leaned his head into the crook of my neck while I let him cry softly into my neck, soaking my shirt as he did so. I let my hands weave through his dark ebony hair, missing the feel of it already. I carried on stroking his soft hair as his arms fell from around my neck to my waist.

The police suddenly crowded the scene, interrupting are moment. I whispered to him that everything is ok now and how thankful we were that the police came when they did. Though I did not want to break away from our embrace, I wanted to keep my arms firmly and securely around him, not ever wanting to lose the contact.

He then lifted his head and gazed into my eyes, our foreheads so close that they were nearly touching. I smiled at him and lifted my hand so it could rest softly on his shoulder, as his hand held the side of my cheek. He returned the smile and then closed the gap with his lips attached onto mine. The kiss was powerful and as passionate as it ever was, it was needed but not too desperate. It was soft and caring and I never wanted to part my lips from his luscious talented ones.

There was no tongue, it was just soft lips to lips. It was compassionate and loving, and it just blew me away much like the first kiss we shared. I sighed into the kiss and gently pulled away, gasping for air.

I looked into his gorgeous green hazel eyes that have a swirl of caramel streaming in the iris. He moved my hair away from my face and gave me a sinister smile. I did not care that all the police were around and were probably well aware of what we were doing, and I don’t think Gee was either.

He wiped the tears that were freely falling down my face, until they were seen no more. I then turned towards the police, and saw a pair of then dragging the two men from the alley way out the front door. Another police officer was on the phone and the others were tending to Steve on the floor and jotting things down on a piece of paper.

I made my way to the police women that was writing on her paper, with Gerard not far behind. As I walked by her, she looked up to me and caught my eye.

“Urmm hi,” I said, not quite sure how to begin my questioning.

“Hi, are you two okay?” she asked.

“Umm,” I mumbled feeling a little pain in me from the fall. I did not want to make a big fuss about it after everything I have been through. I didn’t fancy going back to that hospital again.

“Frankie are you okay after your fall? And what about when Steve punched you” Gerard asked, looking very worried.

“Well It’s not too bad, my back hurts a bit but it’s nothing...” The women interrupted me.

“Don’t you two worry, we can check that at the hospital, for the time being I think it’s better we get in touch with your mother and bring you two to the hospital?” she asked looking at me with her pen just meters away from the paper, then leading us out of the door into the police car.


Donna and Mikey were at the hospital as soon as they got the news, and instantly had their arms wrapped around Gerard and I when we walked in, ever so tightly like many times before.

Tears were escaping Donnas eyes almost immediately, so fast you would of thought she was a human fountain. A few were rolling down mine also, come to think of it everyone was shedding tears, I suppose we were so relieved that this was finally over and our emotions got the better of us.

I really am beginning to hate the hospital though, it’s a horrible and dreary place and I’m defiantly going to do my best to keep out of it from now on. I think Gerard could sense my hatred for hospitals now, as he gave me a sympathetic look and slipped his hand into mine through the tight gap as our group hug was beginning to get very squished, nevertheless I was no way in hell complaining, as this was truly my family and I loved them dearly.

We then parted the group embrace, so Gerard and I could get checked for any injuries. Before we left, Donna quickly wiped her tears away to see our faces clearly before we got our check up. Her face was still slightly shiny and her eyes were red and puffy.

She stoked the both of our hair, weaving the strand in her fingers while softly smiling at us, something she used to do all the time when we were kids.“I’m so glad you two are ok, I don’t know what I would have done if you two were gone an..” she couldn’t finish her sentence as the waterworks were happening all over again. The tears were flooding down once more, as she grabbed us by the shoulders and sobbed into Gerard’s neck.

“I love you both so much,” she whispered softly.

I felt so overwhelmed that the tears building up in the corners of my eyes, threatening to fall finally glided down my cheeks.


Gerard and I finally got checked for any injuries, and to my surprise I had some more bruises and a slight red mark on my neck from Steve’s grip. It annoyed me so much, always getting theses injuries, but I’m ever so delighted that I won’t have to go through this anymore.

The police women drove us home, as I couldn’t bare staying another minute in that dreary hospital, it was making me feel sick and the more I stayed there the more of a sinking feeling I got in the pit of my belly ,as it just reminded me of all the times I had stayed there before.

“Well looks like you have been through a lot, you’re a very lucky kid, and it’s a good job you have a good home now that you are very familiar and settled in, ” the police women told me as we later found out that she was called Sarah, after she sat opposite us on the living room sofa.

“Thanks, I’m more than happy here,” I replied, Looking to Mikey and Donna and then focusing my gaze onto Gerard and giving him a small smile that he gladly returned.

“And, you are both very lucky that Michael called us when he did,” she said looking Mikey’s way and nodding.

I turned to Mikey that sat right beside me and hugged him tightly with Gerard doing the same in suit. “Thanks you so muck Mikey,” Gerard whispered to him, along with another whisper of thanks by me.

“There is something else you should know, we... we have been after Steve for some time now, when he abused you Frank, he also abused a whole lot of other victims,” she informed us, and just as I thought, things were clearing up as well.

“What?” Gerard spoke nearly a shout, as his eyes were as big as mine were not long ago, and his face still pale as the shock defiantly did not ease over yet. I think shocked was an understatement for him.

“So that means, a...after he went out clubbing he... he would...hurt....”

“Yeah, he pretty much did,” she said softly.

Gerard then looked at me, with his mouth so wide, it probably wouldn’t have shocked me if it was touching the floor. We just sat there exchanging shocked stares in horror, all of these questions going through my head and not one answered.

Why did he have to change and do this? Gerard could be home with a proper family and a Dad he could actually be proud to call Dad.

“This is the worst scenario we have encountered on Steve’s crimes, but we are safe to say that this is the last of it now, you won’t have to worry about him or his alley friends no more,” she said nodding slightly.

Donna then wanted to speak with Sarah alone for a while, leading her to the kitchen so they could talk some more.

I rubbed my face with my hand, letting out a big sigh of relief and standing up.

“Wow, I think it’s safe to say that we have had enough drama for one day,” I spoke looking at the two of them with an exhausted expression stuck to my face due to the shock and trauma of today’s events.

Mikey then jumped up from the sofa followed by Gerard suit. Gerard tackled Mikey with another hug and soon I was somewhere between Gerard’s armpit with Mikey’s arm around me.

“Thank you so much bro,” Gerard thanked Mikey once again.

“Yes thank you so much Mikey. I don’t even know what...”

“Look you two, you both mean the world to me, of course I would do anything to prevent the two of you from getting hurt,” he smiled and patted us on the back. “I think we should just hit the hay,” he said before a yawn escaped his mouth.

“Yeah I think we will,” Gerard said chuckling a little before he made his way up stairs with me following behind, as Mikey went to get us some drinks. Things can finally go back to normal; I can finally have the normal life I had always dreamed of.


“Gerard!” Donna shouted from across the kitchen while she was washing the dishes.

“Yes?” he groaned back, used to her winning voice she pulled while washing, and I would say maybe too familiar with her voice due to the long face he was pulling.

“You better be keeping an eye on Frankie?” she yelled through the kitchen as we were now sitting on the sofa.

“Oh I am,” he called back, with a hint of seduction in his voice as he then raised his eyebrows at me a couple of times, before winking at me causing me to blush slightly, as he then tenderly kissed my collar bone and nibble on the soft flesh revealed.

It was the day before my birthday, Saturday, and I was ever so excited to see what everyone had in store for me. Since the day of Steve’s death it feels like I am finally truly safe and don’t have to fear that anyone will get me, fearing my life will be at risk anymore. I feel more at home than I ever have before.

Mikey has been dropping hints as to what I would be getting for my birthday, but not much he seriously is so stubborn sometimes. I know Gerard has been asking the sneakily little questions there and again, but apart from that I had no clue as to what I’ll be getting or doing for my birthday, but one thing for sure was that it was going to be the best birthday. That’s because I will be sharing it with the ones I love, the Ways, after all those years apart.

He lifted his face from my neck that he was nuzzled in keeping my neck very warm and cosy to stand up. I moaned a little from the loss of comfort and warmth, but he then smiled down at me and gave me his hand. I looked up to him slightly puzzled and frowned, tilting my head.

He laughed at my confusion and lifted me up from the warm spot on the sofa.

“Come on, I want to go out, it’s a nice day so why not?” he asked even though it came out as more of a statement.

“Well where can we go? We can’t go far, you know what Donnas like,” I questioned, knowing we couldn’t go far, as Donna was still in her protective mode. That women was like a Hork, she would never leave us any peace for the last few days. Of course I don’t blame her, I mean I suppose it’s mothers instinct really. However, it would be nice to get a bit of privacy now and then, it’s not nice when I scream or shout and then have her storm into mine and Gerard’s room only to find Gerard’s hands underneath my shirt, from tickling me and maybe something else. However, I think she has learnt her lesson now.

My gaze turned to Gerard as I could see his stare out of the corner of my eye. As my eyes reached his, a daydreaming Gerard met me.

“What?” I questioned looking quiet miffed as he continued to stare my way. He then cracked up a big smile and smirked at me.

“You were completely in the clouds just then,” Gerard laughed and hugged my shoulders. “Anyway I just wanted to go to the park for a bit”

“Oh okay then, I suppose Mikey will probably have to come to? I asked fully aware of Donna’s response if we were to ask her if me and Gerard could go alone.

“Yeah, we could ask Ray if he want to come to.”

“Yeah okay then, let’s do it,” I agreed as we asked Donnas permission and then made our way to Mikey’s room and asked him, who agreed and then asked Ray who was happy to come.


“Bet you can’t go higher than me!” Ray screamed, sounding like a kid in kindergarten as he yelled in a childish manner.

“Ha I bet I can!” Gerard yelled just as childishly.

I laughed at their childish behaviour, it just reminds me of when I was a kid again. Moreover, it was just a wonderful feeling, to be back here but this time with Ray and have all these great people around me to share that with.

I was just standing by the swings, admiring Gerard from a far. Everything just seemed so perfect now and I knew being with Gerard was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. I feel like there’s a whole weight that has finally lifted off my shoulders, and I am finally three and this is defiantly where I want to be for sure.

A/N: Soo there you go there was going to be another but i really arn't interested in this anymore. I kept dragging it on and i'm just not motivated but its as good as finished so there :) lol i have better stuff on my account that is a lot better writtena and if you like this your BOUND to like my other stuff :) thanks your all awesome
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