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This is the end READDD!!

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Just a note :)

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hi guyss i decided i won't be carrying on with this storyy now, i think that where i left it, is as good as finished and dragging it on (more than i already have) would just spoil it more hehe. So this is where i'm leaving it :)

I also want to say that i'm sorry if i disopointed you for not carrying on or adding sex lol or more frerard fun lol i just am in no sence of a word motivated to carry on. This story was done way back before i even had a account on here and this is my first time doing a love story let alone ferard, i dont like my writing in this and feel it isnt that great to read. Again, your comments have really made me feel happy for this story and in a way glad i have done it, as i can now move one with better stories :) i have a lot more better written work on my account that i would love for you to R&R. You have been the best audience to R&R this and i'm soooo greatfull i love you alllll.

Feel free to check out my most recent and popular story/one-shot. And my other work that has been better on my account :)
"With those words, set me free [Frikey]":
"Happiness or Misery?": Frerard :)
i reallly apreciate what you think of my new work and how its coming along :p you have been awesome to read this so i think you will like these. Again thanks for everything and all your support with this one hope you liked it :)
chazom signing out
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