Review for Hold your breath, kid!

Hold your breath, kid!

(#) CosmicZombie 2011-03-10

just realized stupid ficwad cut off the end of my review :O sorry! anyway, i was gunna say, loved the stop snoring in my lesson bit...made me lol xD and i wanted to say thank yooou for writing such an awesome story, cause i've been off school with flu all week and reading this (yes, i read it twice haha) really cheered me up :D please update sooon!

CosmicZombie xo

Author's response

hehe aww thats soo sweet :) thank you soo much i love your reviews so much they are awesome :D
they really do make my day sooo much better really you make a big smile form on my lips hehe :D so thank you
oh god i just love writing and no probs i should be on my knees thanking you soo much lol (not in that way XD)
but yeah really thank you so much :)
i hope to write better stories anyway
and aww hope you get better and woaw twice that is just amazing wow thats really something
words cant describe
i will tomoz :)
xx coz