Review for Full Of Holes.

Full Of Holes.

(#) xx_eddi_xx 2011-03-11

This was--nit surprisingly--hilarious. Made my day even.

And yes, we MCR-page ficwad women are very sweet aren't we? We're like the cool clique in high school. X)

Nah, don't mention it, hon. I was glad to Len support and I'm sure the others were too.


Author's response

Thank you.Sometimes I think writing on FicWad relaxes me in ways therapy never could.That sounds sad,but it's true.
Yes,when I was writing that I was specifically thinking of everyone on the MCR section.Theyre the best :)
"Cool clique in high school"?Hahaha you make me ROFL XD.I love reading reviews like yours,they always cheer me up.