Review for Happiness or Misery?

Happiness or Misery?

(#) RebeccaRevenge 2011-03-12

Lol I love this! I did that to one of my friends when she spent the night at my house. She couldn't find her clothes for the whole day x)

Hmm. The best dream I ever had? I've had alot of those actually. But the BEST one was me being the new drummer for MCR ^_^ It was completely awesome!

Update soon!

Author's response

hehe thanks >.< lol thats cruel but funny lol
ohhh thats wicked wayyy better than mine for sure haha i would love that, i want to try the drums, i have tried rock band drums and there hard with thr foot pedal so i bet real drums are just as hard, cool to give it a go though
thanks for the review and more soon :)
xx coz