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The First Night

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It's the first night in London. How will Gerard take it?? pleaseeee R&R xxx :)

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My eyes narrowed at Frank all the more, if that was even possible. If I narrowed them anymore they would be closed shut, and that actually doesn’t sound too bad right about now. I carried on glaring at Frank, giving him the evils, as I lazily made my way to my new bed. I then dropped my suitcase at the foot of my bed and then flopped onto it. It shocked me at how comfortable the bed was, the lovely porcelain white bed covers were so soft and light, and once I lay my head on the pillows it felt like I was laying my head on some oversized feathers as they felt astonishly fluffed. The only thing that was discomforting about this was Frank on the other bed, or should I say ant, who ‘supposedly’ wanted some fun.

I let my eyes blink over to scan Franks form that was opposite me on his own bed, that was already unmade and all ruffled up as he was searching for something through his badge covered back pack. I was curious to see what he was doing; no doubt planning to pull a trick on me topped with a bunch of insults he will throw at me yet again.

I lay on my front, watching his hunched back as he continued to search through his bag. What the hell was he up to? I frowned as I thought.

“What are you doing?” I asked letting my curiosity get the better of me.

“Ohh nothing,” he answered turning his head my way and smiling cheekily at me, doing his famous smile he does so perfectly, just making me squirm at the sight of it.

I turned my head the other way and rolled my eyes, this is going to be a long night. How can I go to sleep with him in the room, knowing that if I turn my back he is there, waiting for his chance to pull something on me, I can’t keep my eyes off him but I have to.

He then got up and escorted himself to the bathroom, Fuck we are going to have to share that too, great. I decided to take this opportunity, get out of my clothes, and get into some bedclothes.

I got out my worn red ACDC shirt and black baggy bottoms and quickly slipped them on. Then Just as I finished Frank waltzed out of the bathroom and dumped his clothes on the floor beside his bed, before he bounced onto it.

He was dressed much like me, however his bed attire was all black. I don’t think I want to bare it and step foot in that bathroom. My mind can’t go as far enough to imagine what Frank has done to it.

I shivered at the thought; he is going to make sharing a room with him a living hell.

I just stood there glaring at him, something I seemed to do regularly. When he passed me to get to his bed I was still there, stood in the same position just giving him the evils although he didn’t see them. As I expected he went back to his back pack, and fished out a pair of headphones and popped the buds into his ears and then went to his laptop and switched it on. Once it was on, he laid it on his lap and started typing away.

I was utterly confused as to why he was acting so quiet, I was expecting some kind of riot to break out, or something. Where are all the ‘badass’ remarks he would normally say to me, or something else he would pull, maybe he is waiting to make a move?

This was really wracking my brains now, I didn’t know what to think, has he realised what a dickhead he has been to me? Nah no fucking way, he is excessively stuck up his own ass for sure.

I realised that I was still standing completely staring right at him. I shook my head and climbed into my bed, I got under the covers and laid my head on the pillow. He glanced over at me and quickly looked back to his computer screen, where the bright colours were reflecting onto his face, brightening his features and making them stand out that little bit extra.

I got out my phone, and flicked through my few contacts and finally got to Mikey.

Hey Mikes
Frank is really weirding me out, he is just sitting there with his PC, not doing anything or saying anything??

I sent Mikey the text, sharing my confusion hoping he would have a more rational explanation than the crappy ones I was thinking of. Once it was sent I just lay my phone beside me awaiting his reply.

Really, what is he playing at? He was really annoying me, actually he was annoying me more than he does when he is annoying me with his annoying insults.

Does that even make any sense? Fuck is that even humane?

There is really something wrong with me.

In the morning light, I’ll start again with open eyes...

My ringtone went off informing me that I had received a new text message. It slightly shocked me as it disturbed me from my thoughts. I looked at the light that was coming from my flip phone and opened the new message from Mikey.

Well G it surprises me that he brought a plastic cock to London XD and seriously just chill, at least he isn’t as bad as my roommate. He’s a complete dweeb, he is trying to put a fork in his toaster he brought from home, he’s doing it all wrong, I think I’m gonna show him how it’s done :D night G x

I giggled at my brother s long reply, causing Frank to stir in his seemingly comfortable position to take a look in my direction and smile. Aww Mikey is the best he always knows how to cheer me...wait, did Frank just do what I thought he did. I turned my head to Frank again, but he was now on his computer typing away with his eyes fixed on the computer screen. Nah he can’t have done, he is way to entranced in his laptop. However, something tells me that he did look my way a smile slightly, unless I was too tired and imagining things, but it did look like he did. Maybe he was playing with my mind. Well he is fucking doing a good job.

He then got up and switched off the light, so the only light that was now visible, was the glow of his laptop and my phone that was now running low. I pulled the quilt over my frame and rested my body in more of a relaxing position, feeling my eye lids get heavier by the minute. I would have argued to the fact that he turned the lights out without even consulting me, but I was so tired myself I couldn’t care less.

I had a quick peek at my phone, only to find that the battery had gone dead. Lucky enough there was an alarm clock for me to set the time for tomorrow morning. I set it for 7:00AM just to be on the safe side. Damn it was nearly midnight already and all I have done is think about him, man I’m really...I don’t know, I’m still trying to figure that one out myself.

“Goodnight Gerard, and try not to have a wet dream about me,” I heard Frank spoke as he gave me a little wink I only just caught out the corner of my eyes, before he shut his computer down and slipped into the covers facing my direction.

“Fuck off,” I snarled at him, while giving him a face full of disgust. This then made him smirk and face the opposite direction.

That was another thing I didn’t understand. I was for sure not gay, if anything he is, well until he gets rid of that pink belt I will believe he is anyway.

I do this to much, why did god give me the power to think. It really isn’t a wise thing for me. Why can’t I be Mikey, I wouldn’t be thinking about Frank so much. The next thing I know I will be dreaming about him.

Fuck, don’t tell me I have jinxed that now?


I ruffled into the soft sheets, curling the quilt over my body, wrapping the crisp white sheets around my frame and snuggling into the warm fluffy bed while pushing my no doubt, very messy bed hair into the feathery like pillows. I flickered my eyes open, fluttering a few times as the sun beamed down at me though the familiar orange coloured curtains. I quickly glanced outside, only to be blinded by the harsh sun that shone, so perfectly on my window, directly in full view, and they say it’s hardly sunny England.

I gazed over to the burgundy alarm clock that stood on the side draws, and then leaned back on the bed frame resting my eyes.

My eyes instantly flew open. “Shit!” I croaked out as I just realised what I just saw. I shot up and let my shocked gaze peer over to the alarm clock once more. I rubbed my eyes, wiping away the sleep and hopefully trying to wipe away what my eyes were now seeing.

I made grabby hands towards the alarm clock, and clumsily dropping it to the floor as I did so. When I picked it up from the floor I pulled it closer to my face, as the time was not 7:00AM like I hoped, but read 9:25, and was very quickly ticking it’s way to 9:30.

I...stupid alarm, why didn’t it....wait... Frank!

That bastard made me sleep in, no wonder he was so quiet last night. Idiot, idiot...

“Idiot!” I spat in annoyance, something I did on a regular basis due to Frank fucking Iero.

I tossed the oh so welcoming quilt aside, and swung my legs over the edge of the bed, clutching onto the bed side table for support otherwise I would be toppling over onto the floor because of my tiredness or worse, Franks bed. Ewe tripping over my feet and onto his bed did NOT sound nice first thing in the morning.

My suitcase was lying at the foot of my bed still, so I quickly rushed over to it and unzipped it.

“Ugh,” I groaned, while gritting my teeth in utter angst, as my suitcase was completely empty of all my clothes. He seriously likes to piss me off doesn’t he?

Searching for my clothes was not a fun game, and finding most of them inside out wasn’t either. What kind of fun did he get out of this (A/N: He sniffed them XD hehe) Fortunately I did find my black skeleton T-shirt and a pair of baggy jeans, topped with my favourite army patterned jacket and black converse, at least I was lucky enough to wear my favourite jacket.

I swung myself into the bathroom and got ready as quickly as humanly possible, then sped out of the hotel room, my hair still unmade and ruffled but I didn’t have time to sort that out thanks to Frank.

When I finally got down to breakfast, I immediately saw Mrs Smith strike daggers at me through her little harry potter like glasses, similar to the face I was pulling last night to Frank, minus the glasses.

“Oh nice of you to finally join us Gerald Way,” she snapped through her high pitched squeaky voice, making sure to harshly pronounce my name wrong. For all the years, I have been a student attending this school she still makes sure to get my name wrong.

“Now, we can finally go, you better be on time tomorrow Gerald. We waited nearly an hour for you, down here at half eight, you hear me,” she spat. I nodded, dare I explain my lateness or even reply, as she will just thing I was being disobedient and rude. “Come on everyone make your way to the coaches,” she called out.

I rolled my eyes, adverting my sight to all the student that were queuing out the door. There were all obviously annoyed for waiting so long for my arrival, which made me even more pissed off as this was Franks fault. I searched through the many heads, scanning every single student until my eyes found Mikey.

I shoved past all the other students, walking in a much-unsophisticated manner. I am beyond pissed off by now.

Then I caught Mikey’s eye, and must have known how I felt as he gave me a sympathetic smile.

“Hey, don’t tell me. Frank decided to mess with you again?” Mikey questioned, knowing it was true as I probably looked like a shit and had a stinking mood as if a skunk had climbed up my ass this morning, but even that couldn’t compare to how annoyed he has made m. I still have more of my clothes to find when I get back to our room.

“Yeah, how’d you know,” I said maybe a bit to enthusiastically as I also added a very fake smile. I glanced in front of us, seeking Frank so I could hopefully give him a mouthful, but so conveniently he wasn’t anywhere to be found.

“Hey bro, at least you don’t have some weird issued kid, with the mental age of a six year old,” he informed me with a role of the eyes, causing me to smirk slightly at his sentence.

“You two should get on just fine then,” I joked resulting to him giving me a playful punch on the arm. I’m so glad I have Mikey as a brother, if I didn’t have him to cheer me up I would go mad, at least whenever I am around him he can sure as hell cheer me up or even get a crack out of me like just now.

We got to the coach, trying our best to find Frank so we don’t have the trouble of maybe getting stuck next to him and his toilet brush with legs again.

Luckily, we were able to avoid sitting next to the jerks, however we still managed to encounter them as they walked past, though I don’t think it was a good idea to argue with him at this precise time.

Frank caught my eyes almost instantly as he got onto the coach, and when he does he always has something to say.

“Enjoy your sleep?” he asked, leaning into the chairs as we were sitting beside his posture.

“Oh fuck off Frank!” I snarled at him and flipped him the middle finger, not allowing myself to look in his direction.

“Never,” he spoke then disappeared to the back of the coach to his seated destination.

Two words, absolute dickhead.

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